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All-Access Video: Bielema opens camp to the cameras

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema has opened up the doors to the cameras during August camp.

“The Camp: Week One” takes you inside the Badgers’ first team meeting and Bielema’s meeting with the true freshman.

From the get go, Bielema wanted his team to understand one thing.  “Earn it.”

He told the team, “I want to talk about earning it.  A lot of people say nice things about you.  All of that is based on who?  They think we’re going to be good.  Because of what we’ve done in the past, they expect us to be good, but none of that is guaranteed.  You have to earn it.”

We found it interesting that the Wisconsin locker room includes a four square area for players to compete and have fun.

Near the end of the video, you will see the strength staff organize a group of players through an exercise to improve hand placements and hand quickness.

Here is the all-access film of the Badgers.

Smart decision: Luke Fickell setting his way with the media

Ohio State interim head coach Luke Fickell is setting his way with the media.

Fickell is making a point to avoid talking about any individuals, something that Ohio State has seemed to be about in the last couple of years.

Following practice on Monday, a reporter asked about which players were standing out thus far in camp.

Fickell responded, “We’re going to continue to focus on the team.  I don’t know that I’m going to point out any one single guy.  I think we have a bunch of guys that our going to step up and do their job.  We’re going to continue to talk about it as a team, worry about the name on the front of the jersey instead of the back.”

And again, later on…

“We’re not trying to focus on any one person, any one player, any one coach, not about me.  We’re just going to continue to talk about the team.”

From the outside, it seems like a smart decision, one that should help the Buckeyes.

Tubs likes red, Texas Tech unveils new uniforms

Texas Tech has unveiled their new uniforms, which feature the phrase “Guns Up” on the back beltline.

It appears that Tubs has opted for a set of white cleats to go along with the traditional black. The new uniforms will also feature red numbers on the black and white jerseys, which is also a change from previous seasons.

The Red Raiders opens the season by hosting Texas State.  It’s probably going to be a hot one.  In fact, US News has just ranked Lubbock, Texas as the hottest city in America this summer.

Here are the new threads.


Cutcliffe opens camp with brand new indoor practice facility

Entering his fourth season as Duke head coach, David Cutcliffe opened up August camp on Monday.

He opened up camp with the luxury of a brand new indoor practice facility.  It's the first time in his career as a head coach that Cutcliffe can benefit from an indoor facility.

It seems like perfect timing because according to US News, Raleigh (NC) has been the third hottest city in America this summer.

The top five hottest cities have been Lubbock (TX), Oklahoma City (OK), Raleigh (NC), Tulsa (OK), and Austin (TX).

In the shadows of Ron Middleton’s booming voice, offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Kurt Roper took advantage of the new indoor facility as he led the quarterbacks during individual drills.

Here is Coach Cutcliffe’s post-practice talk with the media.  He’s obviously thankful for the indoor facility.


Manny Diaz: Our offense has TE's coming out of helicopters and secret holes in the ground

Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz believes the Longhorns’ defense will benefit greatly from going against the numerous formations, shifts, and motions that the Texas offense incorporates.

The multiple formations make it difficult to even get lined up as a defense.

Diaz explained, “The first thing you have to do on defense is get lined up.  With our offense, tight ends are coming out of helicopters and coming out of secret holes in the ground, so you’re constantly just struggling to even give yourself a chance before the play begins.

“But that makes us better because what we are trying to sell to our players is that going against them every day in practice, when we get in a game and they are just standing there, our kids are going to be like, ‘Coach, what are they doing?’  We just get to line up and play. That’s what you want.  You want the games to hopefully physically easier, but for sure want them to be mentally easier. I think that’s the advantage of going against our offense.”

After the first couple of practices, Diaz loves the sense of confidence on defense.

“What you can see on our team is confidence.  It’s been hot outside and our players haven’t blinked.  They haven’t complained about a thing.  That comes with confidence.  When you have confidence in your conditioning level and confidence in your strength level, you start to realize you can accomplish some things you were sure you could do before.  And that’s been a tribute to our strength staff and what they did this summer.”

When asked if a true freshman could play at defensive tackle, Diaz responded, “Yeah, no doubt.  We are an equal opportunity employer.  We will play the best players.”


Joe Paterno injured during Penn State practice

Eighty-four year old Joe Paterno has suffered injuries to his right arm and hip due to a collision with a player during Sunday’s practice.

According to the official Penn State website, Paterno walked away after the collision and not expected to require surgery.  Reportedly, 5'7 157 wide receiver Devon Smith collided with Paterno as the head coach was taking notes.

ESPN’s Joe Schad is reporting there is a hairline fracture.

Paterno said today, “I expect to be back at practice soon. I'm doing fine; tell everyone not to worry about me. I like the effort I have seen from the squad during our first few practices, but we have a long way to go to get ready for the schedule we have."

Tough break for the Hall of Fame coach, who one broke his leg during a 2006 game against Wisconsin.

Emotional Video: As a coach, ever wonder what your family is missing?

As a coach, do you ever wonder what your family is missing when you are consumed in your job?

SI.com released a video today called Inside the Private World of Urban Meyer.

You don’t want to miss the highly emotional interview with Coach Meyer’s daughter, Nicki, as she talks about the moment her father decided to retire.

Urban said, “Nicki is the one who said, ‘Dad you don’t need to do coach.  You don’t have to do this.’  I was like, ‘You’re right.’”

Nicki said, “He asked me, ‘How would you feel if I retired?’  I was like ‘Why?  When are you thinking about doing this?’ I was thinking in the back of my mind like ok five years.  He was like, ‘2 days from now.’”

Nicki added, “I just lost it.  Just so happy.  Just relieved that I was going to have my dad back after these 10 years of watching him work so hard.  It was like one of the best feelings I’ll ever had.  I remember looking at him and saying I would support that more than anything if you could just get yourself together again and be happy.  Cuz he wasn’t happy and all of us knew it.  Everyone knew it.”

The interview is chilling.  Take a look.

ESPN goes LIVE inside Charlie Weis' position meeting

Will Muschamp has given ESPN unprecedented access to the Florida program today.  The ESPN cameras have already shown LIVE footage of DJ Durkin’s special teams meeting and just finished filming Charlie Weis’ quarterback position meeting.  Later on, ESPN will be LIVE inside the Gator’s staff meeting.

This morning, Jesse Palmer asked Weis to talk about the biggest challenge of installing a new offense.

Weis said, “I think that teaching football is no different than teaching in a class.  I think what you have to make sure is that you don’t give the students more than they are capable of learning.  I think one of biggest errors that you can make in coaching is trying to do more than your collective group is capable of doing. “

“We predicate our whole offense on the quarterback being an extension of the coaching staff.  So if the quarterback struggles on something, then we just throw it out.  There is no sense having it in there if he is really not capable of doing it himself.  The odds of it being successful are slim to none.”

You can watch a replay of Weis’ position meeting, right here.