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Jimbo does not want FSU strength numbers going public

Florida State offensive coordinator / tight ends coach James Coley says the program is done releasing forty times and strength statistics.

Coley explained at a recent Seminole Club meeting, “NFL teams use any published times and number they see, and it’s not fair to the kids. A lot of the numbers aren’t accurate, as they’re taken, say at the end of a workout, when the guys are already wore down. Those numbers affect how the NFL looks at them as a prospect, so we’d rather they not get out.”

Strength coach Vic Viloria, who once had roughly 25 tackles every Friday night as a linebacker at John Curtis HS (LA), is working to make the Seminoles a much bigger football team.

Coley said, “When Vic got here, we were not a big football team. That’s something that Jimbo wanted, and he understands you HAVE to be big in today’s football. Vic’s not as worried about the chest. The chest is for the beach. The muscles that are used in football, area like the back, shoulders and hamstrings. Those are important.”

“It’s shown in the whole team. Kids like Lamarcus Joyner arrived at 170, and is up to 195 now. Kenny Shaw going from 160 to 175. It’s not just the big guys.”

Florida State will host ULM, Charleston Southern, and Oklahoma to start the season.


Video: James Franklin recruiting players on campus at Vandy

Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin is trying to increase his numbers, not bench press or forty time, although he could be working on that as well.

The Vandy coaching staff is trying to add players to the Vanderbilt squad list to change the way the Commordores can practice.

Franklin says, “We’re probably down 25-35 members compared to other SEC teams and really teams around the country.”

Solution?  Vandy has opened up tryouts for walk-on positions.

The neat thing is that Vanderbilt created a behind-the-scenes video of the walk-on tryouts.  We noticed the head man, himself, charting 5-10-5 pro shuttle times.   We also noticed a sweet hair due.

More than anything, we noticed about 6 guys that will be running down on the 2011 Scout Kick-Off Coverage team.  They will love it.

Colorado head coach Jon Embree provides classic quote

Damn.  We’re starting to like some of the quotes that Colorado head coach Jon Embree is providing.

Embree, who coach the tight ends with the Washington Redskins last season, apparently doesn’t like what he saw on film from Colorado last season.

Embree told The Daily Camera, "What shows up to me on tape was we didn`t play hard. That`s really what showed up on tape. We let the scoreboard affect how we played way too much. Instead of focusing on the next play. You can`t look at the scoreboard. Your job is to beat the guy across from you that play no matter what happened good or bad before it."

He didn’t stop there.

"We`re awful at situational football, at understanding what the situation is," Embree explained. "So we will start that this spring. We`re starting it the first practice about understanding the situations and what it means and why you have to do certain things and think. We don`t know how to play the game within the game. We just showed and played last year. It`s like recess."


Come on, coach.  You missed your one golden opportunity to compare it to “intramurals, brother.”  

In case you missed it, Embree provided some powerful words during a luncheon with Colorado supporters.  Here's the speech:


Quick Hits: Geoff Collins, Bielema, Mattison, and Todd Berry

Mississippi State co-defensive coordinator / linebackers coach Geoff Collins offers an early morning tweet, today: “Rise and Grind!!! Theres gonna be some TACKLE Football being played this afternoon in Stark-Vegas...#GoDawgs #D-SWAG”

We are not sure if the #D-SWAG is for Dawgs, Dogs, or defense.  Either way, there will certainly be some swag, thus the "SWAG."

That's good stuff.  And from what we hear, Collins may have a little music playing in his pre-practice position meeting.


Bret Bielema says Chris Ash will call the defensive schemes: "Chris is going to be the voice. He and Charlie will work together on decisions, much the same thing (we) used when I was at Kansas State. Bobby Elliott was the defensive coordinator. I was the co-defensive coordinator.”

"I was involved in game plans, decision-making...but I really believe on game day you need one voice. And Chris will be that voice."


Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison jokes that Denard Robinson will need 2 red jerseys this Spring: "I've had a lot of fun with him already. He's already telling me this is going to be my worst spring in a lot of years, and I've already said, 'You better get two red jerseys on, not one.’”

"Our whole goal is to get our defense back to playing Michigan defense, and you know what that is."


ULM head coach Todd Berry seems very optimistic as Spring practice begins: "I'm as excited as I've ever been for a spring. We have so many players coming back that have played so much football.”

"It doesn't mean that we're old. It means we've got a lot of guys that have played a lot of football."

"What I think is really unique about this group, I think the chemistry on the team is a special chemistry. I think when I've been around those groups that have that really special bond — that special chemistry — where they play hard for each other then significant things start happening, and I think we're getting ready to see that."

Texas high school football gets it

A viewer sent us a link today to the Texas High School Coaches Association's website.  THSCA has entered into a multi-year agreement with Digital Sports Video (DSV) in which DSV is now the official video company of the THSCA. 

As part of the agreement, DSV will provide:

  • Free video exchange for all coaches in Texas
  • Free access for high school athletes to produce recruiting highlight videos for Player Direct, the largest recruiting video library in the nation
  • DSV will provide sport specific video technology education at the THSCA annual coaching school

In our opinion, the THSCA has just set the standard.  They recognized how integral video has become in today's world.  They reached out to DSV with whom they already had a relationship (and the video technology provider that most high schools in Texas use anyway) and said let's make this easier for all of our coaches. 

