To be successful you have to be consistent

When James Franklin looks at the Missouri program he sees Gary Pinkel and a staff that have put together a consistent winner the right way. 

"I have a great respect for him and his staff and what they've been able to do over the long term, really build it the right way. You don’t really see a spike one or two years. They've built it the right way and able to be really consistent."

"Coach Pinkel runs a real program. It's not, 'Let me go hire a coordinator and run one offense,' and then he leaves and you go hire a new coordinator and he runs a new offense. It's the same thing on defense. There's a lot of similarities. Obviously everybody tweaks things every year and you evolve over time."

Franklin went on to explain how staff continuity and running the same schemes on offense, defense and special teams year after year helps when your recruiting to build a consistent program, and the Missouri program illustrates that.

"I would say if you look at his team from the first couple of years until now, there's a lot of similarities in how they play, what they emphasize, their schemes and their mentalities. That's what you see whenever you see a real program."

"The better teams don’t have a lot of turnover on their staff. They run systems that they recruit for year in and year out. So you have a chance to be consistent. You change your scheme, you change your recruiting philosophy, it makes it really difficult to build for the long term and have the kind of consistency that they've had."

Wednesday TV - Four games including USC at Utah

Thursday is finally here. Three college games and a NFL game on tonight.

Eastern time listed.


Arizona at St. Louis - 8:20 - NFL Network


Arkansas State at Florida International - 7:30 - ESPNU

East Carolina at UCF - 8 - CBS Sports Network

USC at Utah - 9 - ESPN

High School:

No games

Big 12 apologizes to Gundy

4PM Update> See the tweet above. Hmmm. What's going on here?

Original Story> 

Mike Gundy made it very clear that he was unhappy with the deciding touchdown called in their game against Texas last weekend.

Gundy flat out told reporters, "I think he fumbled." Come to find out, it looks like he was right.

The Big 12 came out today and formally apologized for the botched call.

According to the Oklahoman, the head of Big 12 officials called Gundy to "apologize profusely" for the touchdown that ended up deciding the game Saturday. Further review revealed that the Longhorns touchdown on 2nd and 2 was, in fact, fumbled before the ball crossed the goal line. 

An Oklahoma State player ended up coming up with the ball in the end zone, but the touchdown was reviewed by the booth and later confirmed on the field.

Take a quick look at the play in question below.

Charlie Strong on leaving for Arkansas job, "I'm just not cut like that"

Jim Rome had Louisville head coach Charlie Strong on his show today. To Rome's credit the conversation turned towards the possibility of Strong being contacted about the Arkansas opening after the season. 

Here's a quick summary of the relevant comments:

Rome: Your name has come up with regards to the Arkansas job. You're an Arkansas native...I know you'll tell me you're great where you are and you're only thinking about Louisville; but given your background, if that phone rings do you owe it to yourself to at least pick it up?

Strong: Jim, I always say this. The athletic director and president here gave me my first opportunity. I know a lot of times your name comes up with these different jobs, but when someone reaches out to you I owe it to them [Louisville] to uphold what we've been talking about. The phone call may never come. ... When I got this job my name wasn't even in the mix for the Louisville job. I am fine where I'm at. I've got a lot of backing here and my family loves it here. I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at. 

Rome: When you say to me these are the people that gave me the opportunity, that means something to you, right?

Strong: Oh it does. A lot of times we think the grass is greener on the other side, but you don't just walk away when you are building a program. Then I look at the players I recruited here. I told them to come here for me and for this university and then all of the sudden I got a shot to go somewhere else and I walk away from them? I'm just not cut like that."

Strong comments. 

Sal Sunseri talks about the standard of play that's expected

Sal Sunseri had a few complaints about the way that the Vols defense played in their 51-44 loss to Georgia. The Vols gave up numerous big plays didn't play up to the standard that they had previously established.

"Big plays are killing me. My hair is getting whiter." Sunseri said after practice today.

'And the thing is, knowing our fits and knowing where you have to be to make plays and it's about eleven guys flying to the football. You can't just make it a one guy game."

Sunseri goes on to talk about the standard that he expects the Vols to play at during practices and on game days.

"You get what you demand, and we're demanding that you get to the ball...and that's how it's going to be. Let me just tell you, the standard around here is not going to change. We're going to demand it and we're going to find people who can get to the ball."

"When you go into a one on one drill, there's a standard that we're expecting you to compete with. If it's a seven on seven drill, we want you to compete. Every time you go on that field, whether it's first down, second down or third down there's a standard that you got to play with and if you're not playing with that then your not giving yourself a chance and your not giving your team a chance to win."

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