Chip Kelly wary of complacency, Malzahn not emotional, Randy Edsall "could care a less"

Chip Kelly wary of complacency: "We can improve on blocking, we can improve our tackling, our kickoff-return team needs a lot of work. We've got to clean up ball security in terms of fumbles lost. We've got a few holding penalties, because fundamentally our hands are getting outside the framework. So we need to get them back inside the framework.”

"We don't look at this as a bye week, we look at this as an improvement week."


Randy Edsall frustrated at 3-3, but “could care a less what the outside world thinks” : "On defense, it's guys that blank out, lose focus, lose their concentration. Offensively, it's sustaining blocks and getting onto people — and not converting on third down and being able to possess the ball.”

"I don't know if anybody is criticizing me or not because I don't read anything. I could care less. I could care less what the outside world thinks. I really could."

"Those people don't know my job. They don't do my job. They're fans. It's great that they're excited and they want us to win every game. That's great, but it's like anything else, I'm not going to sit and criticize anybody else because I don't exactly know what it entails. I'll criticize myself more than anybody else will criticize me."


No extra emotion anymore for Gus Malzahn going against Arkansas: "This year it is different. It’s just a game we’re playing here at home. I still know a lot of the [Razorback] seniors and recruited some of those guys. It’s a football game and all the extra emotion that first year is not there anymore. It’s just a football game right now."

Jeff Tedford had Lane Kiffin as a player: "He was always very interested in the coaching part of it. Schematics and so on, so forth. I recruited him and then brought him in before his senior year. It was evident he wasn't going to play, so it was just, 'Why don't you start as a GA (graduate assistant) right now?'"


Bowling Green head coach Dave Clawson say game against Ohio was most disappointing in BGSU career: "That was a really bad day for our football program. It was a really uninspired effort. My staff and I have been here for 19 games, and that was our most disappointing effort. We played with little emotion; our energy level was terrible. You have to play with emotion, with energy, to be able to compete in a game like that, much less win a game like that."


Purdue rushed 3 and dropped 8 against Northwestern, Pat Fitzgerald reacts: "Yeah, they played a fence technique. Yeah, I hope they (future opponents) drop eight people. I really do. Because we will pick people apart. Danny still is able to scramble. If he can't outrun a nose guard, then we have problems."


Paul Rhoads say his Iowa State team is fragile: “We still are fragile.  You get shellacked by a 41 point spread, there’s doubt in your mind.”

“Just being aligned right isn’t the easiest thing to do against Oklahoma.  We could see 12 different formations from the same personnel.”


Dave Wannstedt ready to make it physical at Syracuse: "This is going to be tough sledding this week, and we know it. It's going to be as physical a game, without a doubt, as we've had all year. You start getting ready for a game like that yesterday. Every week is a new test for you in some fashion from a game-plan standpoint. This is going to be from a physical standpoint, we'll find out how tough we are this week."


San Diego State DC Rocky Long calls Air Force triple-option the “best offense in football”: "The biggest problem with triple-option teams is you only see them once a year. And you usually can't get a good look in practice and you can't get the speed in practice. And the execution by the (scout) offense isn't close to what you see in the game."

"I think it's the best offense is football.  If they read (the coverage) correctly, there is no way to stop it." 



Mark Dantonio reflects: "When you get into those situations, you think about two things: You think about your faith, and you think about your family. Your work becomes a little more secondary. What you do doesn't define you. I don't care what you do for a living. When you're out, whether it's a broken leg or something else, you're sort of renewed when you've got another opportunity, and you gain even more appreciation for what you do. I don't care what you do."

Ault explains name "The Pistol" and Skip looking for better QB play

Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis says Nebraska hardly ever blitzes: "You won't believe me when I tell you. Sixteen percent."


Nevada head coach Chris Ault reveals why the name “The Pistol” : “I came up with the name because a pistol fires straight ahead; it’s one bullet straight ahead. We still want to run the ball north-south.”


Skips Holtz puzzled by his quarterback last weekend against Syracuse: "They brought their secondary in and that's why there were four or five times with guys running wide-open down the field.Unfortunately, you don't have to cover them if you don't throw to them and you don't catch it.”

