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Best video you'll see all week
Arkansas has new uniforms

Saturday TV

There's a big ballgame tonight at 8 on CBS; but believe it or not there actually are other games today as well.

All times Eastern.


No games


Michigan at Iowa - noon - ESPN

Syracuse at UConn - noon - ESPNU

Texas Tech at Texas - noon - FX

Purdue at Wisconsin - 3:30 - ESPN2

Texas A&M at Oklahoma - 3:30 - ESPN2

Stanford at Oregon State - 3:30 - ABC 

Ole Miss at Kentucky - 3:30 - ESPNU

Army at Air Force - 3:30 - CBS

UTEP at Rice - 3:30 - FSN

Cincinnati at Pitt - 7pm - ESPNU

Missouri at Baylor - 7pm - FSN

South Carolina at Arkansas - 7:15 - ESPN

Arizona State at UCLA - 7:30 - Versus

LSU at Alabama - 8pm - CBS

Notre Dame at Wake Forest - 8pm - ABC

Kansas State at Oklahoma State - 8pm - ABC

Oregon at Washington - 10:30 - FSN

LA Tech at Fresno State - 10:30 - ESPNU

High School:

No games

Kiffin's biggest concern

USC plays at Colorado tonight at 9pm on ESPN.

USC, 6-2, is coming off of the emotional tough loss vs. Stanford last week. Colorado, sitting at 1-8, is looking for anything to hang their hat on heading into recruiting season (their lone win was against Colorado State). 

As you can see in the video below, Lane Kiffin was asked what his biggest concern was going into this game at Colorado. In his response, he didn't mention anything about Colorado's team. He mentioned that he might have to start a couple of different guys on defense, the weather, a Friday game, travelling to a place that none of his guys had ever been to before, etc...but no mention of anything about Colorado's team. 

Holgorsen's makes an interesting statement

We instituted a new rule today at FootballScoop, every time we show a beach volleyball video we must immediately follow it with an article focusing on Dana Holgorsen. No idea why, it just seems fitting.

Quick reminder> Despite Louisville's best efforts, West Virginia was invited into and accepted the offer to join the Big 12 and is leaving the Big East behind.

Yesterday Holgorsen sat down for an interview and responded to a question about a statement he made earlier this week. On Tuesday he said that the Big East conference is the "most competitive" conference he's ever been involved with.

His response (see the video below) was basically that, "Well everyone's pretty even...usually there's one or more teams at the top (of a conference) that can play bad and still win (but the Big East doesn't have those teams)."

West Virginia hosts Louisiville Saturday. There has been no confirmation about those "feel free to run up the score this weekend" emails from Oliver Luck to Holgo.

Sometimes you get lucky when looking for USC video

So, USC plays at Colorado tonight. In doing some research, we jumped over to youtube and pulled up the USCAthletics video feed...

And there it was. Who knew beach volleyball was a sanctioned sport? Video below, we'll have something from Lane later...

Side note, and we're looking for opinions here, but does anyone think that USC, home of beach volleyball in November, might have some natural recruiting advantage over a few other schools?

Spurrier dismisses "retirement talk"

Earlier this week rumors began circulating that the head ball coach was so frustrated with his AD that he planned to step down at the end of this season. 

We were sent all sorts of emails and links from those perhaps trying to fluff the rumor. 

We reached out to sources within the program and close to Coach Spurrier. The response was nearly immediate and extremely direct. We'll paraphrase as "completely untrue", the actual words used were slightly (ok, significantly) stronger.

Yesterday morning, we put it on The Scoop that the those within the program have confirmed to us that this isn't going to happen. 

Last night, Coach Spurrier took it a step further. On his weekly radio show, Coach went out of his way to address this issue, stating for the record that "I really hope to coach about three more years." 

Hopefully we won't have to revisit this issue for a few more seasons. 

Friday TV (2 games tonight)

Nothing quite like a little college football on a Friday night...

All times Eastern.


No games


Central Michigan at Kent State - 8pm - ESPN2

USC at Colorado - 9pm - ESPN

High School:

Servite (CA) vs. Mater Dei (CA) - 10:30pm - FSN

Stanford: An inside look at team travel and recruiting

Stanford football is in the process of creating what will be an eight part "docu-series that journals the people, operations and character of the 2011 Stanford Football program".

Episode one focused on off-season conditioning.

Episode two was just released and offers a good look into their team travel operation, including some insight into the planning that goes into the coaches recruiting trips before road games. Good stuff if you're into Ops or planning.

Quick note from the FootballScoop Staff> If your team needs any help with team travel, Collegiate Sports Travel is the group to call.

Solich has built a winner at Ohio

Definitely not the highest profile team in the MAC [insert your own joke here]; but Frank Solich has Ohio playing consistently good football. 

With last night's win over Temple, Ohio is now 6-3 on the year and leading the Eastern division of the MAC. Solich has led the Bobcats to bowl games in each of the last two seasons and will certainly do so again this season. In 2009 they had 9 wins and last season they had 8. This season they still have to go to Central Michigan and Bowling Green and then finish out with Miami (OH) at home. 

On the season, Ohio has had some monstrous rushing performances and they don't seem to have any issues throwing the ball either. 

Highlights below, and then Coach Solich's comments beneath that.