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Kirby Wilson back at practice

Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson is starting to feel like his old self at practice only a few months after the January fire that changed his life.

Wilson described the opportunity to be back on the field coaching as "my most rewarding camp ever."

At practice, Coach Wilson is active on his feet and can be seen jogging around on the field on occasion, but still needs to get back to the golf cart on occasion, as a reminder to himself to play it smart.

"I'll take my breaks because I want to be smart. My goal is to leave camp in the same condition that I came here, and that's upright. Hopefully, by being smart and taking breaks here and there it will be no problem for me." he said with a smile.

"No doubt ever came in my mind that I would not be here. It was just what conditioning would I be in when I got here? That was the goal in the OTAs and mini-camp...to be smart, pace myself, learn what bothers me and what doesn't bother me. Just fix that when we got to training camp. I'm pretty much 100 percent right now. I got a little bit more, but I'm happy where I'm at."





Strong: "Social media will be the downfall of society"

Last year at about this time, Charlie Strong addressed the crowd at Governor's Cup luncheon by explaining the long road of hard work that they had in front of them to get to where they needed to be as a program.

This season, after many national publications have the Cardinals picked to win the Big East, Strong spent his time at the podium trying to keep everything in perspective. 

"A lot of times when people think that you’re rated so high, you’re just going to roll the ball out to them. We’re not good enough to just roll the ball out against anybody.”

Recently, a few Cardinal players took to Twitter to make their own predictions...something that Strong has a firm opinion against, stating "social media will be the downfall of society."

Big Ten media day roundup

A handful of notable quotes from day one of Big Ten media day:

Bret Bielema: 

-On Penn State: "What those Penn State players are going through right now in the last several days, I have a tremendous amount of respect for their commitment and for coach O'Brien."

-"I'm gonna be Penn State's biggest fan this year."

Urban Meyer: 

-On how he views the Big Ten compared to other conferences: "The SEC has obviously been the kingpin with their success the past couple years."

-On the advantages that sanctions had on their roster at Ohio State: "We found out who really wants to be an Ohio State Buckeye. And he (O'Brien) is going to find out who really wants to be on his team. You have no half-ins any more."

-On having a possible "buffer year" as a coaching staff because of sanctions: "There's no such thing as a buffer year in college football, certainly not at Ohio State and certainly not with myself."

Danny Hope:

-On recruiting: "We are going to exercise every opportunity we have to improve our football team." 

Kevin Wilson:

-On the defensive struggles: "We were one of the few teams in the nation to give up more rushing yards than passing yards."

Bill O'Brien:

Coach O'Brien noted George O'Leary, Ralph Friedgen, Mark Whipple and Bill Belichick as coaching mentors that he has reached out to during his transition from the NFL to college.

Pat Fitzgerald:

-Coach Fitz said that he got his entire staff together to watch the NCAA press conference on Monday. Fitz noted the fact that he has a lot of young coaches on staff as one of the main reasons to get everyone together to soak up what NCAA president Mark Emmert had to say.

-On the new uniforms: "I've been called the most old school young coach in the country...and I'm okay with that."

Tim Beckman: 

On recruiting: "We're recruiting with the same philosophies that we've done at Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Toledo, and now Illinois."

Jerry Kill:

-On his health: "I feel fantastic. I appreciate you asking".

Brady Hoke:

-On being the favorites in the Legends Division: "It's not where you start, it's where you finish."

Bo Pelini: 

-Pelini noted that the upperclassmen will have some great experience with the tradition of college football being able to visit the Big 12 schools, as well as playing at Michigan last year and playing at Ohio State this season. 

Mark Dantonio:

-On sustained success within the program: "We set things in place to continue to compete at the highest level."

-Great quote on facing adversity: "I believe challenges give you every opportunity to rise to an occasion."

-On Michigan being favored to win the Legends Division: "In our locker room, they won't be favored."

Kirk Ferentz:

-On their struggles to add depth to the running back position: "There's nothing to do that we haven't already done."

-On being the longest tenured coach in the Big Ten: "I've had 5 kids graduate from the same high school, which is hard to do in this profession."





Mississippi State's new uniforms

Mississippi State just unveiled their new 2012 Adidas uniforms moments ago.

Spoiler alert: There is no #HailState hashtag featured anywhere that we could see.

Saints owner Tom Benson says he wants to buy the Times Picayune


New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson recognizes the value of a newspaper (and an opportunity) and is stepping up for his city and to protect the value of his assets. 

Benson has sent the above letter to the owners of the Times Picayune stating his desire to discuss purchasing the paper. 

No downside at all to this letter. Smart move by Benson. 

Video: Richt lets loose

In an interview on Dan Le Betard's "Highly Questionable" Mark Richt took the opportunity to let his guard down a bit and talk about the good 'ole days.

Coach Richt talked about his playing days at Miami as a backup quarterback to Jim Kelly (as well as how he crossed paths with a few other legendary quarterbacks before he hung his cleats up), whether he's even considered to be the best quarterback in his family, and how a speech to the team from Bobby Bowden changed his life while he was a graduate assistant at Florida State.

Some good stuff in here, both light hearted, and serious.

Levine: "I threw a spiral, so I was happy with that"

Tony Levine is wrapping up a busy week after fielding a ton of questions and hosting numerous interviews during C-USA media days.

Last night, Levine threw out the first pitch for the Astros during their University of Houston Night.

Levine says that he normally likes to have some time to warm up, but his plane landed a half hour before the first pitch was scheduled to be thrown out, so they had to rush just to get him to the field. However...he was happy with the fact that the threw out a spiral.

Northwestern's new Under Armour uniforms

Twitter was buzzing this morning with a first look at Northwestern's new Under Armour look, first tweeted by Darren Rovell.

According to multiple reports that we read this morning, Northwestern was the first school to use stripes on their uniforms back in the early 1900's. In order to pay tribute to that, Under Armour and Northwestern planned to "Reclaim the Stripe".

If you take a closer look at the uniforms, you'll see some other creative ways that Under Armour payed tribute to Northwestern and their unique campus history, including inside of the numbers.