Solid D-II video from Tusculum

Solid video here from Tusculum highlighting their off season efforts, weight room testing, and fall camp so far.

Last season Tusculum finished in the top ten in the nation, and led the conference, in both passing offense (#7 nationally - 311 ypg) and pass defense (#4 nationally- 141 ypg).

The staff tells us that camp has gone very well and that they are looking forward to opening up with Urbana (D-II - OH) next Saturday up in Ohio.

Saturday TV

Plenty of high school action and a few NFL games on today.

Eastern time listed.


Indianapolis at Washington - 4 - NFL Network

Detroit at Oakland - 7

Pittsburgh at Buffalo - 7

St. Louis at Dallas - 8

Houston at New Orleans - 8 - CBS


No games

High School:

American Heritage (FL) at Cocoa (FL) - 12 - ESPN

Staley (MO) at Lee's Summit West (MO) - 3:30 - ESPN

Byrnes (SC) at Oscar Smith (VA) - 7 ESPN

Ensworth (TN) at Lexington Catholic (KY) - 9 - ESPNU

Santa Margarita (CA) at Brophy Prep (AZ) - 10 - ESPN2

Sean Payton speaks to the North Texas players

It's 21 minutes of Sean Payton. Sit back, grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage and enjoy. 

Motivational talk; but Payton includes plenty of real life humor as expected. One of the more humorous lines opens with, "I called my friend Jon Gruden, I called him up and I said, 'Gru-dog...man we just gutted this [6th grade] team...'". 

Here's what those extra strength coaches can do

LSU's compliance staff somehow found the strength to put together this enlightening video showing what those coaches "outside of the 5" can and can't do within the current NCAA rules.

Just a hint of mockery in here. Nice touch LSU. Impressive restraint. 


Why the Michigan - Alabama match up almost didn't happen

When Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon was first approached with the idea of playing the Crimson Tide down at Cowboy Stadium, he considered it quite a reach from a financial standpoint.

Brandon told the decision makers with the Cowboys stadium organization and ESPN, "This is a terrific idea but you can't afford it...it's never going to work."

On Brandon's mind was the $4.8 million in estimated admissions, and another $2.3 million in personal seat licenses and premium seating revenue that they'd be missing out on from playing a game somewhere other than The Big House.

"They went, 'You're right, we can't afford it,' so early on I didn't think they'd make it work. But ESPN worked with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys organization, and they figured out a strategy where they could make it work."

In the contract that Michigan signed back in October of 2010, the Wolverines agreed to be paid $4.7 million dollars, thus minimizing their overall financial loss.

"ESPN wanted it to be us, Alabama wanted it to be us, two historic programs, that's what we do. I wasn't going to tell them no, if we could work out the details to make it financially viable for us. When we give up a home game, that's a significant impact on our budget and our year, (so) the fact that we were able to work out something and smooth that over made it a very viable opportunity."

"There's probably a slight (financial) loss by virtue of we're playing the game in Dallas and not here, but some of the greater good in terms of excitement and interest, the travel parties, the development opportunities, the merchandising, there's going to be a lot of positives, too."

"I'm glad we're going, we're excited." Brandon added. "This game has gotten more attention than any game I can remember in the preseason, and that's good. That's what we do."




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