Les praises Gary Crowton, Lane can't figure it out, Pelini blows up

Les Miles praises offensive coordinator Gary Crowton following 43-36 win over Ole Miss: “I have to give a lot of credit to Gary Crowton.  I think he’s taken a bunch of criticism this year, and he called a magnificent game.  He did exactly what he needed to do and he operated the offense extremely well.”

(compliments Nutt and Masoli) “That quarterback [Jeremiah Masoli] was hot as a firecracker. Also, give credit to Houston Nutt and Ole Miss. They came in ready to play. Masoli was hot and did some very good things.”


Lane Kiffin says he and Pete Carroll can’t figure out how to win in Corvallis: "Somehow, someway we end up the way we always do up here. Down 20 points in the first half. I have no idea (why). Coach (Pete Carroll) didn't figure it out and I didn't figure it out. The story of the day was the offense and how poorly it played. We probably broke a national record for three-and-outs."

 "The problem is that play happens and everyone has a feeling of here we go again. It's what we tried to guard against."


Bo Pelini wouldn’t address Nebraska’s 16 penalties to Texas A&M’s 2: “I’m not talking about penalties. You all watched the game. You make your own deductions.”

 “No comment. Next question. I’m not talking about penalties. You all watched the game.”


Pelini wouldn’t talk about his sideline meltdown on quarterback Taylor Martinez: “I can’t talk about that.  It had nothing to do with his injury.” 


Pat Hill makes strong statement about Boise State

After taking a 51-0 thrashing at Boise State, Fresno State head coach Pat Hill made a few strong statements about the Broncos.

Hill said, "They got all the pieces, I mean they really do. I think the truth of the matter is people are scared to play them. They don't want to play them. It's like last year when they put Boise against TCU. They don't want to play against those types of teams. I'll say it. I have no problem saying it. I'll take Boise State against anybody in the country."

"This Boise State team is the real deal. I hope they can make it to the big dance because they deserve it in my mind. I feel I can say that. We've played against some pretty darn good football teams in my time. Never have we been manhandled like that."

Boise State limited Fresno State to 125 total yards, 9 first downs, and 1 of 12 third-down conversions.  Boise State recorded 3 takeaways and added 4 sacks.  Fresno State completed just 6 of 23 passes. 

Wrigley rules

Northwestern's playing Illinois tomorrow at Wrigley.  We've all seen the pictures.  The brick wall about one yard behind the back of the endzone.

Well, this morning someone woke up and decided that wasn't the safest idea. 

Hold on to your hats.  This morning, the Big Ten announced that during the game, each offensive possession will go in the direction of the "one safe endzone".  What?

Can't wait to see this one play out.  Can't see how this won't impact the flow of the game. 

Some of the best tweets on the subject thus far:

IU vs. Northwestern will also use "3 Mississippi" rules when rushing the quarterback.

Instead of official replay, either coach can simply call a "do-over"

The Center becomes an eligible receiver after 10 seconds

Either team can choose to play with a Nerf ball if they want

QB can only run if he is rushed

"2 hand touch and I'm permanent QB"

Losers walk

"The ruling on the field stands, the runner was only touched with one hand..."

Only 1 blitz every 4 downs

"What's the play?  Just get open!"



Too funny.


Tubs, huh? Saban on Cam, Dennis Erickson to return in 2011

Is Tuberville serious?  It's got to hurt him to say this, don't you think? : “What separates the Big 12 from the SEC are the big receivers and the fast receivers (in the Big 12). And you have to counter that with corners that can handle the pressure.''

"They may have a good receiver. But in (the Big 12) everybody's got a wide receiver that's a playmaker. In some leagues you can get by with playing a guy at corner that might not have a lot of speed. But in the Big 12 they're going to isolate your cornerbacks, and everybody we played had an exceptional wide receiver.”

"I guarantee you, all the corners in this league always get a lot of sleep after their games on Saturday night.''

* (AJ, Julio, Alshon, Rueben Randall, Russell Shepard, Randall Cobb, Marquiz Maze, Greg Childs, Deonte Thompson, Jarius Wright, Chris Matthews, Justin Hunter)


Nick Saban says Iron Bowl without Cam “would be bad for college football” : "I've said it on numerous occasions. It would be bad for college football that such a great player, who has an opportunity to do some significant things individually and collectively for his team, you know, not to be able to play.

"At the same time, I don't know much about this situation and don't really spend much time on the situation, but I think we all have a responsibility and obligation to do things the right way, institutionally and individually.


Arizona State AD Lisa Loves says Dennis Erickson will be back in 2011: "I still support Dennis Erickson. You bet I do. You've got to allow someone to go through the entire process. I'm impressed, by the way, with the process, the recruiting roster, the level of talent and the stable of redshirts we now are able to have. As opposed to the last two years of playing true high school freshman. It's been rewarding to watch."

"I can tell you it's grueling to climb. It is grueling in a conference that is getting even more challenging to climb. I am absolutely confident, and Dennis Erickson has been since the day he walked in the door, that we will soon be ‘popping' relative to our competitiveness in ASU football. I have faith that we are going exactly in that direction and I have faith in Dennis to get us there."


Monte Kiffin compares Jacquizz Rogers to Barry Sanders: “He hasn’t played one down in the NFL but he moves just like Barry Sanders. This guy makes cuts. I told the defense, ‘If you miss him, get up because he comes back around again.’’

Leading the nation in personal fouls / unsportsmanlike conduct

CFBStats.com allows viewers to see stats such as personal fouls & unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. 

Here’s the list of teams that lead the nation in the combo of such fouls: 

Southern Miss (27), Arizona State (26), Illinois (26), Wazzu (25), Maryland (24), Texas Tech (24), Baylor (23), ECU (22), UGA (22), Idaho (22), UNLV (22). 

Here’s where the top 4 in the BCS stand: Oregon (21), Auburn (20), Boise State (16), TCU (10).

Least in the country: Duke (4), Penn State (4), Rutgers (4).

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