No TV Wednesday

Question: With UMass joining the MAC next year, will we get Tuesday night games earlier in the season?

No live games tonight; although tomorrow we've got two undefeated teams on the road as Houston plays at UTEP and South Florida plays at Pitt.  





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Hope the bye week helped, schedule's about to get rough

Oh boy, the next few weeks don't look like much fun in Lawrence, Kansas.  

This week Kansas has Texas Tech coming to town, then they travel to Stillwater to play Oklahoma State, then they return home to face Oklahoma and then Kansas State...and then have to go to Austin.

And here's the bad news...Kansas' defense is currently 120th in the nation in total defense allowing an average of 8.5 yards per play (10.3 against the two FBS opponents they have played Northern Illinois and Georgia Tech).  

For comparison sake, last season East Carolina finished 120th in total defense and they allowed an average of 6.5 yards per play.  

Although this seems so counter-intuitive given the offenses they are going to be facing, one has to think that the 10.3 yards per play they are allowing has to come down over the next few weeks.  It just has to.

The Jayhawks are currently 2-1 and had this past weekend off.  They will need that defense to tighten up if they want to be at or above .500 come the end of that 5 game streak.  

Special locker room talk

After their come from behind win Saturday at Texas A&M, Mike Gundy gave his team a special talk in the locker room.

The first 2 or 3 minutes of the video are fairly bland (game ends, players on the field, players and coaches walking into the locker room, etc...).  At the 3:30 mark Gundy has one of those "I hope the cameras weren't rolling on that part" moments which you really should see.

But, the really special part comes in the last two minutes of the video as Coach Gundy commends his players and coaches on how the fought back and won in a difficult environment and then later when he shares a moment with Coach Spencer who lost his wife one week ago and uses that as a teaching moment for the team.


UMass announces it's 2012 FBS non-conf. schedule

UMass is moving up next season to FBS.  Today they announced their 2012 non-conference schedule.

Note that in 2012 they will play a full MAC schedule and will be eligible for the MAC championship game and bowls beginning with the 2013 season. 

In both 2012 and 2013 UMass will play it's home games at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. 

Indiana (September 8th) will be the lone non-conference home game for UMass in the 2012 season.  

On the road, they will face UConn (August 30th), Michigan (September 15th) and Vanderbilt (October 27th).

Art Kehoe at the mic (they should charge for this)

Art Kehoe loves what he does.  

Find a couple of minutes and watch how he responds to the questions from the reporters after practice this morning.

On a side note, watching Kehoe stand there in the rain and never miss a beat while the reporters all take cover under their umbrellas had us envisioning him as a Major in the Army giving a field report after a hard fought battle.  Our country needs more men like Kehoe. 


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