Dye reflects on Chizik hiring, Ruffin singles out 2 coaches, Tubs is angry

Former Auburn coach Pat Dye reflects on the day Auburn AD Jay Jacobs called to say he’s hiring Gene Chizik as head coach: "When he called me to tell me he had chosen Gene to be our next coach, I couldn't believe it. He said, 'I decided to hire Gene the day he left Auburn (for Texas).'"


Quoting former Minnesota Gophers head coach Glen Mason: “They fired Murray Warmath, they fired me, they fired Tim Brewster. They're not losing a lot of coaches to retirement."


Minnesota AD Joel Maturi say Gophers can pay at least $1.8 million: "We pay Tubby Smith about $1.8 million a year. If we can pay a head basketball coach that I'm assuming we can pay a head football coach that."


Ruffin McNeill compliments his coaches, singles out special teams coordinator Clay McGuire and offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley: “The next group is our coaches. I’ve been very lucky to have a group of what I call field house rats. But it’s not even lucky because I knew they would be. They’re here all the time. They love watching film, talking ball and the like. The defense gets together and offense gets together and talks all the time. Right now they’re upstairs watching film. I’m very happy for those guys. Again, it reaffirms the work they’ve put in. As a staff, we’re growing and jelling, just like our team is growing and jelling.

“Special teams have been a solid, solid product for us. They’ve been a constant. Clay McGuire and our assistant coaches have done a great job of developing those guys. Our guys are taking pride in our special teams’ progress.”

“I told Lincoln I thought he had one of the best scripts I had ever been a part of. I thought he blended his calls and mixed well. Dominique Davis did a great job of orchestrating it. He had 14 completions in a row to start the game.”


Tuberville hopes everybody’s angry: “I hope everybody’s angry. I’m angry. Our players are angry and disappointed. That’s what you want to feel. You want people that care about what you do and how you do it.”

“I like fans to be adamant on winning every game. We want everybody to be selfish. We want to win every game. I’m used to winning a lot of games. Our players like to win every game.


UTEP head coach Mike Price closing practice, won’t discuss injuries: "I'm not going to discuss any injuries and we're closing practice this week. I'm not being cute, I'm not being coy. I just don't see any advantage to discussing our injuries so the opponent can discover anything about us. I don't want to give any advantage to our opponent; to give out any advantage is not necessary. It's a little overrated that we can't have (the media at practice), we want to put our face out to the community, but the situation the way it is, we'll just leave it at that."


Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen unhappy with offense: "I add one more piece to the puzzle to try to come up with ideas. They're good coaches. They do a good job of preparing. Our schemes and things we're trying to do are sound. What we have to do is put our players in the best position for them to execute and have success, and that's been difficult at this point ant time. We're still searching for those things and refining those things. Hopefully we're going to start seeing the payoff from it."

"It's not going to drastically change what we're doing offensively. We need to generate more points. It's not all of a sudden going to explode and we're going to have this world-class offense that's scoring 50 points a game. We can certainly score, and we have to play better." 


Northern Illinois coach Jerry Kill says it will all come down to quarterback play: “I don’t know how good we are. I really don’t. I don’t know if anybody knows this time of year. You’re an injury or two away from not being good because of depth. I think it’s great for our program. We’re certainly glad with where we’re at but we also know it’s one (loss) and you’re right back at it.”

“I’ve said all along it’s going to come down to quarterback play. Right now, our quarterback is playing very well. If he continues to play well, I feel like we have a good chance to be in all those games and have a chance to win in the fourth (quarter).”





Pelini may change home routine, and latest from Mullen, Joker, Chip Kelly

Bo Pelini considering changes to home-game routine: “I honestly think there’s less distraction on the road. We’re looking at why that is and trying to think outside the box a little bit about maybe handling home games a little bit differently and trying to eliminate as much distraction as we can.”

“You look at the last couple of years — last year in particular — the games we weren’t really ourselves have been a lot more at home than on the road.”

“I don’t think it’s in our stadium. Obviously we think our fans are great. What I’m concerned about is all the things leading up to the game, maybe the day before and the day of. We’re looking at it and making sure we’re doing everything we can to keep our guys focused on the things they can control.”


Dan Mullen say win in The Swamp “shouldn’t have been as close as it was” : "It shouldn't have been as close as it was. We made mistakes early and we made mistakes late. We shouldn't have had to make that stop on the final drive."

"We're going to enjoy this win, but we need to be a much better football team. There's no secret about it. We didn't cross the finish line with a win over Florida. But maybe this was the second jolt of energy to keep us going."


Joker wants Kentucky players to hear about possible SEC East championship: “We want to talk about it. I want our guys to hear it. Usually you hear coaches say, ‘We don't want to talk about it.' Here at Kentucky, we need to hear it.”

“The only way we get a chance (to win the East) is to win this next game. Our next game is Georgia. I'm not getting ahead of myself; definitely not.”


Bud Foster says every week is now totally different: “Right now, we’re seeing a lot more different offenses week to week than we saw 5, 6, 7, 8 years ago. Every week is a whole new bear. This week, we’re seeing Pistol and they’re spreading it and they’re running the decide play out of the Pistol and all that stuff.” 


Chip Kelly says the Ducks offense this year is better than last year: “Yes. We are throwing the ball better. We are on track more; we have less negative-yardage plays. Obviously our numbers are a little better than they were before. Jeremiah was probably better than those other two at improvising things. But that also could get us in trouble at times."

