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Want to coach in the NFL?

There are obviously a number of paths you can take when your ultimate goal is to coach in the NFL. For Chiefs assistant offensive line coach Steven Smith, that path included a number of internships...seven to be exact.

For Smith, his coaching journey started at the collegiate level before heading overseas to NFL Europe and then returning to intern in the league with Miami, Cleveland, Dallas (for four seasons under Bill Parcells), and New Orleans.

Smith took some time to talk to the Chief's official website about advice he would give for those coming up in the coaching profession. His advice in a nutshell? Network during every given opportunity, work your tail off, and be willing to do it for free (or very close to it).

"I would definitely say to do the internships because you get to meet the people who are in there already. You get to build the relationships. That's what I did. I started off in '02 in New Orleans and built relationships with Jack Henry and Jim Haslett and a lot of those guys. That's the thing. You go out and show those guys that you can work and that you're going to work hard and you'll do the job to the best of your ability. As that goes on and then guys start taking jobs and trying to talk to different people to help you make moves yourself."




Tulane seeing unprecedented recruiting success

To say that Curtis Johnson has hit the recruiting trail hard since being hired would be a huge understatement.

According to a tweet from Matt Schwartz (@MattSchwartz15), Tulane has secured more recruits under Johnson by July 4th (16) than they had signed in the previous 6 years combined!

Thats impressive.

Part of that success is due to his recruiting approach in New Orleans (and Louisiana in general) and he has some impressive data to back up why.

"You know what, this is what my base is. I want to stay and start an infrastructure here. I want everything to come from within. Two things I know: there are more players in the NFL per capita from Louisiana than anywhere else and Florida was the No. 1 signing state of high school football players. One out of every 120 high school players signed scholarships. Louisiana was actually the second state, one out of every 170."

Johnson went on to explain that they have, and will continue to, focus their recruiting in those areas, as well as branch out to Texas and the east coast because of the quality football and their heavy alumni bases in those areas.

Good things are happening down at Tulane. Johnson is just getting started and shows no signs of slowing down.

From the NFL to JUCO head coach

Back in mid December, Jones County Junior College (MS) hired Ray Perkins as their new head coach.

Perkins head coaching resume includes experience as the head coach of the New York Giants, Alabama, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 80's and his coaching tree includes guys like Bill Belichick, Romeo Crennel and Bill Parcells.

At 70 years old (and 20 years removed from his last head coaching gig), Perkins says that the status of a job is no longer important to him. He is looking forward to learning from his players just as much he is looking forward to coaching them up. Besides, the JUCO level allows him the time to keep his life in balance and fit in an occasional round of golf.

"It gives me an opportunity to have a little meaning, to hopefully teach something to these young people and also learn some things from them as well. These are two or three of the most important years in their life. The passion I've had for football has never wavered, so I really jumped at this chance."

Perkins has also gotten up to speed on what's important to his players by having young daughters, ages 14 and 8, who love to text.

"That's all those girls do...especially the 14-year-old. And that's all my players do. So it's been good practice."

Training philosophy at Georgia Tech

Back in late May Furman's head strength and conditioning coach John Sisk took over the weight room at Georgia Tech.

Since taking over, Sisk has cranked up the volume in the weight room and is putting his own stamp on how they train, all while not making any sudden wholesale changes, instead focusing on the work instead of the methods.

One thing that Sisk believes in is making training specific to position, class, and each individual. Running backs have a different workout and train different then linebackers, and upperclassmen have different expectations than incoming freshman. 

Former Vandy head coach Bobby Johnson says that one thing that makes Sisk special is that he doesn't necessarily focus on the numbers. "He doesn't make weight lifters. He makes better football players."

Sisk thrives for a high tempo environment during workouts and has two main rules for guys in the weight room to go along with a nutritional philosophy.

"We’ve got two rules: You don’t sit down and you don’t bend over. You try to keep music up, try to create an atmosphere you want to train in, a high tempo. That’s the way you play. You try to create a football environment as best you can.”

“We can train three times a day. If you’re not eating properly, it doesn’t matter how hard you work. You can’t outwork, you can’t out-train, you can’t outplay a bad diet.” 



See what's inspiring Northwestern's new uniforms

tBack in December, Northwestern agreed to a partnership with Under Armour. Under Armour has been hard at work developing a new look ever since.

While the official unveiling is due for September, the Wildcat's athletic department gave a sneak peek behind the scenes to show what kind of inspiration is going into the new look. Pretty interesting stuff.

Joker Phillips: What I learned from watching Oprah

Joker Phillips was asked yesterday about being on "hot seat" by the Courier-Journal and had some interesting insight as he enters his third season at Kentucky.

Phillips said that while watching an episode of Oprah interviewing 50 Cent, the rapper offered some interesting advice that struck a chord with Joker.

"50 Cent said you either worry or pray, but you don’t do both. And I don’t worry."

"The thing I’ve got to do is prepare myself mentally and prepare this football team mentally for the long haul. I know what we got into when we signed up for this. This is big-boy football, and we’ve had success in big-boy football, and we’ll continue to have success in big-boy football."

Phillips was also asked about the decline in season ticket sales for the second straight season, to which he explained that he has received a number of emails from former season ticket holders explaining that it is due to tough financial times, not a lack of support.

"I can pull up numerous emails of people that can’t renew because of financial reasons. They say, 'Hey, Coach, it’s not because we don’t support you. We still support you guys.' There are numerous, numerous emails like that. And I get that. It’s just the world we’re in. It’s a tough world out there, and sometimes you have to put your priorities in order, and sometimes a football game is not a priority."

HS Video: "There's no heroes, all bad guys"

One of the better high school videos of the year here from Concord high school's (CA) end of the year banquet.

Some really good content below from head coach Brian Hamilton, and strength and conditioning coach John Koven on their unique season and how they approach the game.

As Coach Hamilton opens up with, "So you want the story of this season? It's a tough story to tell 'cause there's no heroes, all a bunch of bad guys. Our defense is full of BAD guys, bad dudes that play downhill and a thousand miles an hour..."

Plenty more below. You'll want to see all of this one. 

Video: Are you ready for Texas Tech football?

A really nice and well done season ticket promo video here from Texas Tech.

Some good locker room footage (both pre and post game), and 2011 season highlights to get everyone pumped up for kickoff Lubbock.