This is soooo Les Miles...sounds crazy; but actually makes a lot of sense

Les appeared on one of the ESPN shows today and was asked for an example of something he's done at home that makes his family think he's slightly crazy. 

Miles relayed a story of teaching his daughter how to drive. His daughter was driving Les over the Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge and Miles says, "I was describing to her how she was responsible for the car and it didn't make any difference what was going on in the back seat. I was coaching. We're crossing the bridge way up in the air and I took an open bottle of water and threw it at her, drenched her. She's saying, 'Now what was that about, Dad.' (I said) 'What that was about was you understanding, what you have to do, is not worry about what's going on in the perimeter when you drive us across this bridge.' That was certainly one (example of family thinking he's crazy)."

Crazy...or Brilliant? Either way, he's hard not to enjoy. 

Purdue's strength staff competing against each other

It's been a long summer; but Football is now right around the corner. 

After months of working out together, the Purdue strength staff challenged each other in the vaunted "10 yard dash". 

Quality competition, including on the undercard; but in the end, it was Jeff Earls vs Ross Bowsher for the bragging rights...

Bill O'Brien's statement following sanctions

This morning the NCAA announced a number of sanctions against Penn State including a four year bowl ban, a $12 million penalty per year for five years, five years of probation and a loss of 10 scholarships per year for four years (as well as others). 

Head coach Bill O'Brien just released the following statement:


"Today we receive a very harsh penalty from the NCAA and as Head Coach of the Nittany Lions football program, I will do everything in my power to not only comply, but help guide the University forward to become a national leader in ethics, compliance and operational excellence. I knew when I accepted the position that there would be tough times ahead. But I am committed for the long term to Penn State and our student athletes.

"I was then and I remain convinced that our student athletes are the best in the country. I could not be more proud to lead this team and these courageous and humble young men into the upcoming 2012 season. Together we are committed to building a better athletic program and university."

Video: More to come

Cincinnati is coming off of a strong 10 win season and has won three out of the past four Big East titles.

According to this video...they're just getting started  and there's plenty more to come.

Rich Rod's reason for night practices

Rich Rod and the Wildcats open up the first three games of the season at night with a 7:30 p.m. kickoff (Pacific time).

Their first four opponents (Toledo, Oklahoma State, South Carolina State, and Oregon) put together a combined 40-11 record in 2011, and the Wildcats will face only two FBS teams on their entire schedule that did not finish with a bowl eligible record last season.

In an extra effort to make sure they are ready for a night kickoff, Rich Rod is planning to have practices in the afternoons, even if it means having to be flexible and occasionally fighting the weather (as Arizona's summer storms typically hit in the late afternoons and early evenings). Former head coach Mike Stoops opted for early morning practices to dodge the storms.

"I want our guys to be ready to play at 6 pm, because most of our games are at night. Now, I can see us getting frustrated with some monsoons and having to move some things around and adjust that. We'll see how that goes." Rodriguez explained.




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