(when Mike Bellotti first called him at New Hampshire) "It was interesting. He was great the first time we talked on the phone. He talked to me about just coming out here, not for an interview but to treat it like an official visit to see if it was something I would have an interest in. I wasn't looking to go anywhere. I was really happy with where I was. I was on a great coaching staff that was a lot of fun to be around. I loved the players. They had great work ethics and did more with less than any group I had been around. It was a lot of fun. It wasn't something where I was looking to leave. But when Mike called, just the way he presented it ... I was like, 'All right, I'll take a look at it.' "


Bronco Mendenhall defends offensive coaching staff: “The offensive staff, I have confidence in. I would like to see [the offense] be more productive, and they know that. I would like to see that side of the ball play with more confidence, and more inspired play, with cleaner execution, leading to more points. That has all been stated very clearly to our offensive staff.”


Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne talks about Mike Sherman’s 7-year contract: “The length of Coach Sherman's contract was a negotiated agreement. He was very well compensated and an integral part of the Texans, and he had had recent opportunities with other teams. The seven-year agreement was one year less than Coach Franchione's contract (five years plus three automatic rollover years for a total of eight years). Coach Sherman's compensation package is the same. The length of the contract and compensation was competitive with other BCS conference schools.”


Les Miles describes Cam Newton: "I don't think you really stop a guy like that. I think you try to contain him. You have to tackle crisply and you've got to get more than one guy to the ball. It's gotta be a bunch of LSU helmets."

"He runs hard. He gives a blow like a fullback. He's elusive like a tailback and he has a great touch on the ball. As capable as he is running, he's also capable throwing and he makes great decisions with the ball in his hands. Legitimately he's a Heisman contender."


North Texas head coach Todd Dodge talks about current mindset: “Right now, I am talking to [the players] about having pride in themselves and representing this university. Things are going to turn for people on this football team regardless of whether I am the head football coach here next year or not. I am going to do everything I can down the stretch run of this thing to make this the best situation for the next guy who comes in here. That is what I expect from all of my players because many of them have a future here.”

“I continue to remind the players about the passion we all have for the game, whether or not that passion is real high right now because of all the disappointments we have had. The second thing is we all have the opportunity as individuals and a group of men to say we will not quit. Whether we will any more games, win a game or win them all has nothing to do with it. We will not mail it in.”


Cal head coach Jeff Tedford moving forward after loss to USC: "It's one game. You look around football, things happen. Who would have thought Florida would lose three straight? It's one game on our schedule, and it's very important that we learn from it and we prepare and we focus and get ready for this week."


Lane Kiffin's pre-game speech:



5 most impressive coaching performances from Week 7

Five more coaching staffs have been recognized this week as part of our 2010 Game Changing Coaches series presented by Family Relocation.

Every Tuesday during the season, we recognize the coaches involved in the most outstanding coaching performances from the past weekend.  This is our third year of this award winning series. 

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See the coaches we have recognized for Week #7 right here.

Nothing easy coming for Rich Rod, MacIntyre, Rhoads, and Dooley

Quoting Rich Rodriguez: "Vince Lombardi could come in, too, and he’s not going to fix some of the problems we have."


San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre (on 11 season-ending injuries): "We’re playing a JV football team basically."


Paul Rhoads and Iowa State travel to Texas this week:  “7 of top 22 teams in the BCS standings are on our schedule. … Our kids know they have to stay the course.”


Dooley can’t believe reporter asked about SEC standings: “Guys, if we’re looking at SEC East standings, we got problems.  We need to be worried about our team.”

(on the Alabama defense) “Well, first of all, it’s nearly impossible to run the ball.  They got some stout guys up front.  I mean STOUT.”


Mack Brown evaluates Texas performance against Nebraska: “We tried to take away what they do best.   We didn’t do that against UCLA. The scheme put all the pressure on our secondary.  We on 21 hits on both quarterbacks (combined) and 3 missed tackles for 21 yards.”

“We have to improve our man coverage.  It was a hard day to throw the ball with the wind fluttering.  We had 3 defensive penalties, 2 of them were killers.  We need to force more turnovers.  We missed 4 fumbles that were on the ground. We only had one play in the game with a loss (on offense), so that was good. Offensive line play its best game.” 


Auburn special teams coordinator Jay Boulware talks about KOC (Arkansas averaged 17.9 yards on 10 kickoff returns. Only one went for more than 21 yards) : "We've been harping on those guys. Kickoff coverage is just open-field run fit. That's all it is. And those guys have to get in particular gaps. And, when we do that, we're going to cover anybody in the country."


Cobb blasts UK fans, Joker addresses the issue

On Sunday, Kentucky wide receiver Randall Cobb blasted Kentucky fans via twitter. Coming off a 31-28 win over South Carolina, @rcobb18 let it rip.

Cobb tweeted, “To all the fans, love seeing Yall come late, love hearing yall tell us we suck during game, love that we have to play against our…

…Own fans too.  Love that we can’t pack the house when we play the #10 team in the nation.  It means that much more to me.  I love my….

…My team.  Brotherhood they got my back n I got they back.  The rest of yall can get ready for bball season!”

Today, Joker Phillips addressed the issue by saying, “He is a 19-, 20-year-old kid that doesn’t always understand how to deal with it when people react in a way he doesn’t think they should react. I am 47 and I am really just now figuring out how to react to those things.” I am 58 and still don’t always react the right way. I might lose my cool and fire off an e-mail I wish I delete or let my mouth get in the way of my brain with words that come out I quickly want to take back."

 “I don’t do it (Twitter) a lot. I have thought about it (banning Twitter). We will try to make a decision,” Phillips said. “We have to try and get our arms around it. But I also want to give these guys a chance to express themselves, but not in a way that might harm someone else. We have to get a little bit smarter about it.”

Kentucky returns to action on Saturday when the Wildcats host Georgia at 7:30 pm EST.

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