Nebraska's new hype video "Soon" is very good

I don't know about you, but when I see the word "soon" - just the word, nothing around it - I think of this.


(For those of you who don't get the joke, feel free to join the 21st century.)

Turns out Nebraska's pre-season hype video, simply entitled "Soon", is a better use of the word. 

Three and out - Peyton's latest commercial, Michigan has 5 cleat options for Penn State, and the midnight lift

Zach: Peyton Manning's latest commercial imagines him as the manager of your local corner store.

I did not hate the casting of this advertisement.

Doug: Michigan has five (yes FIVE!) maize colored cleat options for their "Under the Lights" game against Penn State on October 11th.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a bit of a sneaker-geek, so this kind of stuff is exciting. I'd go with the ones in the bottom middle if it were me.

Scott: I just can't get over how funny the first 60 seconds of this video is. You may have to watch it twice to catch all the craziness going on.

Service academies should take note of this uniform idea from soccer

I would really like to see the service academies (Army, Air Force, Navy) pick up on this trend that the Navy soccer team is trying out.

It's not very often that I tip my hat to soccer in any way, shape, or form, so you might want to take note of this.

Not only is this a great way to honor the service men and women who have fought, and sometimes died in battle, but it's also something that can be exclusive to the service academies...and in the copycat world of uniforms, that's quite rare.

Photos: Arizona State debuts new copper-themed uniforms

Besides producing insanely hot weather, copper is the state of Arizona's top natural resource. Copper mines have existed inside the state for more than a century now, and the folks at Nike have exploited that fact to give Arizona State yet another uniform combination. 





Lest you believe Arizona State is the first in-state program to use this loophole for a hokey marketing push, Arizona has previously executed the same bit. Now it's our duty to turn into our inner fashion experts and decide who wore it best:


Baylor's In-Game app is a blueprint for programs across the country

There are a lot more reasons to attend a Baylor game today than 20, ten, seven, and even two years ago. First and foremost, the team is good. Really good. Second, Baylor no longer has the worst stadium set up in the Big 12. Ask the folks in Waco and they'll tell you theirs will be the best once McLane Stadium opens on Aug. 31.

    PHOTOS: Take your first look at Baylor's new McLane Stadium

For some fans, though, that won't be enough to actually get up and attend McLane Stadium. In advance of opening day, Baylor has created an app to take every one of those fans' excuses away. The app will offer everything a fan can get from home, and presumably some extra content those on their couches can not. The San Francisco 49ers and their similarly new Levi's Stadium have set the standard for in-stadium connectedness in the NFL (you can order $10.50 Coors Lights from your seat!), and Baylor has now done the same for college football.


And if this still isn't enough to get you in the gates, there's also this:

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