Mazzone: "Nobody has cornered the market on great offense"

Noel Mazzone met with UCLABruins.com to talk about the new offense that the staff has been building "from scratch".

Mazzone said that he has used his experiences for the core of the offense, but has been very fortunate to have guys like Eric Yarber, Adrian Klemm, and Steve Broussard around to bounce ideas off as well.

"Nobody has cornered the marked on great offense" Mazzone said when talking about the staff combining idea. That outlook stretches to the defensive side of the ball as well with some experienced defensive minds on staff.

As Mazzone put it, "A good defense can definitely show you your weaknesses on offense."

Virginia using Martial Arts to gain an edge

Strength coach Evan Marcus and the Cavalier staff have turned to Martial Arts this off season to help "make the team tougher, more physical and increase their hand skills for the game".

Marcus met Mike Storms, a martial arts expert, former Marine and creator of Combat Football, while he was an assistant strength coach with the Saints in 2002 and they have been working together ever since.

Storm has been teaching the course for almost 20 years, and has worked with some of the best players in the NFL during that time. He says that a great defensive line coach told him two decades ago "I don't care how big and strong you are if you have slow or soft hands, that what makes a great Defensive Lineman."

Storm and Combat Football help develop football specific skills through Martial Arts in order to gain an inch here or there that could create the edge that determines the outcome of a game.

Storm says that players are really responding to the in game application that it provides. "Take a great player and add to his skill set, make his hands and feet move in unison, strike and escape harder and faster, it's really like hand to hand combat between the D-Line and O-Line, and the Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs. Added in is some inspiring U.S. Marine discipline and hard contact drills, and the players are loving it” he explained.


Producing football videos

We try to bring you guys a cross section of videos from programs across the country and at every level. Some are produced by the football team entirely (the coaches at Southern Oregon shoot the video, edit it, add the music and effects, produce it, etc...) and some are done almost entirely by the University's full time video production staff.

Regardless of how you do it, you need to be doing videos. Recruits, donors, fans and the players love these things. Really a great way to get a positive message and association with your program out quickly and relatively inexpensively.  

With all of that said, every now and then we see a video that we think is extremely well produced. This video below from Colorado is one of those. There are some pretty cool graphics, effects and transitions in here. 

Let us know if you're staff has some videos you'd like for us to share with everyone. Email is: or on Twitter @FootballScoop 

If you have no idea how to begin to produce these things, give us a call and we'll give you some tips 225.229.3429

This is insane

OK, insane might be a little strong, but this is something you have to see with your own eyes. The staff at Southern Oregon is all in. Judging by this video, we have to believe that the players have bought in as well.

This is some hard core stuff. Valentines Day Massacre? 

Not so sure the FootballScoop bus is going to stop in Ashland, OR on our upcoming west coast tour.

On a more serious note, it truly does look like the players are working hard and enjoying themselves and building camaraderie. Plenty of ways to skin a cat I guess....


Video: 'Zona spring hype video

As a reminder that college football isn't that far away (even if it is just spring ball), Arizona has put out a video to add to the excitement.

Rich Rod and the Wildcats will kick off the first of their spring practices on Monday.

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