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Buyout clauses at Univ. of Washington

Sark made some very aggressive hires this off-season, bringing in Justin Wilcox and Peter Sirmon from Tennessee, Tosh Lupoi and Eric Kiesau from Cal and Keith Heyward from Oregon State. UW definitely stepped up to the plate in terms of compensation packages for these guys; but we learned today, compliments of Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, that UW definitely protected themselves in the contracts as well.

Condotta's got the details; but in short, if any of these guys leave the program to go work for another Pac-12 team, other than as a head coach, UW will be on the receiving end of a large check. In Wilcox's case, if he leaves prior to December 31, 2014 (other than as detailed above) he'll owe UW $1 million. Kiesau would owe $500,000. Lupoi's contract says that if he leaves at any time prior to the completion of his contract (Feb. 6, 2015) he would owe the University payment equal to all remaining compensation due under the agreement.

On our recent Pac-12 tour we had the opportunity to meet with UW athletic director Scott Woodward. During our conversations he spoke extremely highly of several of the assistants on this staff. Woodward believes that a couple of these guys will be head coaches in the future. It's nice to see that their contracts don't contain any sort of penalty in the event that they have that kind of opportunity.

When you step back and think about it, the provisions that UW included make sense. They stepped up and met the market in terms of compensation and security (multi-year contracts) for the coaches. In the event one of them has the opportunity to become a head coach, that's a win-win situation and there is no issue. However, if one of these guys decides they want to move on, into a competing program at a position other than head coach, then the University will realize some financial relief as they have to go out and invest in finding a replacement. 

Condotta's research also noted that UW paid the $75,000 buyout that Sirmon owed to Tennessee. 

Interesting throwback uniforms for the Steelers

The Steelers released their 80th anniversary throwback uniforms today.

The only word we could come up with to describe these is...well...interesting...

See them for yourself. You be the judge.



Winners eat Steak, Losers get...

Illinois wrapped up their spring game Saturday and new head coach Tim Beckman made good on his promise of steak for the winners...beans and weenies for the losers.

The Blue team, which were winners of the spring game down in Champaign, were rewarded handsomely with a dinner of steak and shrimp, topped off with cake last night, while the losing Orange team dined on beans and weenies (Coach Beckman was also nice enough to throw some salad in there as well).

Orange team quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase was a fan of the competition, despite coming out on the short end. "That's life. When you win your rewarded, when you lose...your not. Thats how college football is from a week to week standpoint."

Boot camp at Texas Lutheran

The guys down at Texas Lutheran aren't waiting for the sun to come up to get after it.

The coaching staff down there has the guys competing in everything from agility drills, to wheelbarrow races, to the human pyramid before the Texas heat has a chance to settle in.

This one definitely ranks up there as one of the most intense videos we've seen so far.

D-III Video: Through their eyes

Division III Millikin University in Illinois put together a video of their spring practices from the viewpoint of the coaches and players.

It looks like a couple different guys, both coaches and players, got outfitted with a camera during practice. The results provide an interesting perspective, especially when the quarterback has it during 7 on 7 drills.

Bama gets National Championship rings

The Crimson Tide have had a very eventful couple of days. They wrapped up spring ball with their spring game on Saturday, a freak accident caused the BCS Championship trophy to drop and shatter the same day, and yesterday the team received their National Championship rings.

The rings have their fair share of bling, but are also classy enough to show that they've been there before.

The team will travel to visit President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday to honor their second national title in three seasons.



"When things are hard during the week, Saturdays are easy"

It's not very often that you hear the perspective of an intern at a major college program.

Oregon State did just that when they talked with Kyle DeVan during practice yesterday. DeVan had some interesting insight from his time as a player under Mike Riley, to now coaching under him, as well as playing at the highest level on Sunday's.

"The structure that he (Riley) has here at Oregon State is the same that the NFL teams have at that level because he was there, he was a head coach at the NFL, and he wants to run things professionally just like an NFL organization does." DeVan, who started 25 games in the NFL (including the 2010 Super Bowl), added that his transition to the NFL was surprisingly easy because of the first class way the Riley runs things at Oregon State.

DeVan also spoke highly of offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh's practice philosophy and how it prepares you for Saturdays in the Pac-12. "He's a tough guy. He's going to be hard on guys during the week, but he's going to love you even harder when it's all said and done.

"When things are hard during the week, Saturdays are easy".

Mic'd up at OK State

Running backs coach Jemal Singleton got mic'd up for a recent spring practice in Stillwater.

Nothing fancy here, just five minutes of quality mic'd up content from a coach that loves being on the field coaching guys.