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"At year three it's time to wrap it up"

Since being named offensive coordinator at Texas Tech back in January of 2010, Neal Brown has led an offense that has ranked #7 in the country in pass offense each year and #15 (in 2010) and #13 (in 2011) in total offense...all while being one of the younger coordinators in major college football.

Despite the offensive success, Brown (who joined the staff from Troy) says that he's heard plenty of criticism, in part because of the recent success of a few other schools in close proximity to Lubbock. However, he keeps it all in perspective.

"It's tough right now because we didn't have a very good year last year. That's evident. And Baylor had the best year in school history. TCU's got a little momentum going because they're entering into the Big 12 plus they've had three or four solid years in a row. And A&M is able to sell the newness and Oklahoma State is coming off their best year in school history. I think putting those things all together and the battles we're still winning on the recruiting front against those schools is a positive sign."

Brown, who recently returned from vacation with his family, added that he believes it's nearly impossible for coaches to block out 100% of the criticism. 

"I think you always know about it. You hear coaches say, 'I don't follow it.' I don't really buy into it, to be honest with you. You always know. Now, I know less because I've been at the beach for the last two weeks so I know less than I normally would, but I know there are some naysayers that are wondering how we're going to perform next year."

According to Brown, year three is time to put up or shut up.

"I understand the passionate fan base, I really do. I think the difference here is the split fan base. I think at year three it's time to wrap it up. Let's get on board with this. We're either going to produce or we're not and I strongly think we will produce."



Recruiting: How one D-1 coach utilizes Twitter

Many of us know, or use, Twitter as a means of staying informed of news around the country, or to keep tabs on family and friends from a distance.

West Virginia corners coach Daron Roberts uses his account to keep family and friends informed of everything from his adventerous appetite, to the occasional motivational quote, as well as how he uses it to help build a personal picture of his recruiting targets.

"I will glance at Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. I don't monitor on a daily basis what my recruits will tweet or what they post to Facebook, but there will be some times when I will go through the pages to see what a kid's interests are. It helps build a picture of the student-athlete, but it's not a substitute for personal interaction."

"The young men that I'm dealing with, the parents and the coaches who I have to get to know, they all use Facebook and Twitter every single day. I believe that you have to use them, too, just to stay in the game."

In an article from last month's Missouri Sports Magazine, Roberts was listed among the "50 College Coaches you Should Follow on Twitter" because he has "all the makings of an intriguing tweeter".

For those of you new to Twitter, or just curious, the Charleston Daily Mail talks about the five components that make a good Tweeter, complete with some advice from Roberts on how it applies to his thought process when using social media. Included the advice is one simple thought process that he uses before posting anything.

"I always think before I post anything, 'If my boss, Dana Holgorsen, reads this or one of my recruit's mothers reads this, will I feel comfortable with them reading this? If I answer yes to both, then I don't hesitate to post."



Full 2012-2013 Bowl Schedule

Full list of 35 bowls, compliments of the Football Bowl Association (who knew such a thing existed?).

Screen Shot_2012-07-10_at_10.38.08_AM

Feel free to book your travel plans accordingly.

Video: It's time to redefine the grind

Great part II feature from LSU building off the infamous "How bad do you want it?" video.

This one picks up right where their version of the "when you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful" speech (which can be found here) left off. 

Brian Kelly mic'd up

Good clip here from the middle of spring ball with Brian Kelly mic'd up.

He gets after guys during stretches, and there's plenty of footage of him coaching up the offense and the quarterbacks.

Some friendly staff competition at North Carolina

After answering some personal questions about himself, Walt Bell and Go Heels TV got down to the brass tacks.

When asked to impersonate coach Fedora in the weight room, Bell respectfully declined but added that Fedora has a lot of "mirror muscle" and is the type of guy that goes into the weight room with a mission. He gets into his routine, gets his work done, and gets out.

Bell also offered some insight on offensive coordinator Blake Anderson and his coaching trademarks, and impersonated a few of head strength coach Lou Hernandez's mannerisms and sayings.

Bell was also asked some that really made him think. Questions such as; who would win in a foot race between him and Fedora or a bench press competition with defensive coordinator Dan Disch, and who would win in a dance off between himself and Coach Hernandez?

That's staff chemistry at it's finest.


Nation's top recruits impersonate coaches

Out in Beaverton Oregon recruits gathered to compete against each other in an event dubbed "The Opening" held at Nike headquarters.

In the video below recruits were asked to impersonate coaches. Instant classic.

Video: D-I here we come!

South Alabama just released a video highlighting their off season preparation as they get ready to join the ranks of Division I football and the Sunbelt Conference.

The Jaguars will open up 2012 with two home games (Texas-San Antonio and Nicholls State) before heading east to Raleigh to take on NC State, and then off to Starkville to take on Mississippi State before starting Sunbelt play at home against Troy.

These guys are aware of the challenges ahead and are putting in some serious work.