Bronco Mendenhall rips high coaching salaries

BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall thinks it’s ridiculous that coaches are making millions of dollars a year.

Mendenhall believes it has led to the corruption in college football.

He told CBS Sports senior writer Brett McMurphy, “Absolutely. It kind of takes the amateur part out of sports when someone is making [$5] million to coach, doesn't it?

"With the economy the way it is, I mean, it doesn't make much sense to me."

"It's amateur athletics, it's not professional, and I'm not for paying [the student-athletes]. And if coaches would be more realistic in what they're expecting in their salaries that would be a great start to helping the game."

In your live in the south, you may be asking yourself, “The BYU coach, he gets an opinion?”

In reality, there’s probably some truth to what Mendenhall believes.

Then again, Bronco has never held a head coaching job at a place like Alabama, LSU, or Georgia.  It’s different.  It just is.

Do you think Les Miles would get a contract extension coming off a season with a four-game losing streak to Air Force, FSU, Nevada, and Utah State?  And the Cougars ended last season by losing to in-state rival Utah.

What if Les lost to Tulane?

We can promise, he’s not getting a contract extension.

Ivy League to limit full-contact football practices

According to the New York Times, the Ivy League will announce today that it will reduce the number of allowable full-contact practices in hopes of decreasing the number of head injuries to football players.

The Ivy League consists of Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale.

Instead of five permissible full-contact practices each week during the season, that number will be capped at two.

Outside of the two full-contact opportunities each week, practices cannot include contact or live tackles, and no player may be “taken to the ground.”

During pre-season camp, teams will permitted to have only one full-contact session during two-a-day practices.

During spring practice, the number of no-contact practices will increase from three to four.

Let us know what you think of the rule changes in our newly added conversation section down below.

Dabo: I don't let football define me

How would you like to live right next door to your boss?

That’s exactly what Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris is doing…renting a house just next to the Dabo’s house.

Speaking of Dabo, it’s unusual that we haven’t heard much from him in the last month.

But Dabo’s back in the saddle, ready for the 2011 season.  And he’s ready to move forward.

Swinney told The State, “You don’t live off last year in this business.  It’s totally irrelevant to this year. I coach football for a living.  But it is not who I am. I am a lot of things other than a football coach, a husband, a father.  I don’t let football define me. I don’t let some scoreboard define who I am.”

In his third year as head coach, Dabo and the Tigers will face a difficult schedule that includes games against Auburn, Florida State, at Virginia Tech, and at South Carolina.

Phil Steele ranked the schedule as the twelfth most difficult in the country.

“It is what it is,” Swinney said. “Like I told our team, we have a championship schedule. You want to win a championship? Well, we have a schedule for you.”

Clemson hosts Troy in the season-opener.


Highly recommended questions for each head coach at SEC Media Days

We’re not going to be able to make it to Birmingham later this week for SEC Media Days.  The FootballScoop Staff has very important 9 AM tee times on Thursday and Friday mornings at the TPC Sawgrass neighborhood course.

With that, we’re recommending some questions for each of the twelve head coaches.  We’ve also included a few predictions.

Here we go: 

Highly recommended question for Nick Saban: Coach Saban, in 2003 at LSU, your starting defensive backs (Webster, Daniels, Hunt, Landry) going into the year had a combined 10 career starts.  And they balled.  Your starters this year in the secondary have a combined 62 career starts.  You ought to be nasty in the secondary, right?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Saban will drop fewer than normal “a’ights.”  We’ll predict nine.


Highly recommended question for Dan Mullen: Coach Mullen, could you talk about “Grindin,” “D-Swag,” and “Our State?”

Question #2: Coach Mullen, you have helped Mississippi State sell out of season tickets for the second consecutive year.  You said earlier this summer, “It’s amazing.  We came in and they told us if you guys win, then we’re gonna sell tickets.”

You added, “I said. ‘That’s now how it works.  If we fill the stadium and create an unbelievable atmosphere, then we are going to win.’  And they believed us.”

What was the initial reaction from the fans that you told that to?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Mullen will talk about the challenge of responding to winning, something the Mississippi State program hasn't had to deal with in a while.


Highly recommended questions for Will Muschamp: Coach Muschamp, Dooley made it known last year that he wasn’t looking forward to third downs against Coach Saban’s defense because “all of the kah YA” and flying missiles that can come from every which direction.  You worked with Coach Saban for a while.  Can you tell us just how many hits on the quarterback you want to have after your first three games (FAU, UAB, and Tennessee)?

Question #2: Urban Meyer has stated his most time consuming deal and biggest headache at Florida the last few years was dealing with the “rock star” status of the players.  Can you explain the difference in culture amongst the players at Texas and what you initially saw at Florida?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Muschamp will try to make it through media day without saying the word, “Saban.”  And he will.


