Why Jim Mora stayed at UCLA: Family

Texas wanted Jim Mora. Badly. The 'Horns threw out all the stops in a four-hour meeting with Mora so much that it had him, a former NFL coach for two different franchises, taken aback at how far they would go to get their guy. He was impressed, and admitted at an earlier time in life he probably would have taken it. But there was one thing UCLA had that Texas couldn't match, no matter how many perks they threw his way: family.

"That's No. 1 in his life, his family," Mora's father, Jim E. Mora, said. "His job's important to him, and he's good at it. But it's not No. 1 in his life. That spot belongs to his family."

Chris Low of ESPN has an excellent piece on why Mora stayed at UCLA, and why he'll probably be there for the foreseeable future. Much of it echoes what we wrote about the situation eight months ago, but it adds some interesting color from the parties themselves.

Check it out.

Chart: Is this where June Jones went wrong at SMU?

In the aftermath of June Jones' resignation at SMU, many in Dallas have looked around and wondered what caused the Mustangs' downturn. When any program takes a dip, recruiting is almost always a factor. A number of Dallas-area high school coaches criticized Jones for not recruiting the area enough, and this chart produced by the Dallas Morning News seem to back that claim up.


One program that is not SMU has taken this chart and run with it - the team that beat SMU on Saturday. "Our #1 priority is keeping the State of Texas HS Football talent at home. Period!" North Texas head coach Dan McCarney tweeted Wednesday morning.

We did our own study this summer and found that North Texas ranks second in college football for keeping in-state talent at home, trailing only Interstate 35 neighbor and Conference USA bunk mate UTSA.

Florida's intro video to The Swamp will give you chills

Here's the video that Florida stormed the field to this past weekend.

It's got everything you need; history, a good narrator, and plenty of energy to wrap things up.

Florida Football #GatorsAlways from Florida Gators on Vimeo.

Is Steve Spurrier giving trolling lessons to the University of Iowa's Police Department?

The only explanation I can come up with for this hilarious troll job is that Steve Spurrier (the king troller among college football coaches) is holding "Trolling 101" classes somewhere, and whoever runs the University of Iowa Police Department's official Twitter account is one of the top students in the Old Ball Coach's class.

This is some expert trolling, coming from where you least expect it.

The two in-state rivals face off this weekend at 3:30 EST on ESPN.

David Cutcliffe's insight into mentoring players should be shared with your staff

The list of players that David Cutcliffe has mentored during his coaching career is long and filled with both high profile guys (Peyton Manning) as well of guys that have long been forgotten about by the fan base. That's what happens when your coaching career began back in the late 1970's.

As most coaches that have been in the game for decades, Cutcliffe has a formula for mentoring players and he shared it with ACC Gridiron Live.

"Don't measure yourself in wins and losses," he starts off saying. "What's really important is the mentor that you can become, and the relationships you build, and if they're lasting, you're doing things right."

"Tell them the truth on the front end, tell them the truth when you're recruiting them. Treat them fairly, treat them tough, but tell them the truth. If you do those things as a football coach, as a mentor, then those relationships will be lifetime, meaningful relationships."

That's a great message to share with your staff, and furthermore, your athletic department as a whole.

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