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Three and out - Pat Narduzzi had a very busy "off season", GameDay is hiring a DJ, and Scott meets a bear

Doug: Between the end of Michigan State's magical Rose Bowl win over Stanford, and the start of spring ball, Pat Narduzzi notes that over 300 staffs came to visit with the Spartan defensive staff. That's insane.

During the remaining days in January, and into signing day, the Michigan State coaches were out on the road finalizing their recruiting class, so that leaves 12 weeks (according to my and Zach's research) to visit with coaches leading up to the spring game. That means that the Spartan defensive staff sat down with an average of 25 coaches per week this off season talk to defensive scheme.

That's quite the off season.

Zach: College GameDay could get a new cast member this fall... a 20-something female DJ. 

Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch had an extended conversation with GameDay coordinating producer Lee Fitting about what to expect from sport's preeminent pre-game show in 2014. Much of the piece focused on the extreme double-duty Chris Fowler will pull as host (and co-CEO, as Deitsch puts it) of GameDay in addition to his new job as the play-by-play man for ABC's Saturday Night Football games. In many weeks, that requires flying from New York to, say, Columbus on Thursday to prep for Saturday Night Football, then to Baton Rouge on Friday to for GameDay, host two hours of a three-hour show, fly back to Columbus to call a game that night, and then do it all again the next week. It's a job many of us would love to have, but none of us could begin to do.

Then there was this nugget, on the DJ:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.36.56 PM

This is a move that is probably long overdue. If you'll allow me to put on my old man slacks and pull them up to my chest, I attended three GameDay tapings in my day, back when the show was just two hours, and the buzz turns into buzzkill pretty quickly after the show goes on air. There's the initial excitement when you first see Chris, Kirk and company, and then when the show starts, and then all of a sudden they're talking about Clemson vs. Wake Forest and you can hear your couch calling your name.

And, let's be honest, hiring a female DJ is playing to your audience better than airlifting fresh bacon into an abandoned kennel.


Read more here.

Scott - I just got back from a 10 day vacation with the family in the mountains of North Carolina. We stayed at a beautiful place called Bear Lake Reserve. Yeah, the name should have clued us in. 4 "encounters" with bears. Kind of cool; kind of not... but wonderful memories. 


Above is an action shot of one of the younger bears coming to "greet" us. No thanks.

Many thanks to Zach and Doug for keeping the site rolling in my extended absence. 


Auburn looks for these seven traits in an offensive lineman. Two are non-negotiable


Auburn offensive line coach JB Grimes has a coaching career that spans 30 years including stops at East Carolina, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Arkansas, UL-Monroe, and Delta State.

His accomplishments as an offensive line coach are too long to list here (just listing the accomplishments from last season would be more than enough to impress), and those accomplishments are just a small part of the reason he's regarded as one of the best offensive line coaches in the business.

To play offensive line for coach Grimes, offensive lineman must have a specific set of traits, and when he looks at offensive lineman while recruiting he's specifically looking for seven things, according to a recent piece by AL.com. According to the piece, these are the seven traits that Grimes looks for, some are more obvious than others:

    • Size
    • Quickness
    • Balance
    • Strength
    • Football IQ
    • Character
    • Toughness

Ask any offensive line coach in the country worth their salt and their list will look nearly identical, but the one trait that stands out to me that might be overlooked on the lists of other coaches is balance. But when you really think about life in the trenches, having balance on your short list makes a whole lot of sense.

The two traits that are non-negotiable for Grimes are character and toughness, and the veteran offensive line coach believes that just possessing two of the remaining traits is enough to "contribute at the college level", according to the piece.

The full article talks about one player in particular, freshman offensive line phenom Braden Smith (who repped out 515 on the bench as a senior in HS), but those nuggets from Grimes are what really stood out. Read the whole article here.

Dana Holgorsen on close losses: "It beats getting your ass kicked."

West Virginia missed a bowl game for the first time in more than a dozen years in 2013, though they weren't as far away from late December/early January paydirt as their 4-8 final record indicated. 

The Mountaineers lost to Texas Tech 37-27 after holding a 27-23 lead entering the fourth quarter, fell to Texas 47-40 in overtime after taking a 40-37 lead into the game's final minute, and blew a 38-21 fourth quarter lead in the season finale versus Iowa State, collapsing into a 52-44 triple-overtime loss. Swing those games around, and West Virginia is 7-5 and possibly in the Holiday Bowl against Arizona State. And that's not even taking into account whatever that terrible mess was against Kansas.

Holgorsen was asked what his team has done to correct that result heading into this season. He said that work began as soon as the calendar turned to 2014.

"We've focused on that. That's one of our goals," he said. "We've got a couple of goals that we've talked about in here with our coaches and players and one of them is finishing. That was frustrating last year. It wasn't anymore frustrating for myself than my team to sit in that locker room after losing an overtime game, or losing a 10-point fourth quarter lead. We have focused on that since January. Not only have we focused and talked about it, we've done specific drills where we work on finishing. Finishing periods, finishing practices, finishing reps. It's something coaches say a good bit around here."

When asked how tired he is of talking about losing close games, Holgorsen shook his head and paused. "It's better than getting your ass kicked," he answered.

When you put it that way, Dana. 

This Georgia preseason hype video will get you ready for football

Camp is underway across college football. Whistles are blowing and pads are popping on fields across this great land of ours. This video, entitled "Finish the Drill" from Georgia feels appropriate to mark the occasion. 

Georgia has long produced some of the best hype videos in college football, and their 2014 preseason edition is no different. The Dogs are ready for football. 

2014 Fall Preview from Georgia Football on Vimeo.

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