Highly recommended questions for Les Miles: Coach Miles, Jordan Jefferson made the statement a few weeks ago that he is, “hands down” the starting quarterback.  Does his statement fire you up?

Question #2: Coach Miles, it is a pantheon of concrete & steel.  Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Les will be noticeable fired up for the season.


Highly recommended question for Gene Chizik: Coach Chizik, Trooper Taylor thinks Gus is a magician.  He thinks Gus is Harry Potter and all Malzahn needs is the broom.  He even said this week, “It won’t matter. Just watch. I’m 100 percent confident that whoever he puts at quarterback is going to play big in this offense.” Do you agree with Trooper? Also, do you understand Gus’ offense and do you have any parameters for him or do you just totally let him do his thing?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Chizik will make it clear early on that he’s not interested in discussing Cam Newton or NCAA investigation type of stuff.


Highly recommended question for Steve Spurrier: How irritated will you be if Garcia holds on to the ball in the pocket too long this year?  Whose fault will that be?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Spurrier will be in a pretty good mood, but will make it known that it’s out there for South Carolina to take the next step.  He’ll drop a total of seven “anyways” and three “we’ll see’s.”


Highly recommended question for Houston Nutt: Coach Nutt, seriously, how glad are you that Kyle Veazy is no longer the Ole Miss beat writer for the Clarion-Ledger?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Nutt will talk about quarterbacks and ball security.


Highly recommended question for Bobby Petrino: Coach Petrino, how many times have you second guessed your decision to give up play-calling duties to Garrick McGee?  Not a knock on McGee, but isn’t that what you do?  It looks like you live for the moment when you can put your laminated script in front of your mouth and dial the next 5-step drop.

SEC Media Days Prediction: Petrino will master the art of monotone talk.


Highly recommended questions for James Franklin: Coach Franklin, after being at Vanderbilt for a few months, what are three things you realized you absolutely had to get changed in order to give your staff a chance to succeed?

Question #2: Coach Franklin, it’s your first SEC Media Days.  Pretty sweet, isn’t it?  

Question #3: Coach Franklin, your offensive line coach Herb Hand is a devastating dodge ball player, isn't he?

Question #4: Coach Franklin, going back to your awkward introductory press conference at Vandy, how many times did you think in your head, "If I get interupted once more, I'm gonna..." ?

SEC Media Days Prediction: James Franklin will say the words, “We will not settle.”


Highly recommended questions for Joker Phillips: Coach Phillips, have you ever caught Tee Martin tweeting in a staff meeting?

Question #2: Coach Phillips, what have you learned and implemented from John Calipari?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Joker will explain what Kentucky needs to do to take the program to the next level.


Highly recommended question for Derek Dooley: You have clearly illustrated how you inherited a program that was hardly where you would have wanted when you arrived in Knoxville.  You even referred to last year as “Year Zero.”  Without coach speak, what would make this year a successful season in your eyes?

SEC Media Days Prediction: Dooley will spend at least 40% of the time talking about rule changes, NCAA stuff, athletic director questions (the stuff other than this year’s team).

Freeze describes awkward situation in taking over at Arkansas State

In the off-season, Hugh Freeze replaced Steve Roberts as the head coach at Arkansas State.  Freeze served one year as the Red Wolves offensive coordinator before being elevated to head coach after Roberts was dismissed from the head coaching position.

Freeze described the transition today during the Sun Belt conference call.

Freeze stated, “It wasn’t a little awkward. It was very awkward.  Awkward from the standpoint of you coached a year with a lot of guys that ultimately you were responsible for them looking elsewhere for jobs and had nothing to do with them not being quality coaches or quality men, it’s just when you get your one chance, you want to make the most of it.”

“It was very awkward from a standpoint that Steve Roberts, who maybe the guy that I respect the most in this business after coaching with him for a year because of the type of man he is and the type of program he runs and the influence and impact he had on the kids in the program.”

“To see him (Roberts) hurt and then find out that I’m going to get to accomplish a dream, at his expense so to speak, was very difficult.  The way he handled it all, and the relationship we continue to have, I’ve learned so much from watching him go through this difficult time.”

“When I first realized that I was a person of interest here, I asked if I could visit with him. I told him what I thought was going on.  Being the man he is, he said this is the way our business is.  I would rather have those young men with someone I trust and know has their best interest at heart than someone I don’t know.”

“He was very honest like he always is.  It was nothing personal with us, and wished me the best in getting it.  He thought I should go after it if that’s what my dream was.  I just have great respect for him and am very thankful for him.”

Freeze and Arkansas State open the season at Illinois.  After hosting Memphis in the second week of the season, Arkansas State will travel to Virginia Tech.


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