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Tuberville makes his case for indoor facility

Tommy Tuberville and Texas Tech kicked off their spring practices late last week, with Saturday marking their second time out on the field.

The weather for Saturday's practice was not very Texas-like, with temperatures hovering in the 30's and 40's, with a drizzling rain and slight breeze. 

Tuberville addressed the weather at the post practice media session saying, "It doesn't bother the players, they were running full speed so they weren't cool at all. It's just all of us standing around and watching that is affects more than anybody. This was not too bad, it could be a lot worse. The wind has been good and yesterday we didn't have any wind at all. I'd rather have this with no wind than 65 degrees and the wind blowing 35 miles per hour."

He then made his case for an indoor practice facility. "That's why we need an indoor workout area. That's why we've started (spring practice) so early, the wind blows a lot harder once we get into March and hopefully we get some good practice in throwing the ball before the wind picks up."

Vikings reach tentative deal for new stadium

The Minnesota Vikings, Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota have reached a tentative agreement on a new $975 million dollar stadium.

The price tag will be split between the state (who would cover $398 million), the city of Minneapolis ($150 million) and the Vikings ($427 million). The city would also pick up the operating cost of $180 million over a 30 year span. The new site of the stadium would be at, or near the current Metrodome location.

The preliminary deal must still get approval through the Legislature and Minneapolis City Council, as well as the NFL before anything is finalized.

Brent Venables coachin'em up

It's just conditioning work; but watch this video and you'll see Brent Venables is already teaching his new guys at Clemson.

Good video coming out of Clemson.

Mickey Marotti: "It's all about effort"

Urban Meyer's "most important hire", strength coach Mickey Marotti sat down with ESPN to talk about the off season strength program.

The Buckeye strength staff are firm believers that effort has nothing to do with ability. "It has nothing to do with talent, it has nothing to do with genetics, it has nothing to do with how many stars you have next to your name, whether you're a five-star or a four-star or a three-star, all of that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you're a scholarship player, a walk-on player, a kicker, a starting linebacker. It's all about effort."

Marotti talked about how they specifically motivate players, including the use of lavender shirts for guys that aren't performing well. "We like to let everybody know who isn't working as hard as they need to work. And it works. Because the next time, they won't have it on."

The strength staff also charts everything from competitive wins in the weight room, to loafs and particularly good lifts. "Everything's charted where everybody can see. We push the accountability aspect, and here's the deal and if you're not doing well, why aren't you doing well? All those things motivate you. Putting them in competitive situations motivates them as well." 


Norm Parker shares coaching memories

Norm Parker was in Des Moines yesterday for what is usually a February recruiting recap event, but this year turned into a retirement well wishing event where he spent some time sharing stories from his coaching career.

Parker said that during his time as an assistant at Michigan State when they were playing Iowa, the Hawkeyes ran a sweep toward the Spartan sideline and he was at the line of scrimmage. As the play got closer to the sideline and he tried to move back, he felt pressure from the people behind him trying to push the people in front out of the way. The ball carrier ended up running into Parker and knocking him out, "I never stood on the line of scrimmage-extended, ever again.” Parker said.

When Parker was asked about Iowans and the bond that Hawkeye fans share, Parker said "We don’t have any oceans here in Iowa, we don’t really have things that stand out. But I think that is a strength because it just means we have each other. So the people and what they have in common is what stands out.”

Parker also admitted that Iowa football "isn't sexy". He expanded by saying, "You don’t come here to ski; you go to Colorado.  You don’t come here to sit on the beach; you go to Miami. If you want to play football, you come to Iowa.” You can bet he shared that with recruits over the years.

Parker shared a ton of stories over the years at the event, and says that he still plans to go to the football complex each day to do some work, but doesn't envision himself being the type of guy to sit in on coaching meetings. "I don’t want to be one of those guys who overshadows other people. This is Phil Parker’s defense now, it’s not mine.”

Gary Patterson's statement about drug arrests

This morning, a number of TCU students were arrested in connection with drug use. 4 of those students were also at some point in their career's part of the TCU football program. Needless to say, they are no longer part of the program.

Rather than letting the story fester as some do, Gary Patterson took the more forward approach of addressing the tough situation. We believe this is the proper course and commend him for coming out publicly like this. 

Patterson's statement is as follows:


"There are days people want to be a head football coach, but today is not one of those days. As I heard the news this morning, I was first shocked, then hurt and now I’m mad. 

"Under my watch, drugs and drug use by TCU’s student-athletes will not be tolerated by me or any member of my coaching staff. Period. Our program is respected nationally for its strong ethics and for that reason the players arrested today were separated from TCU by the University. I believe strongly that young people’s lives are more important than wins or losses. 

"This situation isn’t unique to TCU—it is a global issue that we all have to address. This isn’t just about bad decisions made by a small percentage of my team. It is about a bigger issue across this country and world.

"As a coach, I do the best I can to educate members of my team. We have programs in place that teach student-athletes about what they should and shouldn’t do and how to be successful in life. I talk to them about how to be students and upstanding men that uphold the TCU name and its traditions.

"At the end of the day, though, sometimes young people make poor choices. The Horned Frogs are bigger and stronger than those involved." 

MNF switching to a two man booth

ESPN announced earlier this morning that Ron Jaworski has signed a 5 year extension to appear on "other programming on the network" and would no longer be accompanying play by play commentator Mike Tirico and color commentator Jon Gruden in the booth for Monday Night Football.

Numerous reports say that Jaworksi will appear in various other ESPN studio shows year round.

This will mark the first time in 15 seasons that Monday Night Football will enter the season with a two man lead team in the booth.

Sounds like Gruden really will be staying off the sidelines for a while. 

Bud Foster wants his defense to be like Bama's

Bud Foster sat down with Andy Bitter who covers Hokie football for the Roanoke Times yesterday, and shared some thoughts on his plans before the start of spring ball, and improving the Virginia Tech defense in 2012.

Foster says that they always try to get out somewhere to visit as a staff, and this year they plan on going down to Jacksonville to visit with the Jags as well as the Missouri staff, who will be down there as well.

"We’ve known them [Missouri] for years. And they were at Toledo when [Gary] Pinkel was there and they’ve been down there, I’ve been out there [giving clinics] at Missouri. We went to Indianapolis a couple years ago and met them. It’s a chance to visit with an NFL club and they’re similar, but also get a chance to visit with a group that we’ll share ideas with.”

Foster says he enjoys visiting with the Missouri staff because they saw a lot of spread looks from their time in the Big 12, and they want to be prepared for up tempo offenses like Clemson and the newest addition of the spread in the ACC with Larry Fedora at UNC. "We’ll pick their brain a little bit. How do they defend? What do they think is good? What do they like on certain situations or certain looks?" Foster and the staff go down there with an agenda on the types of things that they want to look at, not limited to different pressures and coverages. 

Foster's main goal is to get back to the type of defense that they had in 2005. "I want us to be a defense like Alabama. That’s my expectations. And we’ve been there before. We’ve been, whatever it was, 2005, we walked on the field and I knew we were going to go out and play our tail off and it was going to be a long day for that group on the other side."