The one thing Brian Kelly wants changed in college football

Although advertising is important, Brian Kelly would like to see the college game played at a quicker pace.

Kelly told Jeff Jeffers of NewsCenter 16, “Play ‘em quicker. You know, I understand the need for advertising and TV timeouts, but after awhile, it it’s 3, 3 ½ hours, that’s a long day. We want entertainment, we want fast-paced, we want it exciting, we need to get the game over in 2, 2 ½ hours. I think that’s what everybody wants to see. I think that we have just got to be really careful that we don’t over-indulge the game and make it longer than it needs to be.”

Kelly added, “I think everybody now sees that college football is THE sport when it comes to recognition, viewership, advertising and the reason is because it’s kids – it’s enthusiasm, it’s the band, it’s the cheerleaders, it’s the fall afternoons. Those are very special… the game and its pageantry is really the most important thing.”

Asked if he has time for a hobby, Kelly responded, “I think the important thing is to grab an hour or 30 minutes or 40 minutes just for yourself. So the hobby really is to learn how to decompress if you will from all the trappings of being a head football coach, whether it’s at Alabama, Florida or Notre Dame, and I think if you would probably ask Nick Saban and Urban they would say ‘don’t have time for hobbies, but I have time for myself’ and I think that’s really, in my position, what I look to find.”

You can read the entire Q&A with Brian Kelly right here.

Notre Dame hosts Purdue next Saturday to start the 2010 season.

26 walk-on hopefuls show for Bob Stoops' kicking tryout

Bob Stoops isn’t pleased with the Sooners’ place-kicking, so the Oklahoma program held walk-on tryouts at the kicker position on Thursday afternoon.  Place-kickers Jimmy Stevens (11-13) and Patrick O’Hera (6-9) return from last season, but the competition hasn’t been good enough for Stoops’ liking.

Assistant coach Bobby Jack Wright said, "There was like 26 over there. It's the first I've been anywhere where we've had a tryout this late. But hey, if we find a kicker out of it, I'm all for it. That would be great."

The head coach himself, Bob Stoops, ran the kicking try-out. 

Oklahoma hosts Utah State in the season-opener on September 2nd.  The Sooners then play Florida State, Air Force, and at Cincinnati. 

Lane Kiffin responds to Peyton Manning comments

In an entirely overblown story earlier in the week, Peyton Manning gave his opinion on Lane Kiffin.  On Thursday, Lane responded in an intelligent, classy, and professional manner.

Manning said, “It'd probably be a short conversation. I certainly got to know him when he was the head coach at Tennessee. I don't have anything personal against him. But I think the one thing where Tennessee, as a whole group was kind of hurt, our pride was hurt, was that we didn't think that Tennessee was a transition job. … I've always thought and the big orange nation thought that Tennessee was a destination job. Unless you were fired or retired, that was the place to be. … I wish Lane the best of luck there at Southern Cal and I'm sure he'll do a good job."

On Thursday, when asked how a conversation would go with Peyton, Kiffin responded, “It would be fine.  I have great respect for Peyton.  I would not expect him to say anything different that what he said.  If you have been to Tennessee, if you followed the football program there, there is no other college job but Tennessee for Tennessee people.  I totally respect that.  Peyton is Mr. Tennessee.  I don’t think Peyton could have said anything different. That’s no different than all the Tennessee fans feel, there’s no better job than the University of Tennessee and there never will be, no matter what.”

We’re not really sure why we brought you this story.  We guess just to point out Kiffin’s intelligence, class, and professionalism in response to Peyton’s pride.




Friday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:


Quoting UCONN head coach Randy Edsall: "I don't want to negative recruit against myself. You've been to Storrs, Conn. There ain't a whole lot there. When you don't have the history and tradition that a lot of the other schools have, when you come in to recruit, you better have something to offset that. That's where the facilities come into play. There's nobody in the country that has anything better."


Georgia player Bacarri Rambo describes defensive coordinator Todd Grantham: “He’s like a father figure. I feel like I can go to him and talk to him about stuff that’s not related to football. Like if I’m having a family problem or school problem, I can go to his office and he always talks to me and [tells] me to come to his office and talk to him about my personal problems and stuff.”


Quoting Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham: “[Players] have to trust that you believe in them and that you’re looking out for their best interest. I think it’s just about treating each person with the respect that you would want as a player and just trying to get to know your players and always communicate with them.”


Houston DC Brian Stewart says his outlook has changed: "My outlook has changed tremendously. You have to understand there are naysayers and people who don't like you; don't try to please the naysayers and don't kiss the other people's butts. Be yourself, and let it go. I want to be a great football coach and work in an environment where I can be treated with respect and be liked. But I want people to know I can do this and that I know what I'm doing."

Jimbo Fisher describes when Nick Saban hired him at LSU: “He called me out of the blue. I was coaching at Cincinnati, he got the job at LSU. And he had heard my name from some people and he called me up. Matter of fact, I was home at Thanksgiving, after our season at Cincinnati was over … we had a meeting at his house. After we interviewed about 20 minutes, he stopped and walked upstairs and offered me the job … first time I'd ever talked to him.”


Les Miles talks about Jordan Jefferson: "Jordan has started to realize that quarterback is more than a position. He's not just calling a play. Jordan has to have a wider, more encompassing vision of the position."


San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre talks about assistant Bryant Young: "The thing that you're sometimes concerned about with guys who come out of the NFL is that they really don't understand the grind of coaching. But B.Y. completely understands. He's a very hard worker and does a great job of relating to young men."


Quoting Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe: "What we've got more than anything is an enthusiastic group that's excited about playing defense. I think that's the most important thing. It's a pretty physical unit. They like to mix it up. They like to get 11 guys around the football. ... This is a defensive football team that can be a pretty good one."


Skip Holtz shows off future practice facility at South Florida:


Saban confused by "stockpiling" comment, says Bama has room for lots more

A week away from the season-opener against San Jose State, Alabama head coach Nick Saban is unsure how many true freshman will play this season for the Crimson Tide. 

Saban doesn’t necessarily like the perception that Alabama is totally loaded with talent. 

Saban explained, "The proof is in the pudding. Just because everyone says you're going to be a great player because you're a four-star or five-star or whatever, what are the qualifications of the people who made those judgments. And when you come here, do you really have the right stuff to do it? I'm talking about physically, emotionally, mentally, the right intangibles, the right maturity and how important it is to you.” 

"I don't know where we're stockpiling all this stuff at, but we've got room for lots more." 

Alabama will host San Jose State before Penn State comes to town on September 11th.  The new expansion at Bryant-Denny Stadium brings capacity to over 101,000. 




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