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Allow your players to market your program

The most successful head coaches are always planning for the future of their program. 

Lane Kiffin was blessed to have Matt Barkley on campus when he arrived as head coach of USC. Kiffin nearly immediately began to utilize Barkley in their overall marketing program. Barkley represents the University and the football team very well on camera. Last year you might remember that USC allowed Barkley to "star" in a number of behind the scenes videos allowing fans and students to get to know the team better (oh, and to market the program to recruits). Although he might not know it (actually he seems to get it, so he might realize this), what Barkley is really doing is to help ensure the next Matt Barkley comes to SC. 

Tonight we noticed the video below in which Barkley drops a little knowledge about SC's offense and Kiffin's in-game adjustments. Another quality marketing piece for the program. 

Note to those of you blessed with a marketable starting junior or sophomore...allow that young man to become the face of your team for next year or two...and you will see results.


A look inside the equipment room

Interesting look here inside of the equipment room at Western Michigan with equipment manager Taylor Jorgensen.

Jorgnesen is in his first season as the head equipment manager, and comes to the Broncos with NFL experience. In the clip he explains the differences between managing the equipment in the NFL, and the college level, as well as their procedure for game days.

Air Force traveled to Ann Arbor with instructors

After the tough 31-25 loss to Michigan on Saturday, Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun cancelled all of their media availabilities.

Calhoun announced today that he cancelled all of the media availabilities immediately after the game not due to anything that happened in the game; but because he wanted his guys to spend some extra time with their families, and on their academics...and with instructors that made the trip to Ann Arbor with them.

Coach Calhoun explained that they brought a number of instructors on the trip with them because they have a bunch of exams and projects coming up in the next few weeks. For players whose families were in Ann Arbor for the game, Calhoun noted that he wanted them to spend some extra time with them.

Taking instructors on the road shows quite the commitment to academics, and we're sure the instructors appreciated the extra effort to get everyone on the same page.

Nothing to see here. Move along. ???

Dabo hiring a sports nutritionist and chef


We just saw this tweet noting that Dabo Swinney plans to hire a nutritionist and chef for the football program very soon.

Swinney noted that he would like to be able to have three meals a day (NCAA currently limits training table to one meal a day) at training table because it is a "huge part of performance on the field and academically."

Here's a clip of Scott Sehnert, Auburn's Sports Dietitian, explaining his duties.

Joker: We need to take more shots downfield

One of the biggest differences in the Kentucky offense this season is the addition of the no huddle and the utilization of more spread formations.

Through the first two games the Wildcats are averaging just under 70 plays per game, which ranks them around the middle of the pack nationally.

Offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Randy Sanders noted after Saturday's game that practicing at such a high tempo doesn't allow them to get as much work done on throwing the deep ball as he would like because the receivers are gassed.

Through two games, Kentucky is ranked in the top ten nationally in completions over ten yards, but ranks towards the bottom nationally when it comes to completions of 30 or more yards. 

"I like that he's taking what he likes and what he sees," Joker Phillips said of his quarterback's progressions. "But sometimes on our all go routes, we've got to give our receivers a chance. That's the thing, give our receivers a chance, go up, and let those guys make a play for you, and it also keeps them off of you."

During his press conference yesterday, Joker noted that their longest pass play has been 23 yards, and they need to be able to successfully stretch the field vertically in order to keep defenses honest.

One drill that they have implemented to work on the deep ball is to put the receivers 30 yards down field, and once the quarterback hits the top of his drop, the receiver takes off. That allows the receivers to stay fresh, they can continue to practice at a high tempo, and quarterbacks continue to gain confidence throwing the deep ball.

This week the Wildcats take on Western Kentucky, who's defense has allowed only 17 completions (17 for 31 - 55%) through their first two games against Austin Peay and Alabama. The two will face off in Lexington at 7pm.

John L: Playing former assistants is like fighting your brother

With the Arkansas and Alabama match up just around the corner this weekend, John L. Smith was asked about a few guys that he has close ties to that are now part of Alabama's staff.

Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier was actually the first quarterback that Smith recruited at Idaho, and he later went on the win the Walter Payton Award as a D-I AA player before coaching with Smith after his professional career ended, and Crimson Tide offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland served as Smith's offensive line coach while he was the head coach at Michigan State.

Yesterday, John L. was asked about what it is like to line up on the opposite sideline against some of his former assistants.

"The day you play them you have great loyalty and great love for people. They have been a part of you and a part of your family."

"Going against them is like wanting to beat your brother. You never want to lose against your brother. I'm sure you've gotten in fist fights with your brother growing up right?" Smith explained.

"You'd come out all bloodied up, but you still wanted to beat him right? That's the way it is. You want to get after each other."


Pelini: "We've let their offense dictate our defense"

After giving up over 650 yards in a loss to UCLA last Saturday and spending plenty of time reflecting, Bo Pelini is ready to move on to week three.

“I’ve been sick to my stomach since that game. I felt we should have won that football game. We didn’t. You know, it hurts. It’s hard to live with. But you have to move on. You have to. That’s part of the deal. It’s part of this profession. It’s sickening to you, but you can’t turn back the clock.”

After playing a few teams (Southern Miss and UCLA) that like to spread it out and run the zone read, Pelini believes that they've let the opponents offense dictate a little too much of what they do on the defensive side of the ball.

The Husker defense will see another spread offense this week with Arkansas State.

“I want to get them back to coming off the football and being more aggressive up front. I think to a certain extent, we’ve let the style of offense dictate to us instead of us dictating to the offense.

Defensive coordinator John Papuchis noted that they're looking to counter that by getting more speed on the field.

“Team speed is something that has been a little bit lacking over the first couple games. So we’re going to try to get some of our faster guys on the field and see how that works this week."

"Everybody is in the equation right now. If we have to work 24 hours a day for the next seven days, and really for the next three months, we’re going to figure it out.” Papuchis explained.

Even while coaching a national championship defense at LSU, Pelini noted that there were rough patches along the way. At this point it's important to stay the course.

“You’re going to have games where you have a rough go of it. It’s how you come back from those things that are going to define you in the end.”