Randy Edsall looking forward to new uniforms, apparently a Wiz Khalifa fan

Maryland is set to unveil brand new uniforms later this month.

One of Randy Edsall’s goals is to create a surge of in-state pride that will parlay into stronger local recruiting.  Edsall is making an effort to keep the best local talent in the state of Maryland at home to play for the Terps.

In order to accomplish that goal, Edsall asked Under Armour to create new uniforms that will feature “Maryland” on the chest of the jerseys. In the past several years, only the word "Terps" has appeared in small letters across the front.

By all accounts, the new uniforms are drastically different than the previous look.  Maryland is essentially recreating its brand.

Gone are the player’s names on the back.  In addition to the traditional red and white uniforms, Maryland will now have alternative black & yellow uniforms.  Edsall, from what we hear, is a huge Wiz Khalifa fan.  Always on his iPod.

Here’s a sneak peak at some photos that have leaked.  (We’d hate to see Maryland (all gold) vs. Wyoming (all brown) in a bowl game).


Kevin Sumlin defends CUSA, not interested in two-for-ones anymore

Kevin Sumlin is set to enter his fourth season at Houston.  Under Sumlin, the Cougars have finished 8-5, 10-4, and 5-7.

Expectations are high in Houston this season with the return of Case Keenum and a defense that enters their second season in the 3-4 under defensive coordinator Brian Stewart.

Sumlin, however, doesn’t expect any sort of cake walk to the Conference USA championship.

He told Sports 56 in Memphis during CUSA Media Day, “I said it and people think I’m nuts, but this league is getting better and better every year.  You look at the final AP poll last year…two teams in the final Top 25.  And there’s one league that didn’t have any, a big six league.”

(Nice work, Big East)

Houston opens the season by hosting UCLA.  It’s the middle game in a two-for-one series that sends the Cougars back to Pasadena next season.

Sumlin is hoping it’s the last two-for-one he plays as the head coach at Houston.

He said, “Within a 60-mile radius of campus, we’ve done a study and over the course of the last three signing classes, in that 60-mile radius every year there have been between 100-108 players sign D1 scholarships.”

“Quite honestly, with the 105 players or so in the area, there is a little bit of an incentive for people to come and play in Houston.  We try to market that and we try to market our brand of football.  We think we ought to play home & home series with just about anybody.”

Video facility tour: FSU strength center - "Fear the Spear"

Florida State released a video today highlighting head strength coach Vic Viloria and the Seminoles’ strength facility.

Viloria joined the FSU staff when Jimbo Fisher took over for Bobby Bowden.  He previously served as the head strength coach at SMU and an assistant strength coach at LSU.

Viloria explains, “Everything that we do through Coach Fisher’s vision of where our team is headed, is about creating an attitude and an atmosphere.”

“Our motto is “fear the spear.”  And this is where they come to sharpen the spear.”

There shouldn’t be a lack of motivation in the ‘Noles strength facility.

Viloria says, “You can hear the war chant jamming.  We have this room rockin'.  We want to create that atmosphere.  We want to create the environment that it’s time to go to work.  It’s time to train, no matter what.  These next 45 minutes or hour training session will be the best I’ve ever had.  Every single day, that’s what our athletes come to do.  That’s what we demand.  That’s what Coach Fisher demands.”

Check out the video:

Butch Jones defends chest bumps when trailing

Talking about awkward…

Tim Adams of Bearcat Lair asked Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones to comment on the chest bumps that Cincinnati coaches and players partake in, even when the team is trailing by two or three touchdowns.  (Apparently, the chest bumps are quite annoying to the Bearcat fans.)

Jones responded, “First of all, I’m a very passionate individual and so are our coaches. I think it’s very important to bring a high energy level to the field. Also, college football is a grind, and with eighteen, nineteen and twenty-year-old individuals, I think you still have to make it fun.”

“The Wall Street Journal did a study on ‘high fives’ and chest bumps as did the University of Cal-Berkley. The teams that do those types of things are usually successful and have great team chemistry. You win with team chemistry. We’ve done this before, and we know what it takes. It’s an infectious attitude, a mentality, a passion for what you’re doing. When you’re 4-8, everyone is looking at someone or something to blame, but that’s the way we’re going to do things. The program will be centered on passion and energy.”

Research indicates that winning teams touch more, evident by these stats about the Dallas Mavericks.

Cal-Berkeley scientist Michael Krause found, “With few exceptions, good teams tended to be touchier than bad ones.  The most touch bonded teams were the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers … and at the bottom were the mediocre Sacramento Kings and the Charlotte Bobcats.  The same was true, more or less, for players.  The touchiest player was Kevin Garnett, followed by Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer.”

Butch Jones added, “When you have a passion, a commitment and an energy level to be the best, it leads itself to have the work ethic, discipline, willingness to sacrifice and the overall effort that goes into being successful. Because of this, an individual and team will be able to persevere through any obstacle or situation that presents itself not only through the course of a game but throughout the course of a long season as well.”

Cincinnati opens the season against Austin Peay.  The next three games are at Tennessee, Akron, and NC State.  The NC State game is the ESPN Thursday night primetime game.

Keep an eye on the chest bumps and high fives.

ESPN already working on 2012 season-opener

ESPN is already working on the 2012 television schedule and the “World Wide Leader” wants Vanderbilt.

According to The Tennessean, ESPN is hoping to kick-off the 2012 season by airing the Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina game on a Thursday night from Nashville.

This year’s season-opener on ESPN will feature UNLV at Wisconsin.  We may watch Mississippi State at Memphis instead, which airs on Fox Sports Net.

Vanderbilt vice-chancellor of athletics David Williams said, This was an SEC request. They really wanted us to play South Carolina on that first weekend.” (Translation: ESPN wants Marcus Lattimore, Jadaveon Clowney, Spurrier, and the SEC.)

In order for the game to occur, Vanderbilt will have to shift its already scheduled game against Presbyterian College to another date or future year.  In other words, Vanderbilt will be booting the Blue Hose in the next few weeks.

For those interested, here’s the latest from Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin.

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