Mack Brown interviews Urban Meyer

Though his hiring has been known for a while now, it's still jarring to see Mack Brown be the one interviewing someone else. It's fitting that his media career begins with an interview of Urban Meyer, a friend, and someone who interviewed him back during Meyer's 2011 coaching sabbatical. 

Mack is full Mack throughout the interview, telling Meyer, "you go to Florida and win two national championships. I told you to leave after the first one, it's nearly impossible to win two at one school and you did that." Brown asks what separated his 2004 Utah team, his two title winners at Florida and his 2012 undefeated Ohio State team from the rest. 

"It's not the style of offense, defense," Meyer said. "When I hear people criticize, 'They have bad players, they have this.' Everybody has good players. It's when you get that team that everybody dreams of, that hungry team that cares about each other."

Meyer was then asked about the four days he spent with Chip Kelly. While the schematic conversations were surely enough to make the layman's head spin, Meyer said the most he learned from Kelly was the importance of hydration. "Coach Kelly and I have been friends a long time. I was at Utah when he was at New Hampshire and he came and saw us," he said. "I think he's an extremely intelligent person. He's a push-the-envelope guy when it's talking about student-athlete welfare or the player welfare, and so the sports performance part is incredible. About dehydration, the brain is 80 percent water, your body's 75 percent water. I'm a football coach, and now that I know that, you're not allowed to practice here if you're not hydrated. We do testing every day with our players. We are so sold on this, my entire program, our staff is."

What unites Brown and Meyer, what makes their respect so mutual, is their all encompassing love and devotion to football. These two men have suffered for football, tortured themselves for the game they love. And they'd do it all again in heartbeat, because they know no other way. Theirs is an understanding that only the people who climbed that mountain can realize. 

"I think the year off made me realize how much I love players," Meyer said when asked why he continues to coach. "I love being a part of the journey with them, and team-building. This is my favorite time of year. Most people say it's awful. "I live in a hotel with our players. I see them before they go to bed, I see them when they wake up. I see their families, I can tell when something's wrong. There's certain parts of coaching I can't stand; I just learn to move on. I'm not going to let that get in the way. I'm going to have fun now. I'm going to walk out after this, go hug my players, make sure they're eating, go take pictures with their families and all that. I'm not going to let someone take that away from me."

Video: Go inside a Boise State position meeting

Here's a solid look inside of the tight ends room during Boise State's camp with tight ends coach Eliah Drinkwitz and his guys.

The video also provides a look at some of the fun stuff that the staff does early on in camp to keep things fresh and exciting, like hosting a bowling night.

Video of the Day - Oregon State's post practice water balloon fight

Three and out - A powerhouse HS program decides to "play up", an impressive special teams feat, and bookmark this story

Scott: John Curtis is a dominant high school football program located in (or technically just outside of) New Orleans, LA. By enrollment numbers, John Curtis is a 2A program by Louisiana standards. Today however, John Curtis notified the LHSAA of their intent to "play up"...all the way to 5A (the largest classification in Louisiana). J.T. Curtis believes his program is up to the challenge

Doug: I've seen guys catch four or five balls doing this, but I've never someone capable of catching six. The return specialist putting one between his knees is both creative and impressive.

Zach: I love great stories, so when I say I spent every free moment I had this weekend reading this story, it comes with my fullest endorsement that this is a great story. "The Murders at the Lake" came out back in April, but I just became aware of it on Friday afternoon. By Friday night, I thought it should be a movie, by Saturday I realized it needs to be a television series. The story centers on a horrific murder at Lake Waco in the summer of 1982, but it's really about the lives it affected and the way this infuriating, heartbreaking tale weaves its way through the people it touched. Check in at a whopping 25 pages, you probably don't have time to read it now, but bookmark it for a later date. Just trust me.

Uniform roundup: Lots of new reveals from the weekend

A number of new uniforms across college football dropped over the weekend. None are newsworthy enough for their own post, so we've combined them all into one super post.

First off, Middle Tennessee unveiled a new uniform set, including the black alternate you see at the top. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.03.16 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.03.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.03.35 PM

Marshall has a new set of all green uniforms, and as you can see the players seem to be thrilled to be in them.


Toledo has a new blue set, with its white counterpart coming.


Stepping outside FBS for a moment, we have new uniforms at Northern Arizona...


... and a new white uniform for Georgetown, with its blue sibling sure to come.


Finally, we'll save the best for last. These new UTSA helmets are sweet. I'm digging that orange facemask.

UTSA helmets

As always, thanks to @PhilHecken and @sbnuniforms for tracking this stuff down.  

Update: San Jose State will also have new helmets.

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