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Rich Rod keeping things in perspective

Rich Rod and the new Arizona staff begin their spring practices today, and if the past is any indication...Rodriguez will take spring ball success in stride.

Rodriguez commented briefly on his past coaching stops and how spring ball went at each of them. “At Glenville (State), there were 25 guys on the team. I was bigger than all of them, at Tulane, if there was an NCAA record for sacks allowed in the spring game...and  Shaun King was our quarterback, we would have set it. Clemson wasn’t real pretty. West Virginia was ugly. Michigan was ugly."

With all that in retrospect, Rich Rod added “If it gets too pretty this spring, then we have more problems on defense than I ever imagined.”

"Unofficial" videos

Delta State has played some pretty good ball the last few years winning 10 or more games in 3 out of their last 4 seasons. In December, head coach Ron Roberts was named head coach at Southeastern Louisiana and a few weeks later Jamey Chadwell was named the new head coach.

Even successful programs like Delta State are always looking for ways to put more fans in the stands and to generate additional buzz about their program.  Someone at Delta State came up with the idea of using their unofficial mascot (the Fighting Okra) in what they hoped would turn into a viral marketing campaign...we think we're about to do our part to help!

We don't know when this campaign began; but several "Fighting Okra" videos have made their way onto Youtube. The first one we saw (there were several before this one) was fairly tame.

But, the one we saw this morning was downright funny. 

We're not sure where all of this is headed; but these videos are short and well put together and are beginning to capture quite a following on youtube (we're beginning to see some buzz about them on Twitter). Overall, this has to be considered a success for Delta State.

Bill O'Brien speaks about the first thing he did at Penn State

Bill O'Brien has been on the job for just over two months now at Penn State, and is not a believer in the "honeymoon phase" of the job.

"I can't stand the term 'honeymoon phase, this is a difficult job, just like every Division I head coaching job. There are no honeymoons." he said.

O'Brien caught up with Mark Wogenrich Of The Morning Call after the annual Nike Eastern Pennsylvania Coach of the Year Clinic to talk about a few other things surrounding the program.

O'Brien said that the first thing on his checklist once he got on campus was to make sure that everyone associated with the program knew their role. "The first week I was there we had an organizational meeting with 45-50 people who work for us in the football building, and we wanted to make sure each person understands their role" he explained.

He also talked about a new personal rule that he has to sleep a few hours in his own bed each night. "When you spend 24-7 working on football, you'd better make sure you're a good family man. Right now, that's tough, with my family still being in Massachusetts. Hopefully, they'll be here by the end of March" he added.

One last thing, O'Brien says he doesn't plan to have a twitter account in the future.  Just a hunch; but we'd bet a dollar that he has one within 12 months.

New facilities at Furman

There are some exciting changes taking place on campus at Furman.

Head coach Bruce Fowler updated the Furman faithful on the progress of the Paladin football complex recently. The new facility will house the actual stadium, the locker rooms, training rooms, coaches offices, a nice recruiting room to showcase the history and tradition of the program, as well as a team meeting area.

The layout and overall look of the new facility are a nice upgrade.

Go to 5 bowls in 7 years and get fired

Southern Miss offensive and defensive coordinators Rickey Bustle and Tommy West spoke recently with Patrick Magee of the Hattiesburg American. A good article looking towards the future of Southern Miss football under Ellis Johnson and his new staff. 

With that said, a couple of quotes were spot on if you know West or Bustle. 

In the article, West is quoted talking about how the feeling at Southern Miss is that not only are they going to win; but they are going to win a lot of games...which he likened to his experience when he was the head coach at Clemson. Magee says West admitted that the scenario was different when West became head coach at Memphis in 2001. West said, "The bar was real low. It was 'Man, if we could ever just go to a bowl game,' because they hadn't been to one in 30-something years." West then added, "We go to five bowls in our last seven years and get fired. So we moved the bar."

Bustle, the head coach at Louisiana Lafayette for nine seasons, spoke at length in the interview about how much he has enjoyed Hattiesburg the past few months (even though his wife hasn't moved yet because she's still teaching at ULL); but then added, "I really like the city of Hattiesburg, but I miss my crawfish." You'll never get the Cajun out of Bustle, and that's a good thing. 

When you dominate the Orange Bowl...

As you might recall, Dana Holgorsen and the boys at West Virginia hung 70 on Clemson in the Orange Bowl in January. 

When you dominate the Orange Bowl you most definitely make some videos to highlight that occurrence. 

One of the guys at West Virginia was nice enough to send this one to us...it's a highlight package of their 2011 season with a couple of minutes at the end showing a bunch of the highlights from the Orange Bowl victory. This one was clearly designed to impress high school athletes...and we think it works.

Recruiting video - Wheaton College

Wheaton - For Christ and His Kingdom

For those not fully familiar, Wheaton is a very successful D-III program just west of Chicago. Below is a video presenting what the football program is all about. 

This is a high quality video which in our opinion is a great asset for the college.

North Carolina sending out a message

UNC Football's video staff has put out a nice string of videos under the "Blue Dawn" title over the past few weeks. Most of the videos focus on conditioning and give glimpses into the new coaching staff. All are well produced and we hear are being enjoyed by the Tar Heel fan base. 

Then today's came out. The first two minutes follow the same script, conditioning drills featuring the players with shots of the coaches and staff mixed in. Well done...and then came the fun. Shortly after the 2 minute mark, they inserted something that might just get their opponents a little riled up. Well played Coach Fedora, well played indeed.