(on BJ Daniels changing the play on a 4th down earlier in the year) "He came back and I said, 'Don't ever check a fourth-down call again when we make a fourth-down call. Coaches get fired for fourth down calls.' He looked at me and said, 'Coach, I like you. I don't want you to get fired. I won't check any more fourth-down calls.'"


Quoting Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco: “I would say that I love the work, I love teaching young men. I love and really own as a mission taking a young man ... from young man to man through football. I take that charge very seriously. It’s a real energizer for me.

“It helps to stay grounded when things are going well, and it helps to stay positive when things are going poorly. I’m probably a type-A guy. I get mad and angry and pretty aggressive, and at the same time try to be tactful and professional in all communications.” 


Charlie Strong puzzled by late arrival by Louisville fans: “In order for us to go win this game, we need everybody. Our fans have to perform. We have to perform on offense. We have to perform on defense. We have to perform in the kicking game.”


Interesting note on Louisville attendance from Courier-Journal: Yet U of L fans on Friday will eclipse last year's total attendance in just this season's fourth game. Attendance is up 33 percent from the first three games of 2009 — the largest jump in the nation — to more than 51,000 per game. Let's remember, U of L didn't draw 40,000 to any game a year ago.

Eye-opening stats, Shannon puzzled, Bronco's decision

Eye-opening stats: Nebraska is averaging 8.3 yards per play.  That’s unreal. 10 teams are averaging over 7 yards per play (Michigan, Boise State, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Arkansas, Auburn, USC, Alabama, and Utah.) Only Texas and Boise State are allowing less than 4 yards per play on defense.  4 teams are allowing more than 7 yards per play (Wazzu, Minnesota, Indiana, Eastern Michigan).


Randy Shannon says UM has 30 drops in 5 games: "We've had over 30 drops in five games. That's the biggest thing that's going on. It's not just the receivers. It's not the tight ends or running backs. It's all of them."

"Jacory, he's got to be consistent on dropping back 5 yards. Not 7. Not 6 — 5. The consistency will help the timing. The receivers, you've got to run the route at the same depth. Tight ends, running backs, you've got to do it the same way. You can't vary it 1 yard or 2 yards. Then it throws off the timing."


Bronco Mendenhall not ready to commit to being defensive coordinator long-term: "I am going to think very hard about it. I am not ready to commit to that answer yet, but I am going to think very hard about the role that I am currently playing. I am enjoying it. It certainly is a lot of work, and longevity could be an issue that way. But it is more fulfilling currently."

"Probably from the minute I gave up coaching the defense a number of years ago, and the play calling just a year ago, I have struggled to find my place, particularly in how to help our team most, not only on a daily basis, but on a game day. And I finally just reached a point where I thought I could be more effective in helping our program and helping these young men to be involved. So it certainly wasn't just all of a sudden, a random decision."


Kyle Whittingham really pleased with special teams: "Typically on the special teams, it's the young guys. It's your 2's and 3's that are comprising the majority of those units. I think our recruiting efforts the last couple of years are starting to be manifested in the special teams."


Iowa State defensive coordinator Wally Burnham praises Utah speed: “We said Utah had the most speed we’d seen in a while. Oklahoma’s got just as much, if not more.”


Steve Addazio defends Florida offensive line: "I feel great about my guys. I don't think Mike Pouncey has ever played any better than he's playing right now. I don't think Marcus Gilbert has ever played any better than he's playing right now."


Quoting Colorado special teams coach Kent Riddle: "Well, I feel everything can be fixed.Obviously the field goal deal has been something that has hurt us for awhile. We`ve got to straighten that out. We tried another guy in there. I think a true freshman went in there and got a first taste of reality and kind of let his technique get away from him just cause he got caught up in the moment. So we continue to work with that. We`re going to open it up and see who does the best this week and be out there Saturday."


Jeff Tedford says Cal can’t have an offensive weakness to win consistently: "This week, we have to mix it up. There's no way you can live on one phase. To compete week-in and week-out, you've got to be able to do both. I still have a lot of trust in the passing game. In this conference, there's no way you can do one thing and hope to be successful."



Ruffin McNeill set for interview with Mike Leach on Friday

When Ruffin McNeill and East Carolina host NC State on Saturday at 12 pm EST, former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach will be the game-analyst for CBS-College Sports.

