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Mark Richt points out over-signing isn't over

Mark Richt was one of the coaches in disgust over the notion of over-signing.

Many felt the issue was settled during the SEC meetings in Destin when university presidents decided that coaches will not be allowed to sign more than 25 recruits on National Signing Day.

The issue has essentially died down.

Until now.

Today, Richt pointed out to the Atlanta Journal Constitution the rule isn’t the end all of over-signing.

Richt said, “All I’m saying is you can still over-sign with 25. If you only have room for 15 and you sign 25, you still sign more than you’ve got.  The question is everybody’s integrity. That’s the question. Are we all going to do things in the right way? And I think everybody’s trying to do that.”

“It’s not an easy thing to manage. It’s really not because on signing day, if you sign right to the 85 number, by the time august rolls around you might have only 79 because of the attrition that happens from the signing day until august and that’ what everybody’s trying to figure out. How can we start the season at 85 and not over-sign?”

“It’s not as simple as maybe everybody wants to make it.”

Not only will SEC programs be limited to 25 signees, but December junior college signees will no longer “count back” against the previous year’s class.

The SEC is hoping both rules will be national rules, not just enforced by the SEC.

Lane Kiffin explains procedure behind closed doors with infractions committee

Today on the College Football Playbook with Mike Leach & Jack Arute, Lane Kiffin explained what’s it’s like behind closed doors with the infractions committee.

Kiffin said, “The people making the decisions are from different universities around the country and sometimes they are not involved in athletics at all, so it is a unique process.”

“The enforcement staff basically presents their findings and what they’re beliefs are on the coaches or universities, then the committee of infractions kind of questions them as well as the universities and coaches to find out what really are the issues here.”

“There is actually lot of work that goes into it (beforehand).  All parties have attorneys in it, from the universities to the coaches involved.”

“(There is) A lot of people in the room including Commissioner Slive.  I guess there were probably 40 people in the room.”

Kiffin described the mood in the room as “not real tense.”

He added, “It’s just trying to get through all the information so everybody can understand what really happened.  Was there intent to go against the rules or was there just honest mistakes made?”

Kiffin pointed out the NCAA rules manual is really big.  Leach agreed.

Leach added, “It’s ridiculously big.  It’s one of those things where it’s just like some of those NFL playbooks where everybody gets an idea then they put it together.  The thing gets distorted into a monster, they have a book with 1000 plays and they’re going to go play a game where there’s going to be 65 plays and yet they’re drawing from a thousand.”

Kiffin said he was told a ruling should come in four to six weeks.


Must watch video: Ed Orgeron getting them pumped up

It’s 82 days until the first Saturday of college football.

That’s still plenty of time for athletic departments to push season-ticket sales.

This summer, we’ve seen some interesting commercials to gain the attention of fans, to create a sense of urgency or excitement to purchase season-tickets.

Last week, we highlighted a video produced by the South Carolina athletic department that featured All-SEC defensive end Devin Taylor.  That video was pretty good, but it doesn’t beat the latest video launched by the University of Southern California.

Simply put, you have got to watch this video of Coach Ed Orgeron.


Lou Holtz encourages Memphis fans, relates his start at South Carolina to Porter's start

Lou Holtz served as the guest speaker on Tuesday night in Memphis as the University of Memphis kicked off their fundraising campaign to raise $10 million for an indoor practice facility.

In front of 1000 Memphis supporters, Holtz said the most important thing he did as the head coach at Notre Dame was convincing the university to build an indoor facility.

Holtz said he told the Notre Dame players, “We’re going to give you a chance to be the very best in the country.”

It’s an absolute necessity described Holtz.  There are no rain-outs during August camp, you are sure to have good preparation during bowl season, and players have a place to train on their own anytime the weather isn’t ideal.

“An indoor practice facility will do exactly the same thing here at the University of Memphis.”

In the bigger picture, Holtz explained, “When you are successful in football, there is a pride among the student body that can’t be duplicated in any other way, there is an association with the alumni that binds them back to the school, there is a pride in the city and state that we are committed to excellence.”

“I think it’s an absolute necessity to we all get together and we back Larry Porter and his staff 1000%.  That’s our obligation.  We take pride.”

One of the most interesting parts of Holtz’ speech was relating his start at South Carolina to the start of the Larry Porter era at Memphis.  Holtz went 0-11 in 1999 at South Carolina, Porter just 1-11 last season.

Here’s the video of Holtz relating the two situations:


Holgorsen talks with Leach about moving forward

Dana Holgorsen talked with his former head coach Mike Leach today during the Sirius/XM College Football Playbook with Leach & Jack Arute.

Asked how he would pull everyone together including players and coaches, Holgorsen said, “Well, you gotta call a meeting.”

He added, “We just gotta get united as a coaching staff and come together and communicate.  We’ll figure out how we want to change specific things organizationally and what we want to keep the same organizationally.  And that needs to trickle downs to the players, administrators, and fans as well.”

What about all the commotion the last three weeks?  Did it ever get to you?

Holgorsen said, “The only way I know how to get around that stuff is to get up early and get around the kids.  I try to ignore it.”

