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Sunday games were OK; but goodness Saturday was great.  Tonight we get 2 for the price of 1.

All times Eastern.


New England at Miami - 7PM - ESPN

Oakland at Denver - 10:15 - ESPN



High School:


Brian Kelly: We have to win some football games

Yesterday, Brian Kelly sat down to review the Michigan tape and to do an interview.

At the end of the interview, he is asked, "What are you sensing from your team...in terms of what their focus will be like this week?"

Kelly's answer:

They better get themselves ready to go on Tuesday.  We have to win some football games.  If they're going to feel sorry for themselves, if they're going to have self-pity, they are in the wrong sport  They should go play bridge.  We're playing football.  I expect our guys back on Tuesday.  Our coaches are committed to getting better and our players need to be committed to getting better everyday.  

We have a chance to be a good football team and that chance is clearly the little things on Saturday...cause they are doing the right things leading up to it...now we just need to put it together on Saturdays.

LSU at Mississippi State Thursday night

Thursday night, 8PM on ESPN, the LSU fightin' tigers head into Starkvegas to take on the Mississippi State bulldogs.

The Tigers are currently ranked #3 in the AP poll while the Bulldogs are ranked #25.  

This might seem hard to believe but we just learned (thanks to LSU SID Michael Bonnette) that this will be the first time in history that these two teams will play as ranked opponents.  

The Bulldogs are planning a "Cowbell Yell" (see video below) for Wednesday night to get their fans excited.  Sources in Baton Rouge tell us the Tigers are looking at ways to sneak the real Mike the Tiger into the Cowbell Yell to see how "excited" that gets the Mississippi State fans.

Should be a fun one to watch.

Muschamp: The two keys to winning...

"The two critical factors in winning and losing games are turnover ratio and big play ratio...you can't give up big plays and you've got to make big chunks on offense."

Those are Will Muschamp's words on how you win or lose a game.

Saturday, Florida (who is currently leading the nation in scoring defense) shutout UAB.  On the sideline Muschamp said he told defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, "Enjoy it cause it's hard...in this day and age of college football it's very difficult to get a shutout."


Cal gets OT win at Colorado

Cal quarterback Zach Maynard threw a five yard touchdown pass to his half brother Keenan Allen to beat Colorado in overtime yesterday.  The Bears defense had held the Buffs to a field goal on their possession.  

In speaking about the play (ball on left hash, receiver to the field tight split...runs a speed out), Cal head coach Jeff Tedford said he knew it was going to be a touchdown as soon as he saw the corner's alignment, "I knew it was a touchdonw...once they lined up I knew...Keenan had a tight split and he jukes people...as long as it was a good throw I knew it was going to be a touchdown."  

Tedford's post game comments


Link to watch the highlights of the game.  

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