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Big East schedule released

The Big East schedule was released earlier today. 

Paul Chryst will start his head coaching career at Pitt with a game against Youngstown State, before kicking off September with a Thursday night game at Cincinnati. Chryst will also make a trip to South Bend in early November to take on Notre Dame.

New Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood will kick of his season against first year head coach Curtis Johnson in New Orleans when they take on Tulane Saturday, September 1st. Flood and the Scarlet Knights will also have to travel to USF, Arkansas, Temple, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

All in all there looks to be some solid Big East action this fall, especially on the weekdays. Full schedules can be seen below. 

Thu., Sept. 6 PITTSBURGH (8 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Sept. 15 Delaware State
Sat., Sept. 29 vs. Virginia Tech - 1
Sat., Oct. 6 Miami (Ohio)
Sat., Oct. 13 Fordham
Sat., Oct. 20 at Toledo
Sat., Oct. 27 at LOUISVILLE (8 p.m., ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Nov. 3 SYRACUSE
Sat., Nov. 10 at TEMPLE
Sat., Nov. 17 RUTGERS
Fri., Nov. 23 USF (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

1 - at FedEx Field, Landover, Md.
Thu., Aug. 30 Massachusetts
Sat., Sept. 8 North Carolina State
Sat., Sept. 15 at Maryland
Sat., Sept. 22 at Western Michigan
Sat., Sept. 29 Buffalo
Sat., Oct. 6 at RUTGERS
Sat., Oct. 13 TEMPLE
Fri., Oct. 19 at SYRACUSE (8 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Nov. 3 at USF
Fri., Nov. 9 PITTSBURGH (8 p.m., ESPN2)
Sat., Nov. 24 at LOUISVILLE
Sat., Sept. 1 Kentucky
Sat., Sept. 8 Missouri State
Sat., Sept. 15 North Carolina (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Sept. 22 at Florida International
Sat., Sept. 29 at Southern Mississippi
Sat., Oct. 13 at PITTSBURGH
Sat., Oct. 20 USF
Fri., Oct. 26 CINCINNATI (8 p.m., ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Nov. 3 TEMPLE
Sat., Nov. 10 at SYRACUSE
Thu., Nov. 29 at RUTGERS (7:30 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Sept. 1 Youngstown State
Thu., Sept. 6 at CINCINNATI (8 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Sept. 15 Virginia Tech
Sat., Sept. 22 Gardner?Webb
Fri., Oct. 5 at SYRACUSE (7 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Oct. 13 LOUISVILLE
Sat., Oct. 20 at Buffalo
Sat., Oct. 27 TEMPLE
Sat., Nov. 3 at Notre Dame (3:30 p.m., NBC)
Fri., Nov. 9 at CONNECTICUT (8 p.m., ESPN2)
Sat., Nov. 24 RUTGERS
Sat., Dec. 1 at USF (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

Sat., Sept. 1 at Tulane

Sat., Sept. 8 Howard
Sat., Sept. 15 at USF (date subject to change)
Sat., Sept. 22 at Arkansas
Sat., Oct. 13 SYRACUSE
Sat., Oct. 20 at TEMPLE
Sat., Oct. 27 Kent State
Sat., Nov. 10 Army
Sat., Nov. 17 at CINCINNATI
Sat., Nov. 24 at PITTSBURGH
Thu., Nov. 29 LOUISVILLE (7:30 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Sept. 1 Chattanooga
Sat., Sept. 8 at Nevada
Sat., Sept. 15 RUTGERS (date subject to change)
Sat., Sept. 22 at Ball State
Sat., Sept. 29 Florida State (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Oct. 6 at TEMPLE
Sat., Oct. 20 at LOUISVILLE
Sat., Oct. 27 SYRACUSE
Sat., Nov. 17 at Miami (Fla.)
Sat., Sept. 1 Northwestern
Sat., Sept. 8 Southern California - 1 (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Sept. 15 Stony Brook
Sat., Sept. 22 at Minnesota
Fri., Oct. 5 PITTSBURGH (7 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Oct. 13 at RUTGERS
Fri., Oct. 19 CONNECTICUT (8 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Oct. 27 at USF
Sat., Nov. 3 at CINCINNATI
Sat., Nov. 10 LOUISVILLE
Sat., Nov. 17 at Missouri
Fri., Nov. 23 at TEMPLE (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

1 - at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.
Fri., Aug. 31 Villanova
Sat., Sept. 8 Maryland
Sat., Sept. 22 at Penn State
Sat., Oct. 6 USF
Sat., Oct. 13 at CONNECTICUT
Sat., Oct. 20 RUTGERS
Sat., Oct. 27 at PITTSBURGH
Sat., Nov. 3 at LOUISVILLE
Sat., Nov. 10 CINCINNATI
Sat., Nov. 17 at Army (CBS SN)

*All times Eastern; all dates and times subject to change
*Additional television arrangements will be announced as they become available and are subject to change




Video: Dooley on Install philosophy

Derek Dooley talked a bit about Tennesse's philosophy with installation of the offensive and defensive schemes during spring ball and what is important to keep in mind during spring ball with the media after practice earlier today.

