Weis: To me, ND and KU are the same

Kansas players reported to camp yesterday and will get the opportunity to go full pads come Monday.

Weis met with reporters briefly yesterday and talked about how they will measure success in his first year, as well as how the expectations differ at Kansas from his time at Notre Dame.

According to Weis, when it comes to measuring success it all starts in the wins and losses column.

"Did you win all the games you were supposed to win? Did you win some of the games you weren’t supposed to win? You don’t put a number on what that is."

"I can tell you, if you look at it, you won two last year. The fans will say, ‘well if you win four, that’s great improvement,’ What coach in their right mind would be thinking, what if we can just win four games? If so, then you hired the wrong coach."

When asked about expectations being different at Kansas, Weis offered up the following.

Video: Perseverance at its finest

Gallaudet University is a D-III school located in Washington D.C., and was the first school of higher education established in the United States to cater to the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Head coach Chuck Goldstein and the coaching staff are coming off a 5-5 season where none of their five losses came by more than 16 points. Last season produced conference Rookie of the Year, and NFL hopeful, defensive back Tony Tatum. Tatum happens to be hard of hearing, very similar to the level of hearing that Redskins safety Reed Doughty lives with.

Even though he garnered a lot of D-I interest from coaches in high school before breaking his foot, Tatum played two years of basketball at Gallaudet before deciding to give football another try. As a result, Tatum has garnered high praise from coaches and also helped Gallaudet make ESPN with a "tip drill" highlight that was arguably one of the best plays from the 2010 season. The video has got an impressive 1.9 million views on YouTube.

This is a really fascinating story of perseverance and a reminder to us as coaches (and our players) of the importance of fighting through adversity, regardless of the obstacle.

Coaches Poll released

The USA Today Coaches poll was just released.

LSU (19), Alabama (20) and USC (19) shared first place votes, with LSU getting the majority of the points required to take the top spot. 

Seven SEC programs crack the top 25, five of them in the top 10. 

The rest of the poll is as follows:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Southern California
4. Oklahoma
5. Oregon
6. Georgia
7. Florida State
8. Michigan
9. South Carolina
10. Arkansas
11. West Virginia
12. Wisconsin
13. Michigan State
14. Clemson
15. Texas
16. Nebraska
17. TCU
18. Stanford
19. Oklahoma State
20. Virginia Tech
21. Kansas State
22. Boise State
23. Florida
24. Notre Dame
25. Auburn 


Inside Scoop: How to raise $25,000 for your team

We originally ran this in June. Since then, we've fielded a huge number of emails and calls about this one so we're running it again. 

Kevin Emerson is the head coach at San Bernardino Valley College in California. He's been coaching for 19 years and he's seen his fair share of different fundraising methods. 

We heard recently that coach Emerson had created a new, easy to use electronic fundraising platform that a lot of coaches are adopting (and are seeing great results with). Watch the video and you'll see how easy this is. 


A couple of key takeaways...

* Created by a coach * Non-Profit organization * All electronic * No selling * Averaging $230 per player * Results in 30-60 days 

Visit: eConnectFundraising.org now and try it out!

Idaho season ticket promo

Impressive season ticket promo here from Idaho with a great opening line.

"A tribe from the north, wrought with grit and conviction. Warriors notorious for their unwavering pride. Rulers of tradition. Lords of excellence. THEY ARE VANDALS!"

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