Traditionalists aren't going to like these Notre Dame uniforms

Adidas and Notre Dame rolled out these new unis today which Notre Dame will wear October 6th at Soldier Field when they take on Miami.

The "Shamrock Series"...

Good promotional video from UMass

UMass made a solid move by getting DJ Steve Porter to help create a promotional video. Of course, Porter is known for handful of videos that have been featured on ESPN that have become wildly popular.

Catchy stuff. Enjoy!

McElwain weighs in on "no punt" philosophy

With conference foe Rocky Long and San Diego State considering not punting after crossing the 50 yard line, reporters were curious to get Jim McElwain's viewpoint on the subject.

After referencing one local high school coach that shares Pulaski Academy's (AR) Kevin Kelley's philosophy, McElwain explained, "Call me old school, but I still think you win off field position."

He further noted that "Theoretically, really, when your sitting and looking at the percentages, and especially, let's say it's third and six...You can actually treat it like a run down and get in fourth and manageable."

Mic'd up at New Mexico

Receivers coach Taylor Stubblefield got mic'd up for a fall camp session the other day.

Stubblefield is all about coaching with tempo, preaching accountability and doing the little things the right way, as you'll see from how he coaches up routes, and gets on guys that aren't as dialed in as they need to be.

UNC players impersonate coaches during skit night

Larry Fedora and the staff gave the players a chance to blow off a little steam with a skit night recently.

Some of these guys had been practicing all summer for this opportunity and the most popular coaching targets were Coach Fedora and strength and conditioning coach Lou Hernandez.

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