Six current East Carolina assistant coaches served under Mike Leach at Texas Tech.  Lincoln Riley, Brian Mitchell, Clay McGuire, Duane Price, Brandon Jones, and Dennis Simmons each worked at Texas Tech.

McNeill says, "We (Leach) had an interview on satellite radio. He's talked to Lincoln and those guys a couple times to check up on them. It'll be neat Friday. I know I have an interview with him then. That'll be wild. I'll put him on the fire during that. I'll ask him about being on the other side.”

"I'm looking forward to seeing him. He's a knowledgeable guy. He's an offensive genius. He understands the offensive thought processes in general."

East Carolina (3-2) is coming off a 44-43 win at Southern Miss, but the Pirates rank 117th nationally in total defense and 101st nationally in turnover margin.

McNeill was glad the defense made several big stops at Southern Miss. He said, “I think our defense stepped up and swung the bat. Looking back at the game, the defense held Southern Miss to field goals at times with tough field position. Our defense did a great job stepping up and holding them to field goals early. Looking at the final score, that was big.”

"Defensively, third-down conversions were big for us. Southern Miss was 3-out-of-17. Facing that team, I thought that was enormous.”

You can see the entire Week 7 TV schedule right here.


Torbush wants better players, Zook says "put your big boy pads on"

Kansas defensive coordinator Carl Torbush hoping for better players: "You always try to make sure that every guy you recruit is better than the guy you play with," Torbush said. "That doesn’t always happen, but ideally, in a perfect world, that's what you'd do. Just like when you're buying a car. It may not be the best car, but normally it’s gonna be a bigger car, a more luxury car. We gotta continue to recruit and recruit our needs and what we need. Ya’ll see the same thing, that we gotta be able to get more pressure on the quarterback. You normally do that by speed and athleticism. I think our guys are doing an adequate job. It's not a detriment to what we're playing with, because you’re always playing with good players. What you want to do is recruit a guy who’s better than who you're playing with. That’s the only way to get better as a football team."


Nevada defensive coordinator Andy Buh pumped about challenge of slowing down Hawaii passing attack: "Heck yeah. Heck yeah. We're going over there against one of the best offenses in the country and we'll see what we're made of. We'll find out what this defense is all about. We're hungry for the challenge."


Ron Zook tells team to put on your big-boy pads in preparation for Sparty: "I told them yesterday, 'You better put your big-boy pads on. These guys are tough guys.' They've always been that way ... The crowd is right on top of you — not a lot of room on the sideline. It makes for a very close confined area ... We're going to play some phone booth ball."

"We had the opportunity to play the No. 1 team in the nation and kind of let it get by, so our guys are looking forward to playing the only other undefeated team in the Big Ten. Our guys enjoy going into these hostile environments.”


Rich Rod extremely concerned about depth due to injuries: "I don't think I've seen this many season-ending injuries. It's frustrating. I'm holding my breath during Tuesday and Wednesday practices because we can't afford to lose anybody else."


Sarkisian says Arizona State put it all together against UW: "In a few of those losses, they had shot themselves in the foot. I was fearful they would put it all together against us. Unfortunately, they did."


Kiffin hasn’t heard back yet from Pac-10 officials regarding poor calls in Stanford game: "I've moved on. I don't think they're going to give us the win."


Cutcliffe says watch out for Army: "Army's fast on their way to becoming what the other academies seem to be doing right now - a bowl team on an annual basis.”


Turner Gill wants knockdowns: “The times we’ve been successful offensively, and even defensively, we definitely have had a lot of knockdowns, we’ve had that 80-plus. It all depends on how many plays you have, so I think 80 is a pretty good number. We’d like to get into the 100s.”


Ralph Friedgen says Terps working on offense: "If we can stay on the field longer [on offense] then we give players more opportunities to make plays. That's one of the things we really tried to work on during the off week - not having the dead plays on offense."


Good quote from Auburn quarterback Cam Newton: “You can’t go to Walmart and buy team chemistry. Just being in the tough games and being in tight situations, that can build a team or it can separate a team."


Tuberville upset at failed surprise onsides attempt: "We worked on it all week long and it just didn't work. We made mental mistakes, but we will keep doing those things. We have to try and find ways to get more possessions for our offense when we are having a tough time defensively, as we did this [past] weekend."



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