Video Tour: TCU's new facilities under construction

TCU is putting the finishing touches on some impressive upgrades to Amon G. Carter Stadium.

Included in those upgrades are six suites worth $15 million a piece...all paid for and located just 11 rows up from the field. Best seats in the house without a doubt.

The press box has room for 125 reporters, and the new players "community room" is full of nice chairs and flat screen TV's that plays the 2011 Rose Bowl nonstop. Add that to the upgrades in the locker room and weight room (19,000 square feet) and you've got yourself a heck of a facility to break in Big 12 play.

In the clip, Gary Patterson admits that during construction he sometimes had to shut his blinds in his office because the construction that was taking place was mesmerizing.

As Bryan Curtis of Grantland explains, you take the money that the football program earns and surround your players with it. Or as he puts it, "When you can’t pay your football players, you build them a man cave."

While the clip below shows much of the project still under construction back in May, you can tell that the Horned Frogs will have quite a man cave ready for use when they enter the fall of 2012 and Big 12 play.

Bill O'Brien: "It's time to punch back"

After fielding questions about the scandal since being named head coach, and now dealing with questions about the NCAA's stiff sanctions, Bill O'Brien is starting to see it all as a form of motivation.

When first hired, O'Brien noted the importance of getting out in front of everything that was coming their way, but it was evident that attitude has shifted while he talked to the media at Big Ten media days.

“We took a lot of punches. Penn State has taken a lot of punches over the last six months, and it’s time to punch back.”

O'Brien is adamant that Penn State football isn't going to roll over, regardless of the NCAA ruling.

“If people were inside the building and understood what type of people we have and what they’ve gone through in the last couple days or six months, they wouldn’t say anything about us being dead."

"We’re alive. We’ll be alive and kicking Sept. 1.”

O'Brien and the Nittany Lions open up in Happy Valley at noon against Ohio on September 1.



Nebraska breaks out alternate uniforms

Nebraska has broken out some alternate uniforms that they'll wear against Wisconsin on September 29th.

The helmet design is the same, but will be black with a red stripe, instead of the traditional white with red stripe. Another solid uniform addition by Adidas.

Kirby Wilson back at practice

Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson is starting to feel like his old self at practice only a few months after the January fire that changed his life.

Wilson described the opportunity to be back on the field coaching as "my most rewarding camp ever."

At practice, Coach Wilson is active on his feet and can be seen jogging around on the field on occasion, but still needs to get back to the golf cart on occasion, as a reminder to himself to play it smart.

"I'll take my breaks because I want to be smart. My goal is to leave camp in the same condition that I came here, and that's upright. Hopefully, by being smart and taking breaks here and there it will be no problem for me." he said with a smile.

"No doubt ever came in my mind that I would not be here. It was just what conditioning would I be in when I got here? That was the goal in the OTAs and mini-camp...to be smart, pace myself, learn what bothers me and what doesn't bother me. Just fix that when we got to training camp. I'm pretty much 100 percent right now. I got a little bit more, but I'm happy where I'm at."





Strong: "Social media will be the downfall of society"

Last year at about this time, Charlie Strong addressed the crowd at Governor's Cup luncheon by explaining the long road of hard work that they had in front of them to get to where they needed to be as a program.

This season, after many national publications have the Cardinals picked to win the Big East, Strong spent his time at the podium trying to keep everything in perspective. 

"A lot of times when people think that you’re rated so high, you’re just going to roll the ball out to them. We’re not good enough to just roll the ball out against anybody.”

Recently, a few Cardinal players took to Twitter to make their own predictions...something that Strong has a firm opinion against, stating "social media will be the downfall of society."

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