We love the fact that DSV will be providing video technology education for free at the coaching school. 

Video is evolving and everyone knows the impact video is having in recruiting.  High school coaches and athletes need access to the best possible technology (and training to use it) and we think this is a great partnership that the THSCA and DSV / Player Direct  have entered into. 

It is widely known that DSV is a sponsor of The Scoop and we truly appreciate the relationship we have with them.  In this case, our relationship isn't what's driving this article. 

This is truly a step in the right direction.  For as anyone who has ever worked as part of a college recruiting staff will tell you, life would be so much easier if every high school and their athletes used a common video platform and everyone had access to the same video.


Harsin looking for 4 things from Texas quarterbacks

Texas co-offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Bryan Harsin is looking at 4 components to determine the Longhorns’ starting quarterback.

Garrett Gilbert, Case McCoy, and Connor Wood are competing to lead the Longhorns.

Harsin explained, "There are four things that we talked about, and this is just quarterback play in general. One is toughness. Two is preparation. Number three is decision-making, and four is accuracy. We’ve been talking about the decision-making process while we are out there on the field, and then we have been working on the fundamentals to try to get better with our accuracy.”

“The toughness part will come when you get into the scrimmages, when you get into those game situations where those guys will stay in the pocket and move around, or they will throw the ball away when they are supposed to and that is the only play."

Co-offensive coordinator / running backs coach Major Applewhite said, “Guys are really taking to the offensive scheme. They really like the stuff that we’re doing. But more so, they’re taking to the tempo - what we’re doing in practice and how we want to see them work. Everybody runs the zone, everybody runs the power, everybody runs four verticals, but how do you practice it?”

“The players are willing to learn new things, new ideas, new tempos and new ways to practice. Trying to understand that it’s more than just putting in new plays, we’re trying to change the culture of how we practice - the effort that we put forth and the tempo in which we practice drill-to-drill.”

Texas will wrap up Spring practice with a nationally televised game on ESPN.  The game is set for Sunday, April 3rd at 3 pm EST.

Quick Hits: Bo Pelini, Gary Patterson, and Bobby Petrino

Bo Pelini reflects on staff changes and former offensive coordinator Shawn Watson: “I had a plan the whole way. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, how I wanted to get there. I wanted to do it the right way for me, and for the guys. People may not agree with how I did it, but I have to do it the way I see fit.’’

“There was such a negative air around everything. It was his (Watson’s) decision as much as anything. He had said, ‘I’ve got to move on.’ You get to the point where you get beat up the way he was getting beat up, I mean, he has goals. He’s done a lot in his career. It had become like the snowball was running so fast, it was out of control. He wanted to remove himself from the situation as much as anything else.’’


Gary Patterson describes first day of Spring practice: "We just taught more defense today than some defenses teach all year with our zone-blitz package. [The younger players] handled it pretty good; actually the guys who screwed it up the most were older linebackers."


Bobby Petrino glad to keep coaching staff intact this off-season: "It was critical to keep our coaching staff intact this year. We had a lot of changes last year. With the loss of some of our seniors and guys with a lot of experience, to have the continuity in the techniques that teach and the language that we talk, we'll be a step ahead of last year when we started spring football.”

(on his 7-year contract) "It helps a lot. It's really refreshing for me to go in a recruit's house and talk to mom and dad and let that young man know I will be here. I will be your football coach throughout your entire college career. I certainly feel like that helps a lot.”

Quarterback / assistant offensive coordinator Weeden teaching Todd Monken

Mike Gundy hired Jacksonville Jaguars wide receivers coach Todd Monken as offensive coordinator with the objective to keep the Cowboys’ offense very similar to the scheme installed by Dana Holgorsen.

Here’s where it gets weird.

After the first day of Spring practice in Stillwater, quarterback Brandon Weeden offered an interesting critique of Coach Monken…or “Todd” as Weeden has called him.

Weeden sounded more like a coach when he explained, “Yeah, I was very impressed.  He (Monken) did great.  He’s really learning.  I think he probably sleeps up here.  If I had to guess, he’s spent a lot time up here studying film.  He didn’t miss a beat.”

“He (Monken) did a great job.  He did a lot better than I did on my first day.  He said he was going to make a lot of mistakes, but I don’t think he made any, to be honest with you.  I think he did well.  He was signaling well, communicating well.  It’s amazing how smart he is, how much football knowledge he has.”

Monken admitted, “It’s different. It’s different running the offense and signaling and having the quarterbacks.  I’m used to having the wide outs and being a little more involved.”

Monken is one of three new coaches to the Oklahoma State offensive staff.  Former Air Force assistant Jemal Singleton coaches the running backs and former Southern Miss assistant Kasey Dunn coaches the wide receivers.

Weeden is still listed as "Quarterback" on the roster.  The "assistant offensive coordinator" title has yet to be approved by the Board of Regents.

We are kidding about the title, of course.