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Dabo: "A hungry cat hunts best"

There's no doubt that Clemson is hungry to get back out on the field after how last season ended, but according to Dabo Swinney, they're focused on this years team and not what happened in the Orange Bowl to last years squad.

“We said that back in the spring, we weren’t going to focus on what happened before. It’s about this team.”

“There’s got to be that sense of hunger. We always talk about the hungry cat hunts best."

"How hungry are these guys? All indications from the way they worked in the spring and this summer, they’re on a mission. That’s what you want from your leaders.” Dabo told the Associated Press.

The good news is the entire offensive staff remains intact from last season, and they also added Brent Venables in the offseason to direct things on the defensive side of the ball. The Tigers are returning some serious firepower on an offense that ranked in the top 26 in total offense (#26 - 440.8 ypg), passing offense (#21 - 282 ypg), and scoring offense (#24 - 34 ppg).

All of those factors combined could prove to be the makings of an awfully hungry cat.


How to measure a productive quarterback

According to Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman, there's no simpler way to gage a quarterback's productivity than to take a look at the numbers.

Working with a young quarterback, Herman is focused on two numbers in particular, turnovers and completion percentage.

"For us, the protection of the football and managing the game is really big."

"Obviously a lot of that comes down to completion percentage when you talk about managing the game, so those two are the biggest things if you are evaluating whether or not a guy had a great Saturday." Herman explained.

But as Herman explains, all that is relative, as long as the quarterback is able to manage the game.

"Obviously in the turnovers, you know, he can't turn the ball over, whether it's interceptions or fumbles, that's probably the biggest thing. If a kid throws the football 25 times a game throughout the course of a 12 or 14 game season...and this is pie in the sky...6 but he never threw an interception, you wouldn't have to look at completion percentage or touchdowns thrown or anything."

SEC media day quotes: Mark Richt

Mark Richt, the SEC's longest tenured coach, wrapped up SEC media day. Here's a few notes:

-On having 7 home games this season: "I love having 7 home games, I'd love to have 12 home games if we could."

-On the playoff system: "I think the 4-team playoff is going to be outstanding... It doesn't destroy the bowl system.

-On their teaching philosophy: "We teach em how to be better men at Georgia."

-On discipline: "People are human. People make mistakes. When they do, you discipline them...Some people have policies that bring things to light and some people don't"

-On if a conference commissioner should have the power to fire a coach: "Bottom line, we are in a business. I don't necessarily see a problem with that."



SEC media day quotes: Hugh Freeze

A few quick hitters from Hugh Freeze's first SEC media day:

-On his track to Ole Miss: ""My track is not the normal track to get to this point, I realize that. I'm a realist."

-How he views Oxford as a recruiting tool: "Newsweek just ranked Oxford as the #1 college town in America. Recruits see it as a place that's very happy....If you want to tweet that out, that'd be great."

-On Spurrier's Ole Miss comments: "We will circle that date and I look forward to changing his perspective."

-Freeze notes that about 60% of the team has bought in, and they need about 80% to buy in to have a fighting chance.

-On if the team hearing that the staff is focused on "leading them out of the wilderness" sends the wrong message to the team: "Where we are is documented on ESPN and everywhere else. What we tell players is how we're going to change it."

-Freeze says a large part of playing Memphis is recruiting and getting fans to pack their stadium like a home game, plus it's cheap travel for the program and is close enough for players parents to make the trip.

-On the responsibility of quarterbacks coach Dan Werner: "Dan Werner's sole responsibility is to develop coaches for Ole Miss" 

-On extending the season for a playoff: "I was a big proponent of keeping the bowl system in place. I wasn't a fan of extending the season. It's a grind now."

-On the strength of schedule "It is what it is...We're going to play it."


Hard Knocks preview

Nice preview here of "Hard Knocks" with the Miami Dolphins.

The series following Joe Philbin's team through training camp will premiere August 7th at 10pm.


SEC media day quotes: Derek Dooley

A few notes from Derek Dooley's time at the podium.

-On the improvements that he's seen during the off season: "You're not gonna have Tennessee to kick around anymore."

-On the improvements in personnel since last season: "We have experience, and we're deeper than we've ever been. We're more talented in many ways. Biggest thing is maturity."

-On the struggles at Tennessee over the past few seasons: "It's been a tough four years in Tennessee. I know the SEC has enjoyed taking advantage of our tough times."

-"We certainly feel that we now have a team that can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league. You couldn't say that the last two years."

-On if players seem to be liking the addition of Sal Sunseri as defensive coordinator: "Yeah, but they don't have a choice. Sal's pretty imposing."

Delany seeking the power to fire coaches

Apparently the Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is pushing a proposal that would give him authority to fire coaches of member institutions.

Think about that for a second. Sound insane? We think so too. 

According to the article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, the plan would give Delany and and a powerful committee of conference presidents the power to "penalize individual members of an institution, should their actions significantly harm the league’s reputation."

Now, we don't have all the facts at this time, but this sounds ridiculous. Here is the original article to take a look for yourself.

Why would any university give an outside entity the power / authority to terminate contracts? 

Comments are welcomed below or on Twitter (@FootballScoop); but this one just makes absolutely no sense at all to us. 

SEC media day quotes: Nick Saban

Nick Saban kicked things off today at the final round of coaching interviews at SEC media day. Plenty of notable content below.

-On success: "It's human nature to relax after success. Success should be defined as consistency in performance."

-On attention to detail: "The most important things we learned is you have to stay on top of the little things. Things don't happen by accident, you have to make them happen."

-On what will define the 2012 team. "This team will be defined by what it does, not by what it's done."

-On how he is different as a coach than he was 5 years ago: "As a coach we learn things all the time, from other people, from being a good listener, adapting to technology...I don't think the core values of what is important to be successful have changed at all."

-On sideline apparel after mentioning that Spurrier is one of the older coaches that he looks up to: "I considered wearing a visor, but I was afraid throwing it."

-Saban says that opening up with an opponent like Michigan helps players focus and enhances preparation and work ethic in the off season.

-On if a 9 game SEC schedule would make it harder to win a national title: "The #1 priority should be that every player has the opportunity to play every SEC team during his career...Everyone has a self absorbed opinion about why we should'nt do it."

-Saban on attutide of team defending a national title: "Good is not good enough. It has to be special."

-Saban on playoff criteria and people talking about needing to be a conference champion to make it in: "Anyone making a statement about conference champions is really making a statement against the SEC and any other conference that has more than one team good enough to play for the national title."