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Texas Tech 2012 Trailer

Texas Tech throws their hat in the ring for the best trailer of the year.

Good video.

SEC media day quotes: Will Muschamp

Will Muschamp starts off today's round of coaches at day 2 of SEC media day.

-On offensive coordinator Brent Pease: "He's a guy that has been on my radar for a while, he brings a lot to the table"

-On what will be different offensively: "Well, we'd better score some more points."

-On finishing near the bottom of the country (113th) in turnover margin: "It's a minor miracle we won seven games."

-On Missouri's offense: "Offensively they're exotic. They're a tough preparation for your defense."

-While at Texas, Mack Brown told Muschamp that every job is different, and has its own circumstances and shared the following advice: "You've got to work yourself into the job when you get there."

-Muschamp noted that Texas A&M ran an impressive 106 plays in their spring game.

-On their recruiting base at Florida: "You've got a great recruiting base. Within a 300-mile radius, you can win your league."

-On not banning players from using Twitter: "Freedom of speech is one of the great things we have."





Behind the scenes video: SEC Media Day for Kevin Sumlin

Ever wonder what it's like to experience your first SEC Media Day as a head coach?

Well, follow Kevin Sumlin along for his first time...

New helmets for UNLV

UNLV has added a few new wrinkles to their helmet this season.

The new look will feature a red and white stripe down the middle, a new color scheme for the lettering on the helmet, and a new gray face mask.

Also, a darker shade of gray will be used for the facemask and helmet itself. Take a look. The old helmet is portrayed in the first two pictures, followed by a few pictures of the new helmet.








SEC media day quotes: James Franklin

James Franklin took the podium as the last coach of the day. Below are a few notes from his appearance.

-Coming back for year two was very different for Franklin. Last season he said he walked around and nobody stopped him to talk. This year, walking around was a very different experience. 

-Franklin believes that replacing starters on defense is a much easier task than replacing offensive starters because if your on the two deep as a defensive lineman, chances are you got quite a few snaps. That's not always true on the offensive side of the ball.

-On their recruiting success. "For the right kid from the right family, we're a right fit for everybody"he added, "If your truly one of the best and the brightest, where else would you go?"

-On how difficult it is to sell the Vanderbilt brand because of their past struggles and limited winning tradition: "Maybe you've understand that, but kids don't look at it like that. Once we get kids on campus we've got an outstanding chance of landing him" Franklin explained. "As adults, a lot of times we focus on the past, but these kids are looking at the future."

-On their recruiting strategy: "We aren't going to be a team that get's intoxicated by talent"

-On the success of last season: "We had probably just enough success to whet their appetite. They are working really hard right now."

-"We're very process oriented, not goal oriented at Vanderbilt, and that's how we have been since day one"

-On what phase of the process he is in now that everyone has bought in: "This year we believe, the players believe, the coaches believe. last year, we thought we could do some good things, this year we believe we can do some things."

-On what he has had to do to spread the Vanderbilt message: "I have not said no to a speaking engagement yet. If it's going to a little kid's birthday party and blowing up balloons in the back yard, I'm willing to do it to to spread our message"

SEC media day quotes: Gary Pinkel

Here's a few quick hitters from Gary Pinkel, and Missouri's first SEC media day.

-Pinkel noted that continuity within the staff has been extremely important in building the Mizzou program and will help as they all adjust to new recruiting areas a competition.

-On good friend Nick Saban: "He'll probably go down as one of the greatest coaches in college football history...and he should."

-On the criticism they have heard coming from the Big 12: "People act like we play bunch of high school teams. We played in a pretty good league."

-On meeting SEC coaches and commissioner Mike Slive the first time at a SEC meeting: ""It was, Hi, how are you guys doing? Let's go to work.”

-On where reporters should go to eat when coming to Columbia: "I'd get in big trouble for answering that one. Why don't you email the city's restaurant association or something."

-Pinkel says that players going back to their home towns and sharing their great experiences at Mizzou with their high school coaches and other players is one of the best, and underrated, recruiting tools that they have.

-Receiver TJ Moe was asked about offensive coordinator David Yost and shared the following: "He sees something he likes and we're running it next day. He'll see something in a Little League game and steal it."



SEC media day quotes: Steve Spurrier

A few notes from Steve Spurrier's media day presser...including some classic Spurrier quotes.

-On the SEC schedule: "It's easier to win the National Championship than the SEC. Ask Nick Saban"

-"A few years ago, if someone stuck around at South Carolina 4-5 years you were a solid citizen. I think we may have 8 or 9 fifth year guys now."

-On the amount of stress he feels: "It's not a stressful job...We have excellent assistant coaches"

-On conference newcomers Texas A&M and Missouri: "It would not surprise me if they were in the hunt (for the SEC title)"

-On the schedule: "You think I make the schedule? If I made the schedule Georgia would be playing LSU and we'd play Ole Miss."

-On recruiting Texas: "No, we will not recruit Texas...not going to go in and compete against Texas and Oklahoma and all them guys." Spurrier added that they would focus on South Carolina, their border states and the surrounding area.

-On the playoff system: "If i was calling the shots, we'd have 8 teams

-On the job that James Franklin has done at Vanderbilt: "He's go his team beleiveing they can beat anyone they play," he said. "They play with a lot of fire and energy, just like Coach Franklin"

-On a selecting the playoff teams: "Probably the best way is similar to the way that they've been getting the first two teams, and then just add teams three and four."









SEC media day quotes: Kevin Sumlin

A couple nuggets from Kevin Sumlin, and Texas A&M's, first SEC media day.

-On hosting Florida at home to open SEC play: "There is no doubt our fans are excited about the home opener against Florida. All you have to do is look at our season ticket sales to see where we are as an athletic department from an excitement standpoint."

-On the offensive adjustments that they may have to make being in the SEC: "Yeah we have to be bigger and faster against SEC defenses" he said with a laugh.

-On recruiting outside of Texas: "There's no doubt that being in the SEC has impacted our national footprint, especially out east." 

-On the possibility of making LSU the last game of the season. "I have nothing to do with scheduling, being the new guy".

-On his assessment of taking on the past three BCS National Champs during the course of his first SEC season : "What's my assessment? It's a pretty damn hard league."

-On realistic expectations for this season: "My realistic expectations are to win, everyone talks to me like I didn't know what I was getting into when I took the job..."

-On Les Miles' comment that Missouri and A&M need to "strap it up" in the new conference: "It wasn't derogatory at all. That's a fair statement. I think he says that about everyone he plays"

-On strength and conditioning coach Larry Jackson never having a conditioning test as long as they have been together, saying that Jackson told him that if they aren't where they need to be conditioning wise, to go ahead and fire him..."There's no better resume than that" Sumlin noted.

-On playing Arkansas at Cowboy Stadium: "I enjoy playing at Jerry’s World as much as the next guy, but I would rather it be a home and home deal."

-Sumlin said that he loves the new uniforms, and for those who aren't as excited about them he says "You should have seen some we turned away." Rumor is that one they looked at was khaki colored.