Quick Hits: Bo Davis, Nick Aliotti, Hank Hughes

Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti talks about preparing for Cam Newton: "I've been sleeping like a baby: I wake up every two hours and cry."


Bo Davis describes interviewing with Mack Brown: It was very thorough and kind of surprising. Coach Mack [Brown] asked a lot of questions - which were good questions - because they check your character out and see what kind of person you're getting to come work with your kids, and I think that's very important. It was very thorough.

“Even when we talked about contracts and all that, I said, 'Coach, me personally, they don't even have to have a contract with me. You can walk up and shake my hand. I'm an old country boy. You shake my hand and give me your word, that's what I go on.' I don't get into how long are you going to be here and is this going to determine my fate if I come here. I don't get into that. To me that's not important. The opportunity you have to come to a great university like the University of Texas - that's what I care about. And getting a chance to coach some young, great players you guys have here. That's what I like to do.”


UCONN interim head coach Hank Hughes wants the job: "In this business, you're combat ready. We didn't bat an eye. Obviously, there was some conversation. [But], you move on.”

"I'll say this, coming as an assistant coach moving up to be the interim head football coach: I know two programs that have had a lot of success promoting from within — Texas Christian, TCU, and Boise. They moved the program forward by continuity. I talked to [Hathaway] the other day and let him know I want to be the head football coach here.”


Stanford Cardinal - Orange Bowl highlight film: You can see Harbaugh's locker room speech at the 6 minute mark.


The coaching profession...how times have changed

We’re sitting around here at FootballScoop Headquarters discussing the various openings when one of our guys, who is soon to receive a raise, brought up an interesting point.

His point involves Bill Cowher and the Carolina Panthers job.

It seems from the outside that Cowher and the Panthers would be great for each other.  Carolina is a really good job.  As one of our guys explained, “Any job that pays a couple of million sounds good to me.  And you are coaching football and working for an owner that isn’t exactly some jackleg like Al Davis.”

While the Panthers have only been to the playoffs 3 of the last 8 years, the organization did play in the Super Bowl under owner Jerry Richardson in 2003.  In 2005, they returned to the NFC championship game.

The Panthers have DeAngelo Williams, who was a legitimate MVP candidate late in the 2009 season.  More importantly, when they select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the #1 overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Panthers will have a franchise quarterback.

Somewhere, Jaws is saying, “And the National Football League is a quarterback driven league.”

Did we mention that Cowher, a multi-millionaire who could live anywhere, already resides in Raleigh, North Carolina?

From the outside, it appears Cowher isn’t interested in the job because Jerry Richardson won’t pay $4 million + for a head coach.  At the least, we’ve heard ESPN analysts say that Richardson won’t pony up the big bucks for a guy like Jim Harbaugh.

So, is money keeping Cowher and Richardson apart?  As brought up in our discussion, “What’s really the difference in $2.3 million and $4.3 million?  How is that going to change the way you live?”

How times have changed in the coaching profession!

Rovell: Michigan should hire this guy to announce coaching decision

Consider following @darrenrovell on twitter.  The CNBC sports business analyst usually has some pretty good stuff.  At this point, over 47,000 people have chosen to follow the often witty and funny analyst.

Moments ago, Rovell tweeted, “Michigan should hire Ted Williams to announce final coaching decision. It will sound good no matter what he says!”

Who is Ted Williams?  He’s not the former baseball player.  He is a homeless man with an interesting story.  Williams has a “golden voice.”

In fact, thanks to the Columbus Dispatch, Williams has a bevy of new job offers and will soon have a new house.  This is a good story, so check it out.


Mark Richt makes decision regarding his coaching staff

Mark Richt just wrapped up an extended post-season press conference.  Richt will not make changes to the Georgia coaching staff and he will not be more involved in the offensive play-calling.

Richt said, “If you just change for the sake of changing, then all of a sudden you’ve gotta learn something all over again. Do I wanna confuse Aaron Murray? … We’re not looking to blow anything up. In my opinion we’re very close.

“Mike Bobo’s the coordinator, Mike Bobo’s the quarterbacks coach. Stacey Searels is the running game coordinator,” Richt said. “And they’ve done a great job.”

Georgia finished this season 6-7, losing to UCF in the Liberty Bowl by the score of 10-6.  The Bulldogs' offense averaged 32 points per game, which was 31st nationally.  The defense finished 23rd nationally in total defense.

Georgia will open the season against Boise State in Atlanta.  The Bulldogs will then host South Carolina the following week. 

The SEC West cross-over games are at Ole Miss and at Vanderbilt.  The non-conference schedule includes Coastal Carolina, New Mexico State, and at Georgia Tech.

Quick Hits: Leach, Jerry Kill, Jon Embree, and Harbaugh

Mike Leach felt good about his interview with Maryland, but didn’t have much to say about the process: "I don't really have much comment on the process or any of that. I think Maryland is a good job and I think my record speaks for itself over 10 years. Clearly no one's got a graduation [rate] that even approaches 80 percent, which is what we had at Tech.”

“When you get into a deal like this you don't know all the characters involved and what their motivations are and what they're looking for. It's kind of like there's a certain amount of mind-reading if you're guessing what exactly they're looking for. I've got 10 years that speak for itself. We won 85 games and lost about 40. Won more bowl games than in the rest of their history combined."


Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill has interesting way of explaining things: "There's nothing special about me. There are high school coaches who could do my job just as well, I really believe that."

"People ask that about me all the time -- can I adjust to the Big Ten? I'm more worried about continuity, and about sticking with what works. People need to understand, it doesn't matter what level you're at; the principles are the same. It's still football."


Colorado head coach Jon Embree explains his recruiting philosophy: "I'll go get a player from there (outside the region) if he recruits me. So if it's player X and he's saying I want to go to Colorado and he comes out here on his own on an unofficial (visit) at some point and he shows he is truly interested, yeah, I'll recruit him.”

"But I'm not going to go out there looking for those guys because you fly over a lot of good players to go get this player. Then what do you have to show for it? You're wasting resources. You're wasting time. Then you get a kid who comes out here and he's dealing with being homesick, he's dealing with it being different. It's a different culture and all that stuff."

"That's what I've told these guys on the staff. If we ain't selling his jersey in the bookstore, then we shouldn't be wasting our time on this guy. That's how you've got to look at it. That's me. That's my philosophy."


In case you missed it, Jim Harbaugh wasn't in the mood to answer questions about his future:



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