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Venables: New scheme to rely more on "instincts"

According to Dabo Swinney, new defensive coordinator Brent Venables new scheme will be much simplier than they have been used to in the past.

As far as checks at the line go, Venables says that they are no longer asking as much out of those guys as they were last season.

Venables went to add "We are still going to have man coverage, but we are going to have some zone principles mixed in. They can use their eyes a little more, their instincts."

Good practice footage out of OK State

Oklahoma State opened up their spring ball practices yesterday, and the video guys got some good practice footage.

A good portion of the video shadows the quarterbacks and offensive coordinator Todd Monken, but their is also some drill tape that spans some work with the defensive backs, linebackers, and defensive line.

Baylor unveils concepts for new stadium

Baylor just released some conceptual plans for their new stadium that look pretty impressive.

The new stadium would be built on a 93-acre plot of land off of Interstate 35 right on the edge of the Brazos River. The complex will also feature a bridge joining the stadium with the campus to complete some breathtaking scenery. Funding for the project has come in the form of "the largest capital gift in university history".

The stadium itself will seat 45,000 people and features a canopy that will shade half of the spectators throughout the day as well as "open concourses with views directly into the stadium, suites, loge boxes, indoor and outdoor club seating, designated seating for Baylor students and the Baylor band, and an event center and Stadium Club for year-round use."

The images below paint a pretty good picture, but the really good ones can be found here on Baylor's website.


Baylor river_walk

baylor stadium1

baylor stadium3

baylor stadium_river

Richt shares philosophy on discipline

Richt shared his philosophy on discipline earlier today, and brought up some great coaching points to keep in mind.

Richt says that when guys make mistakes its important to keep two things in mind, "How we handle it and how he handles it.” He went on to explain that their goal as a staff at Georgia is multi tiered.

First and most importantly, they try to find out the truth and then find the right direction for the discipline. Then, the gauge how they respond to it.

"If they learn from their mistakes and become better people because of it, then that’s a positive thing in that guy’s life. If he’s not truthful about it and acts like he didn’t do anything wrong and his behavior isn’t going to change in any way shape or form, then he’s probably not going to be at Georgia very long. That’s just kind of the way things go. To think every single guy is not ever going to make a mistake and be perfect, I don’t think is realistic." Richt explained.




Video: Intense workouts at Oregon State

We just got a look at Oregon State's latest strength and conditioning video and it's one of the best produced ones we've seen yet.

The overwhelming theme of the video is intensity...the Beavers have really been hitting it hard this off season. The video department has done some impressive work with this one.

Stay tuned to Twitter for some tweets from us as we're due to arrive in Corvallis later tonight.

If your up for a challenge...

The one thing that may have deterred coaches from the Boise State quarterbacks job, is just the challenge that Jonathan Smith was looking for.

“I was kind of excited about the opportunity to coach the guy who replaces Kellen (Moore),” Smith said. "that’s a challenge...that’s no joke. That in a way kind of challenges me. And it’s not going to be easy.”

Smith, who had previously served as the offensive coordinator at Montana, said that getting back and becoming an offensive coordinator is something he would like to do again in his career. The bottom line was that being around Petersen and his staff was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

“There’s a formula that’s been used here, to win so many games...I’m anxious to learn that.” he explained.



Tom Herman on "the underdog offense"

Since Tom Herman was hired at Ohio State as the offensive coordinator, we've heard a consistent message that the Buckeyes will be a "gun, spread, run-oriented football team that has tremendous balance through the play-action pass."

Herman expanded on that in a recent interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, saying that at his previous stops at Iowa State, Rice, and Texas State, he dubbed this offense "the underdog offense".

"The places I've been have always had a talent deficit compared to 90 percent of the schedule, so I think this offense helped." he said. Herman added that he used to say that if he ever got to Ohio State, USC or Texas, he would just dominate defenses every week from the I-formation.

Since taking the job, he said he took a step back and said, 'Why would I ever do that?' Now you've got an underdog offense and you put really good players in it and it's even better."

Holgorsen talks about what DeForest brings to the staff

Dana Holgorsen sat down with ESPN's David Ubben to talk about the switch to the Big 12 and what new defensive coordinator Joe DeForest brings to the staff.

Holgorsen said that the change is exciting, in part, because of his familiarity with the conference, "I've been at every venue, and I've seen every team. I know what's out there and I know what we've got to do to get better and be able to compete."

That familiarity with the Big 12 stretches to the defensive side of the ball with the recent addition of Joe DeForest as the Mountaineers defensive coordinator. Dana said that one thing that DeForest has brought with him from Oklahoma State is the idea of not worrying about giving up a big play.

"Everybody's going to give up a play in the Big 12. The offenses are so good, but if you give up a play, it doesn't mean that you're going to lose a game." Holgorsen went on to say that is one thing that DeForest preached as part of the defensive staff with the Cowboys last season.

"Just keep playing and make a play at some point to win the game, get turnovers and play with tremendous effort no matter what happens." he added.