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The Scouting Academy


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The Scouting Academy is an industry tested, 16 week online platform led by mentors such as Jerry Angelo, Wade Phillips, Louis Riddick, Chris Palmer, Mike Sullivan, Tom Walsh, and others motivated to educate the next generation. You will be able to create a flexible class schedule around your life and have full access to the library of information and the over 190 years of experience from our instructors. 

The Scouting Academy has been designed to build a foundational knowledge of the game of football as it relates to evaluation of personnel.  Scouting with context is the key to successful evaluation.  Our philosophy values scouts who have a coaching background as they possess the ability to differentiate between prospects using the context of scheme. Currently, there is not standardized background or training system to enter scouting. The Scouting Academy will create a fundamental understanding of the techniques, schematics, and overall principles of each individual position—focusing mainly on physical evaluation.  We will accomplish this with a rich curriculum facilitated by former NFL coaches and well as current and former NFL executives. Our objective for the Academy is to provide a foundation for students to propel themselves into scouting positions within the NFL, NCAA, and major media outlets.

The academy is designed for:

  • Current and former coaches who are looking to transition into scouting
  • Coaches and recruiters who want to beef up their skill set
  • Former players who want to prepare themselves for future opportunities 
  • Media personnel who want to enhance their ability to generate content
  • Agents who want to be more prepared to recruit the right players

Priority registration ends Monday afternoon at 5pm and the Fall Semester begins September 9th. Click here to learn more and register today to take advantage of the priority registration savings. 


Disclosure> The Scouting Academy is an advertiser with FootballScoop. 

Fresno State has added chrome helmets, new unis, and special "Navy Night" threads

On October 3rd, against San Diego State, Fresno State will be taking the field in their new "Night in Navy" uniforms (navy tops and bottoms) and a brand new chrome helmet.

The aim with the new look is to duplicate the excitement in the air that the Valley had during last season's black out game when the entire fan base in attendance wore black. This season they'll be doing the same, but wearing navy instead.

In addition to the chrome and navy look, the program has updated their red and white uniform combinations, which have gone largely unchanged since 2011. Gray pants have also been introduced.

These new additions are all pretty sharp looking.

Florida State tops preseason AP Poll

In another round of the least surprising news you will hear all day, defending national champion Florida State has earned another preseason No. 1 ranking, this time topping the AP Poll released on Sunday.

The Seminoles received 57 of a possible 60 first-place votes. The remaining three were dispersed equally among No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 Oregon and No. 4 Oklahoma. Ohio State, Auburn, UCLA, Michigan State, South Carolina and Baylor rounded out the top 10. Like the Coaches Poll, the non-Power Five conferences were completely shut out of the top 25. The two polls more or less mirrored one each other, only with Missouri replacing Texas for the 24th post. And, as if the polls weren't useless enough already, votes were due two weeks before Notre Dame's academic investigation broke, so this poll is both meaningless and out of date.

1. Florida State - (57 first-place votes) 1,496 total points
2. Alabama - (1) 1,361
3. Oregon - (1) 1,334
4. Oklahoma - (1) 1,324
5. Ohio State - 1,207
6. Auburn - 1,198
7. UCLA - 1,106
8. Michigan State - 1,080
9. South Carolina - 1,015
10. Baylor - 966
11. Stanford - 885
12. Georgia - 843
13. LSU - 776
14. Wisconsin - 637
15. USC - 626
16. Clemson - 536
17. Notre Dame - 445
18. Ole Miss - 424
19. Arizona State - 357
20. Kansas State - 242
21. Texas A&M - 238
22. Nebraska - 226
23. North Carolina - 194
24. Missouri - 134
25. Washington - 130

Photo: Minnesota has revealed a new alternate helmet

I remember seeing those old glittery Minnesota helmets just a few years ago, as the matte helmet craze started to hit, and thinking to myself "Man, this program could really use some new lids."

A few seasons later they've added the matte maroon look, as well as a nice clean white alernate. Over the weekend they added this gold (or yellow) look with "SKI-U-MAH" down the stripe in the middle.

Traditionalists likely won't be a fan of the addition, but I'm really digging them, and I know recruits will like the variety available on game day as well. They've certainly come a long way from the glitter look.

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