He laughingly said, “My stress release was a day on the river and jumping out of an airplane.”  (Here's the video of Holgorsen skydiving.)

Holgorsen did say that he took a few days off after Friday night’s announcement, but acknowledged that he’ll be busy planning itineraries and working on some small organizational things he’d like to change.

Leach butted in to remind his old friend that his book goes on sale soon.

As if Holgorsen has a lot of free time, Leach joked, “I’ll be up there to Morgantown, and we need to sell a lot of books.  You can start working on that for me.”

West Virginia opens the season against Marshall on Sunday, September 4.   ESPN will broadcast the game at 3:30 EST.

Heisman Trophy odds just released

Bodog.com has just released their odds on the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner.

We were surprised to see that Matt Barkley is 45/1.  The top 10 includes four quarterbacks including Michigan's Denard Robinson.  Although Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon has the seventh best odds at 15/1.  Meanwhile, Blackmon's quarterback Brandon Weeden is just 32/1.  

  Andrew Luck - Stanford (9/2 odds)
  Landry Jones - Oklahoma (13/2 odds)
  Marcus Lattimore - South Carolina (7/1 odds)
  Denard Robinson - Michigan (15/2)
  LaMichael James - Oregon (15/2)
  Trent Richardson - Alabama (12/1)
  Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State (15/1)
  Kellen Moore - Boise State (15/1)
  Knile Davis - Arkansas (15/1)
  Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma  (15/1)

Luck, Robinson, Blackmon, and Moore will each have a different position coach from a year ago.

Pep Hamilton replaces Jim Harbaugh.  Al Borges replaces Rod Smith at Michigan.  Kasey Dunn replaces Gunter Brewer at Oklahoma State.  Brent Pease replaces Bryan Harsin at Boise State.


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Lincoln Riley preparing for brutal 4 game stretch to begin season

As an offensive coordinator, how would you like to compete against Ellis Johnson, Bud Foster, and Everett Withers in the first four weeks of the season?

Let’s be honest, those coaches have made a number of coordinators look really inept on numerous occasions during their careers.

Foster has won the Broyles Award.  Spurrier says Johnson is the best defensive coordinator in the country.  And Butch Davis said last year, “If Everett doesn’t win it (Broyles Award), they should never give out that award again.”

On the bright side, as an offensive coordinator, you get to spend countless hours this summer watching film of some of the best schemes and fundamentals in the country.  Undoubtedly, you will learn a lot from three of the most respected defensive coordinators in the college game.

Welcome to the world of Lincoln Riley.

Going into his second year as the offensive coordinator at East Carolina, Riley is preparing for a brutal four game start that includes South Carolina (in Charlotte), Virginia Tech, UAB, and North Carolina.  The latter three are all in Greenville.

Riley told Bonesville.net this week, “I don’t really think this group really cares who we are playing. That is how you want it. If you sit there and worry all day about who you are playing and you quit worrying about yourself and what you’ve got to do, you are going to have trouble executing and that is what is most important. I think when our kids want to play in big games and prove themselves against good competition.”

“Offensively, our kids feel that we can go out and play with anyone offensively and that we are only going to get better as long as we keep working. Right now there is a confidence that we can do whatever we want to do against anyone as long as we keep working and we stay who we are. I think if you ask any guy in this offense about that, they will tell you the same thing. There is a confidence level there… let’s worry about us and play as good as we can and if we play as good as we can, things will turnout in our favor. We try to stay focused on that and not worry about who we play but how we play.”

Riley added, “I see the personality of this team a little bit as a team that is going to out-work people. This team works really hard, and offensively, I think we have a pretty confident group, we just have to continue being more efficient at what we do.”

The rest of the East Carolina offensive staff includes Brandon Jones (offensive line), Donnie Kirkpatrick (inside receivers / recruiting coordinator), Clay McGuire (running backs / special teams coordinator), Dennis Simmons (outside receivers), and Landon Hoefer (offensive grad assistant).

Memphis launches campaign to raise $10 million for IPF

The University of Memphis is launching a capital campaign to raise $10 million for an indoor practice facility.

This evening, the athletic department will present their "Vision for Victory" plan to over 1000 invited guests during an on-campus meeting. There will be a special 22-person executive committee to oversee the campaign.  The university has asked former players Isaac Bruce and DeAngelo Williams to serve as honorary chairmen of the committee.

Lou Holtz will be the guest speaker at tonight’s presentation. 

Although you will not be able to view Holtz’ speech due to contractual agreements, the rest of the presentation can be viewed here at 6:45 EST tonight.

With an outdated “turf room,” roughly 40 yards long, the football program is in need of an indoor facility.  (photo below)

Memphis is set to enter their second season under head coach Larry Porter.  Despite coming off a 1-11 record in 2010, the Tigers have seven TV games this season.  Conference favorite, Houston, has just six scheduled TV games.

The 2011 Memphis TV schedule includes Mississippi State (FSN), SMU (FSN), at Rice (CSS), at UCF (BHSN), UAB (CSS), Marshall (FSN), and at Southern Miss (CSS).



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