Franklin: Staying current was focus of uniforms

The Vandy faithful gathered for the big uniform unveiling last night and, as you can see in today's video of the day, the crowd loved the new look.

James Franklin met with the media after the event and explained that their focus when designing the uniform was to stay current with the community, current players, and recruits.

Staying current included adding in some subtle changes like the material that the jerseys are made out of, the addition of the anchor, and "Anchor Down" across the back of the neck, and creating some flexibility in the uniform choices on Saturdays with the addition of the white helmets.

Franklin also points out that while many other programs bring in a third party to help design the uniforms, Vandy's were designed in house starting with director of football operations Mike Hazel, and head equipment manager Luke Wyatt who then bounced ideas off of Franklin and the rest of the staff.

Narduzzi: I got our defense while visiting Miami

Back in the early 90's Pat Narduzzi was a young graduate assistant at Miami of Ohio, while down in Florida, "The U" was dominating the college football landscape.

As Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com points out, Narduzzi and the Miami (OH) staff went down to Coral Gables to visit with the Miami staff, and Narduzzi came away with the brand of defense that he wanted to run.

"Miami of Ohio visited Miami. That's really where we got the defense from. I've been running the same defense since then...4-3"

Last season, the Spartans held Youngstown State, Florida Atlantic, Central Michigan, Ohio State, and Indiana at or below the 7 point mark on their way to solidifying themselves as one of the stingiest, fundamentally sound units in the country.

After their game against Florida Atlantic Narduzzi recalls that the Owls quarterback was asked the difference between Florida (FAU's week one opponent) and Michigan State, and his answer was music to Narduzzi and the defensive staff's ears.

"One of the greatest compliments. Their quarterback was asked, 'What's the difference between Florida and Michigan State?' He said, 'Florida is more athletic and runs a little better. Michigan State is sound and doesn't give you a thing.' "

Narduzzi likes to keep his foot on the gas, noting that he calls dozens of blitzes every game and while looking back at his play calls from last season, noticed that one blitz in particular was ran more than 100 times in 2011.

When your play calling is as aggressive as Narduzzi's, you've modeled your defense after one of the most memorable defensive units of the past few decades, and you surround yourself with a defensive staff that works as tirelessly as you do, and understands your expectations because you've managed to stay together since 2004, chances are your on the right path to success.



Vandy has new uniforms...white helmets

Pretty fresh new look for Vandy. 

Watch the video, see for yourself.

How Randy Jordan got used to the tempo at UNC

During the third or fourth day of practice, running backs coach Randy Jordan got a real good visual of the tempo that Coach Fedora uses for practice.

Coaches were running around everywhere yelling and motivating players to get to the next drill quickly, so that's exactly what he did. Now while he considered himself a high tempo, high energy kind of coach, his running backs weren't used to seeing him like that, and asked him about it when they got to the drill.

Jordan took a step or two out of the box in the interview when asked about his favorite workout song, admitting that it's by Justin Bieber. Jordan then explains that he needs to keep tabs on what his teenage daughter is listening to, which is why he is familiar with Bieber in the first place. 

On a more serious note, Jordan also talks about the best golfer on the North Carolina staff (offensive coordinator Blake Anderson), and does his best impression of head strength and conditioning coach Lou Hernandez.

NAIA school gets red and gray turf

Boise State has the "smurf turf", Eastern Washington has the red turf...and now Lindenwood-Belleville (NAIA - IL) has added a red and gray striped field to the turf conversation.

The new field is part of a $2.3 million stadium renovation that includes new seating and a new press box, which should all be wrapped up by the beginning of next week. 

For better or worse, this is definitely one of the more memorable turf jobs in the country.

Lindenwood-Belleville will compete in their first season this fall with five NAIA home games.

If you look closely you will notice that there are actually people on the field. 

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