"We put a lot in every day...and it keeps growing and growing. The amount of mental decisions that you have to make and it's hard on the young guys. But it's kind of whole part, whole teaching 'em. You throw a lot at 'em and see what sticks, and then you kind of pick up the pieces and throw some more at 'em" Dooley said.

Dooley explained that the important part of that approach is that is that players recognize the incredible amount of mental energy and mental effort it takes to be a good football player even when your not on the field.

Dooley also took some time to cover with importance of understanding what is said, and not necessarily how it's said with the staff. It's important to understand the message and not be affected by how it is said.

One reporter, excited about the amount of players practicing with the defensive backs asked Dooley how he felt about the luxury of having that many guys in the secondary. "Don't confuse the word depth with being good" Dooley told him.

With many new faces on the staff, Dooley says that one of the biggest transitions for those guys was getting used to the practice schedule and where to be in a whole new environment. Because the players have been through that already, many of the them were coaching the coaches on where to be and the nuances of the practice schedule.

Video: Fresh start at New Mexico

New Mexico released a very well put together video late last night highlighting their spring practices so far under Bob Davie.

"The thing that you can't duplicate is getting a chance to be a part of this process" Davie told the media after practice. He explained that they are lucky, as a staff, to be somewhere where the people and players really care and are excited for the opportunity to establish something special. 

Very well put together video below providing a glimpse inside of practice and a few clips from players excited about the fresh start.

Day 1 of practice for Bill O'Brien

Bill O'Brien met with the media yesterday for the first time since hitting the field for spring ball.

O'Brien compared spring ball to mini camps at the NFL level because it's really about experimenting. Having the ability to practice someone at one position for a little while, and then move him to another position to see how they can get them in the best position to help the team.

The new head coach explained that the spring game will be used just like a game scenario for both the staff and players. Coaches will be in the press box, officials on the field, coaches relaying things on the field, special teams being utilized...making the operation as game like as possible, from top to bottom.

"If hard work is any measure of how good we're going to be, then we're on the right road" O'Brien added.

Saban says he'll stay at Bama for the rest of his career

When Nick Saban's new deal became official yesterday, he proclaimed that he plans to remain a Crimson Tide member for life.

The new contract will keep him in Tuscaloosa through 2019 and will pay an average base salary of $5.6 million per year during that span.

"From my standpoint, the acceptance of this extension represents our commitment, my commitment, our family's commitment, to the University of Alabama for the rest of our career" Saban told reporters after practice yesterday.

Saban said that decision was made after the National Championship game when other places showed their interest. Who that was isn't relevant now according to Saban,"It doesn't really matter, we wanted to stay at Alabama. We're staying at Alabama, and we're not interested in going any place else."

As we noted yesterday on The Scoop, most of the Tide's assistants received raises as well. Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart received a two year extension to 2015 and will make $950,000 next season. New offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier will make $590,000 during his three year contract, new outside linebackers coach Lance Thompson will make $375,000 on year one of his two year deal. Defensive line coach Chris Rumph will make $310,000, and running backs coach Burton Burns will be paid $290,000 next season.

Other assistants receiving raises include tight ends / special teams coach Bobby Williams ($325,000), strength and conditioning ccoach Scott Cochran ($325,000), receivers coach Mike Groh ($285,000) and secondary coach Jeremy Pruitt ($260,000) all received raises of $35,000. Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland's salary will stay at $395,000.

"There's a very competitive market out there when it comes to assistant coaches, I think it's imperative that we keep continuity and that we had the opportunity to be competitive salary-wise with other schools who are trying to hire our coaches." Saban said of the raises.




Band of Brothers at Arizona

Last week I had the pleasure of spending 24 hours with Rich Rod and his staff at Arizona and came away believing that the future of Arizona football is bright. 

We met a couple of the staff for dinner the night we arrived in Tucson. Plenty of jokes amongst these guys, even though the three guys we were with had virtually never met prior to about 3 months ago. These guys are excited about where this program is headed. 

When we arrived at the facility in the morning, Rich and his staff were in a staff meeting and immediately welcomed us in. The room had a family feel. Everyone seemed to know their spot, have an understanding of their role, be on the same page; yet there were plenty of wise-cracks in the room as well...honestly, if I had had my eyes closed, I might have thought this was a band of brothers sitting around the kitchen table. 

First thing on the agenda that day was a meeting with Arizona's AD Greg Byrne. We'll bring you more from that meeting later; but one thing that Byrne said really stuck with me. He said that one of the reasons he hired Rich was that he felt Rich could reinvigorate the Arizona community to rally behind this program...to create a greater sense of pride in the program.

