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Inside Scoop: Pete Golding - On leaving his alma mater

Pete Golding, Southeastern Louisiana's defensive coordinator describes initially being torn between staying at Delta State and coming down to Southeastern. 

He also tells us about how their staff has embraced twitter...and he let's it slip that today is Karl Scott's birthday!

As our birthday gift to Coach Scott, we'll once again show off one of our favorite videos of the year. Enjoy!

"Positive Vibe" at West Virginia

The partnership between Oliver Luck and Dana Holgorsen at West Virginia has been very strong in their first full year together. The Mountaineers are bracing for the move to the Big 12 after wrapping up the Big East title last year with a successful 10-3 campaign (including the 70-33 drubbing of Clemson in the Orange Bowl).

According to a recent article by Andy Staples of SI, Holgorsen spends his time focusing on two things, practices and meetings. The rest he feels more than comfortable leaving to Luck.

"He understands football. He understands what you need to be successful. There is a lot of stuff I don't have to worry about because he's already taken care of it. He lets me do my job. Oliver worries about stadium upgrades, suites, club levels, parking, seating. I don't even get in the middle of it." 

The transition to the Big 12 brings welcomes some familiar territory for Holgo, and he has shared insight on the logistics after the move with Luck. "Dana is so familiar with it. He tells me, 'When you go to Ames, this is the only hotel you can stay in. When you go to Stillwater, you do this.'" That's kind of info has got to be invaluable when heading into unfamiliar territory.

Luck has noticed that the players are also looking forward to the change in scenery. 

"The last couple of months, there has just been a really nice attitude. Kids are smiling. I know from going through spring ball many times that you're not always smiling. There seems to be a real positive vibe. Part of that is the new challenge of the Big 12. Part of that is Dana being in control" he explained.

The hiring of Holgorsen, approval to sell beer at home games, and the move to the Big 12...it's remarkable what Luck has been able to accomplish in just under two years. 

Beer sales approved at Akron

The Board of Trustees at Akron voted on Wednesday to modify the Universities alcohol policy to allow beer sales during football games.

"Based on feedback we have received from our season ticket holders and the student body, we believe this is something that will enhance the game-day experience and likely will attract new fans as well. We look forward to those who are of age having the opportunity to enjoy an adult beverage in a safe and responsible manner at Zips home football games." Akron Director of Athletics Tom Wistrcill said of the new policy.

Minnesota and Arizona are two of the latest schools to propose alchohol sales at games. For a look at how to do it successfully, take a look at West Virginia, who made a net profit of $250,000 through their first three games (and over $500,000 for the season) selling beer inside the stadium. The LSU game alone saw them sell 36,000 beers.

The new policy will force those wishing to buy alcohol to buy a wristband at a separate stand and limits beers to two per person each transaction. The policy will also feature and establish a new designated driver program.

The new policy will kick off on August 30th, a Thursday, when Terry Bowden and the Zips kick the season off against Central Florida.

Inside Scoop: Best staff room in the country?

Today we visited with Washington State offensive line coach Clay McGuire. One of our best interviews yet. McGuire gives us a true inside perspective on Mike Leach and his staff and later in the discussion he tells us about the camaraderie in their staff room. We know they get a bunch of work done; but is there a coach in the country who wouldn't love to spend a few days hanging out in Leach's staff room? Watch the video, we think you will agree, this has to be one of the top staff rooms in the country. 

To borrow from McGuire's humor, for those of you in Montana, here's the real Bill Brasky.

Video Added: New uniforms at Rutgers

The new uniforms at Rutgers are a far cry from their traditional look of the past few seasons.

“The new look for Rutgers Football is a clean, modern style that our student-athletes, recruits and fans will be very impressed with. Nike, along with our football staff did an amazing job of incorporating our history, mascot, and our most valuable asset, the Block R, while designing a uniform that will generate incredible excitement. This was a process that lasted over a year with tremendous input from both Kyle Flood and Greg Schiano.” Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Tim Pernetti explained. 

The new identity features three different chrome helmet combinations, with different colored striping on each one, and a new knight themed  font for the numbers. Nike went to impressive new heights to tie the uniform to the Knight namesake adding a chainmail texture on the numbers and "battle scar" markings throughout the jersey.




Inside Scoop: Mike Sinquefield - TCU

The Spring DFO meetings are this upcoming Monday & Tuesday in Fort Worth, TX and we asked TCU's director of football operations Mike Sinquefield to come on the Inside Scoop to tell about the meetings and what everyone can expect. These meetings are a great place to learn more about what others in the profession are doing, to discuss current events that are affecting football staffs across the country and to network with other operations personnel. 

Full agenda and ability to make reservations can be found on the DFO Scoop.

Classy move by Schiano

In one of the classiest moves of the off-season, Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano has signed his former Rutgers defensive tackle, Eric LeGrand to a free agent contract with the team.

LeGrand was paralyzed from the neck down in an on the field incident back in 2010 against Army. He has since fought against all odds, including being taken off a respirator after five weeks when Doctors told him he would need it for the rest of his life. Then, in October, LeGrand led Schiano and the team onto the field for a home game against West Virginia.

The signing adds LeGrand to the Bucs 90 man roster and Schiano says that the move epitomizes the type of person that the new leadership is looking for.

“Leading up to the draft, I couldn’t help but think that this should’ve been Eric’s draft class. This small gesture is the least we could do to recognize his character, spirit, and perseverance. The way Eric lives his life epitomizes what we are looking for in Buccaneer Men.”


UCLA staff: Nobody's in a rush to go home

The seven new members of the UCLA staff have an impressive 90 years of combined experience either playing or coaching at the NFL level, and Jim Mora explains that they are meshing very well so far.

“I love them, but I’ve felt like that since the day I hired them. I hired them knowing their personalities already, knowing what their strengths were as football coaches, knowing how they dealt with players. I really never had a doubt that they would gel quickly. I’m extremely satisfied with them. I love every single bit of what they’re doing out here.” Mora explained.

New offensive line coach Adrian Klemm says that one of the biggest reasons the staff is clicking so well is the new environment that has been created in the offices. 

“There’s a lot of energy. It’s fun being here. Nobody’s in a rush to go home. It’s easy to work in an environment when it doesn’t feel like work.” 

Playing at the highest level is one thing, but having substance to go along with it and earning players respect is another. Linebackers coach / special teams coordinator Jeff Ulbrich explains that the new staff has a good mix of experience and substance.

“It helps when you open the door and you start your meeting. It helps with credibility, but if there’s no substance then that gets forgotten really quickly. I think coach Mora has done a great job assembling a group of guys that not only have NFL pedigrees but have substance to them.”

Mora and the staff will wrap up spring practices with their spring game on Saturday.