Belichick: Extra points aren't a play

Bill Belichick went on local radio yesterday and inevitably the question came up about how he feels about the NFL changing the kickoff rules this season.  

In his response, Belichick introduced a whole new question of whether the league should do away with or alter the extra point play. 

Summarizing Belichick's words:

    Plays that are non plays shouldn't be part of the game.  It's not good for the game.  You know like extra points, when you're up to 99% on extra points it's not a play.  Let's move the ball back to the 15 or the 20 yard line and not make it a tap in, and least make them putt it.

The full interview is nearly 30 minutes long and can be heard here.  The discussion regarding extra points occurs around the 6 minute mark. 

Mizzou becoming QB U?

It would be hard for any program to match the success that the last 3 quarterbacks at Missouri have had.  Brad Smith, Chase Daniel and Blaine Gabbert are all in the NFL and each owns his own set of records back at Mizzou.  

This year, the Tigers are looking to James Franklin to take the reins.  Coaches Pinkel and Yost have been very positive about his performance thus far; but the real test comes on September 3rd when Miami (OH) comes to town.  

Mizzou's defensive front is stacked and every receiver is returning on offense.  Watch out for these guys.

As for Franklin, he's athletic (was a serious dual threat in high school); and quite possibly the nicest quarterback you'll ever hear speak.  Watch this video.


A regular season game in Japan

That's what Hawaii athletic director Jim Donovan recently said he'd like to see happen.  

Yes, a division 1 game vs. a west coast team as soon as the 2014 season.  The likely opponent would come from either the Mountain West conference or the Pac-12.  

Word is that the Pac-12 would like to see this happen as well.  TV Money!

Not so sure that either the players or the coaches involved would vote for this one.  

Must see: New Maryland Uniforms

We just watched Maryland and Under Armour host what can only be described as a football fashion show.  Words can not describe.  If you watch, jump forward to the 10:45 mark; but don't say we didn't warn you.  This will leave a mark. 

As for the unis themselves, we've got pics (thanks to CBS Sports Brian Fischer).  

Coach Edsall said via twitter that he'd like for fans to vote on the color combination that the Terps will wear in their opener versus Miami.  By the way, the visual of Edsall in his starched khakis and pressed white under armour polo in the middle of all of the players wearing countless color combinations was surreal (scroll to bottom).   



Our culture is, we kick your A**

Excellent video and speech from Marcus Allen speaking to the USC team about what it means to play for USC.  

No explanation needed, just watch.


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