Later in the day I had the opportunity to visit with Rich Rod (along with Mike from Overtime Software) in his office and came away with an even greater belief that Rich specifically hired this staff to bring the family feeling back to Arizona football.  

azmusicAt practice that afternoon I saw the same...literally and figuratively as I saw Rich Rod's wife and kids observing practice and his son working with some of the support staff (including director of on-campus recruiting Matt Dudek) ensuring one of the more important pieces of equipment was working as planned (see the mobile sound system pictured). I add figuratively because I also noted a large number of local high school coaches observing practice and interacting with the staff as well. 

After practice, the team and the coaches and their families head up to the training table on the club level of the stadium for dinner. One comment we heard a few times while touring the place and meeting a few of the players was that before this staff was hired there was desert as part of the training table dinners. Rich Rod and his guys had the standard ice cream cooler installed and judging by the grins we saw as the players mentioned it, we think that was a wise investment. 


From up top of the stadium you can really see the status of their new end zone addition (which will also house all of football operations). The project is rolling and is scheduled for completion shortly before Fall camp begins in 2013. 



As we all know, facilities are nice (and Arizona's will be quite nice once done); but players win games for you and right now several of the players will tell you that as a team they need to get stronger. Rich brought in a new strength & conditioning staff and over the next few recruiting classes will be able to bring in and cultivate more and more talent. We see these guys competing real soon; and in a few years, we can see Arizona scrapping their way into a Rose Bowl. Until we sat down with Rich we had no idea that Arizona had never played in the Rose Bowl. When they do, we want to be there to see the smiles on the coaches, administrators and players faces. 

More to come about this staff over the next few weeks...



Trooper Taylor: We had to say "Whoa!"

Trooper Taylor came away impressed with today's practice, noting the teams intensity and enthusiasm as the main reasons.

Day to day, Gene Chizik sets the tempo for the practice, letting players know when to go full speed, and when it's more of a "thud" tempo. Taylor said that they had to say "Whoa" and slow things down today, and as a coach, you have to really like that mentality on day one of full pads.

Taylor added that they'll know when they're making progress when they can say the physicality and enthusiasm is at the same level after five days of padded practices.

A lot of the new enthusiasm can be traced to the fact that everyone is competing for a starting spot in the spring he explains. 

"I think the thing that's creating a lot of enthusiasm is everybody's trying to compete for a job. They understand this is their 15-day interview, because come two-a-days we're really giving the new freshmen a chance to interview and then polish them for the season. If you're going to win a job, you better win a job this spring." 


USC's new facilities, a game-changer

At FootballScoop we hate to break bad news. Prepare yourselves, you might want to sit down for this.

As most of you probably know, USC won 10 games last year, including handing Chip Kelly his first loss ever at Autzen, all while being on double-not-so-secret probation from the NCAA. The part you might not know is that Lane Kiffin and his staff were able to do that despite having what are easily one of the worst set of facilities in the conference. Literally, if it rained, they took on water in the locker room, the weight room, etc...

After touring the current facilities, our respect for what both Pete Carroll and Lane Kiffin have done at USC has grown significantly. 

Now, here's the part that hurts...in a few months, Lane and the team (oh yeah, Matt Barkley's back) are moving into what will immediately become the nicest set of facilities in the conference. This might just be checkmate for Lane when it comes to recruiting. He's already got the weather, a great campus environment (although the surrounding neighborhood isn't as nice as one might like...but we don't see that slowing down too many kids), campus life that we're certain most 18 year old boys will enjoy to the fullest extent, the legend that is USC Football including six Heisman's on display as you walk into the existing facilities, etc...

These new facilities, scheduled to be completed in late July, will be very, very nice. You'll walk in and immediately see an amazingly large an impressive video display (it's actually comprised of 273 smaller panels). Staff members that have seen the demo say the pictures and visual capabilities are beyond anything they have ever seen before. 

If we were to put the before and after pictures side by side, we're quite certain those recruiting against SC might ram their head into a wall.

The building is built; but they are still adding drywall, flooring, pulling cable, etc...it's a dusty place right now. Thus, none of the design components are in just yet; but once they are, this place is going to be very nice.  

Opposing coaches who get to see Lane's office suite will immediately be placing a call to their AD saying they need an upgrade. For us to describe it in words would not be appropriate....we'll try to head back out there in August and take some video. 

More to come throughout the week on our visit with the USC coaching staff...

Below are a couple of pics from our day there. 


John Baxter talking Academic Game Plan. 


The view as you enter the current coaches offices.


Six Heismans on display.


SC's current training table (available to all students during the daytime).


Plenty of Trojans have made SI.


The current weight room is adequate. The new one will be top of the line.


The Coliseum. 


Leaving the tunnel, entering the field.


The massive new space for the 273 panel video board (will be amazing).


View from Lane's new office onto the practice fields.


"Prep Not Hype" - The motto for Spring Ball 2012.