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Patterson continues to handle situation with class

After spring practice on Friday, Gary Patterson offered up a interesting quote.

Patterson's first words to the media addressed the recent drug tests by saying he was not going to talk about them. "What if I drug tested the whole media? Right now you have to be drug tested before you can come ask me questions” he said jokingly.

He went on to remind everyone in attendance that part of their role of coaches is to also be a parent of sorts, and that each student athlete affected is still someone's kid. 

Patterson has handled the whole situation with a lot of class from the beginning, and told everyone “I’m going to worry about those 105 guys and move forward and make sure they learned a lesson and make sure we have a good football team because that’s what they pay me to do and raise good young men.”

Well said Coach.

Toledo has taken winter conditioning to the next level

Recently we told you about Tennessee adding a MMA cage into their new football facility (still under construction). Well, apparently they aren't the only ones heading down that path. 

Watch the video below from Toledo football!

Sources tell us the players love this; but a couple of the coaches have taken some beatings. We heard that director of high school relations Chris Hauser drew a huge response from the players when he slammed head coach Matt Campbell offensive coordinator / receivers coach Jason Candle in a fierce competition and on a more serious note, new defensive coordinator Tom "Tuke" Matukewicz actually tore his MCL in another crazy battle (he might have broken a toe as well). Word is Campbell, the staff and the players love this and have no plans to stop, "maybe some of the coaches need to toughen up" one source told us. 

Video: Meet PSU QB coach Charlie Fisher

New Penn State quarterbacks coach Charlie Fisher sat down to talk with GoPSUsports.com to talk about his new job and his journey to Happy Valley, as well as what he thinks makes up a good quarterback.

Coach Fisher said that it didn't take him long to come a decision once Bill O'Brien offered him the job. "As soon as he offered me the job, I told him 'I'm coming' " and Fisher was on campus soon thereafter for Penn State's junior day.

Fisher also takes some time towards the end of the clip to talk about what their schedules look like now with recruiting, learning a new offense, and finding some time to spend with their time with families. 

Pat Knight calls it like he sees it

It's not often that we bring you video of a basketball coach on this site; but Pat Knight's presser from last night warrants it this time. 

After another disappointing loss, Knight let the world know what he thought of some of his players. This is an interesting tactic to say the least. 

<a href='http://www.foxsportshouston.com/pages/video?videoid=8fb41e94-73ab-49f5-9971-d8179c815708&src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Harsh love'>Video: Harsh love</a>

Winter conditioning Indiana Style

The guys at IU are getting after it this winter. 

Kevin Wilson has his guys "On a Mission".

Spring workout competition

At Oklahoma State they have their guys gettin after each other.

Good video here.

Recruiting camps and combines

As you are probably aware, at FootballScoop we don't dabble in recruiting. We do know however, that our audience can be modestly interested in the subject from time to time...

Yesterday we saw a tweet from Bryan Fischer of CBS Sports which provided a link to a list they have compiled of camps and combines. It's quite a list

Just passing along info you guys might be interested in. 

Tee Martin reflects on the transition to USC

It took a little while for Lane Kiffin to convince Tee Martin and his family that moving to Southern California was the right thing to do, and now that he has been on the job for nine days he took some time to reflect.

Martin said that one of the many things that makes Kiffin a great recruiter is his ability to make you comfortable about a situation. Kiffin even had his wife Layla talk to Tee Martin's wife to ease some of their concerns.

Making a "lateral" move in the coaching profession, Martin told Pedro Moura of ESPN, that it is a blessing to already have the talent on campus, but the bigger question is for him was "Are you going to a school where you can recruit the talent that you need?" He went on to say that even if USC didn't have the talent that they have at the receiver position now, that he felt there was no denying the tradition at USC, and that would help him bring in the type of guys to take the program where they want to take it.

Martin also reflected how he handled telling recruits and players that he had decided to take the job. "I called them. For the most part, I had relationships with them to where I told them the truth and I was blatantly honest with them throughout the recruiting process. They understood that this was something that was best for my family and my career. And I was honest with them. It wasn't a deal where I tried to let it bowl over for a week and then do it. Immediately when I knew I was taking it, I called those guys.'

Martin reminded recruits that it's the University, not the coach that should be the reason you enroll at a school. Classy move Coach Martin.