12 crazy stats

Oregon State: has not lost a fumble this year.

Army: has not thrown an interception this year.

Net Punting:  Florida leads the nation with 43.8 net punt average.  Boise State is dead last at 29.8 yards per net punt.

Sacks: FSU has 33 on the season, which leads the nation.  Minnesota has 3, which is dead last.

Allowing less than 4 yards per play: Boise State (3.78) and Kent State (3.96)

7 teams are allowing more than 6.5 yards per play:  Minnesota, Wazzu, Eastern Michigan, Memphis, New Mexico State, UNLV, and Akron.

10 teams are averaging over 7 yards per play: Boise State, Hawaii, Auburn, Michigan, Oregon, Nebraska, Arkansas, Nevada, Baylor, and Alabama.

Oregon has scored 58 touchdowns this season:  11 other teams have scored 40+ touchdowns.  San Jose State, New Mexico, New Mexico State, Memphis, Akron, and BYU have scored less than 15 touchdowns this season.

Turnovers lost : Oregon State only has 4 turnovers this season.  Iowa has only 5.  Central Michigan has 24.

Turnovers gained: Oregon (28), Hawaii (26), Toledo (26).  Kansas has only 5.  BYU has just 6.

3rd down offense: Nevada is converting 59% of third-down opportunities.  Stanford and Houston are converting over 55%.  Vandy is converting just 22%.  San Jose State just 23%.

Sacks allowed: Marshall has allowed just 2 sacks all season.  Wazzu is dead last with 36 sacks allowed.

Fulmer on Minnesota, Zook praises coordinators, Temple's plan

Fulmer talks about Minnesota: “Minnesota has great potential, and with its new facilities it’s a place you could recruit to. I believe it’s a place where you can compete.’’


Ron Zook compliments his coordinators Vic Koenning and Paul Petrino: “It’s unbelievable, they’ve done a great job. Two things: No. 1, they have done a great job, there’s no question. No. 2, it shows you the type of players we have because there are some things we’ve changed and they were asked to change and asked to learn and do it in a very fast rate and with a very high level of consistency, and those guys have done that and should be commended as well. ... Everybody’s gotten on the same page in a very quick manner.”

“The coaches have been very unselfish and try to do the things the players do and haven’t come in and said, this is the way we do it. They’ve come in and evaluated the talent and done things our players feel comfortable doing. That’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to have a little bit of success.”


Arizona quarterbacks coach Frank Scelfo doesn’t like the Wildcats turnovers in the red zone against UCLA: "That's what you can't do. We've really been pretty good taking care of the football, but when you get an eight, 10, 12-play drive down the field and then you turn it over, that's the mistakes you've got to stay away from."

"We've got to maximize the chances that we get when we're down there. We've got to take advantage of them. We can't just say ‘ah we'll just take a shot and let a guy go get it.' It's got to be calculated when you do it."


Kent State coach Doug Martin says Temple set the model, has unlimited recruiting budget: "Temple has set the model if you want to have a football program in this conference, then financially you got to step up and provide the means to have it. They have an unlimited recruiting budget, they're going all over the country. I've talked to Al (Golden, Temple head coach) quite a bit. He's got whatever he needs to do to get it done."

"What we need is a huge crowd. We need some help with this one. They're bigger than we are. They will out-man us on both sides of the ball. We need a homefield advantage."


NC State head coach Tom O’Brien says team building exercises have helped this year’s team: "I don't know, because of the kids we had the first three years here and their lack of character and everything else, that it would have made any difference [in past years]. But this team, certainly, coming out of spring was a much different football team ... and there was really a want to be good."


Turner Gill disappointed with special teams: “I don’t think scheme’s an issue at this point in time. We’ve tinkered with that in all different areas, but right now we’re set in our schemes. It’s just a matter of, when you have an opportunity to make a play, you gotta make it.”

Kiffin critical of own performance, Bud Foster to play just one defense?

Lane Kiffin very critical of his own performance against Oregon: "I don't think I managed the game with the quarterback as well as I could have. I got a little too aggressive there. We were feeling like we needed to go score because of the pressure that they had just scored as opposed to just giving (Barkley) some four- and five-yard completions and just staying within rhythm."

"What I'm saying is that they score so fast and all of sudden you feel like 'Boy, if we don't answer right now, we could fall behind really quick and ... that's really not the right thing. I had said it all week, but I didn't necessarily follow it. It's not about how fast you score, whether you take one minute or seven minutes, it's about making sure you score."

"If you're going to be a national champion ... you've got to be able to do that. You'll be tested two to three times a season, and the champs respond to that. If you look at the three weeks before that, the No. 1 teams in the country were faced with adversity and lost. These guys ... they answered the call. That was a test for them and that's probably why they'll keep on rolling and win this whole thing."


Rick Stockstill calls Tuesday night’s 51-24 loss at Arky State “utterly disgusting – completely embarrassing and disgusting”:  “Turnovers were the story of the game again. We fought our way back into it. But then we gave it away. It’s utterly disgusting — completely embarrassing and disgusting.”


Will Bud Foster play just one defense the entire game against Georgia Tech? : "These guys don't need any reading material. They're backed against the wall and they've got to win to stay in the hunt in the ACC. I'm not going to give any fuel for the fire."

"This is not one of those games where you go in and play a bunch of different schemes. You go in there and you play about two or three. When we played Air Force (in the 2002 San Francisco Bowl), we played one defense. We played it well, but we had a month to prepare." 


Huh? Saban says, “That’s what we aspire to try to be” : "They've really had probably as good of a run as anybody in the last eight to 10 years. Les has done a fantastic job there. His record speaks for itself in terms of what he's been able to accomplish. They continue to recruit well. They've got good players. They've got a great staff. They do a really good job of developing their players, and this is one of the premier programs in our league. That's what we aspire to try to be." 


Hawaii coach Greg McMackin is 7-2: “We were supposed to be fifth to eighth in the conference from the people who did know us. It really isn’t that big a deal. I’ve been on top-ranked teams -- it’s where you end up at the end. A lot of guys out there really don’t know your team and their hearts and what they do and how hard they work and that type of thing. It doesn’t bother me at all.”


Jim Harbaugh talks about defensive coordinator "Lord Fangio":


Malzahn on jobs, Grantham's regret, Sark throwing post-corners

Gus Malzahn reacts to head coaching job speculation: "To be honest, I'm in my own little world. My entire focus is on this team and making it the best it can be. I'm extremely happy. I've said that time and time again. I love Coach Chizik and I love coaching these kids. And my only focus is trying to win games and trying to win a championship."

"Somewhere down the line I'd like (a head coach), but I'm in no hurry. I feel like a lot of people think I am. But like I've said before, we've got a good thing going here and I'd like to see it through."


Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham talks about his choking signal against Florida: "As a competitor, sometimes you get caught up in the heat of the moment. I wish the situation hadn't happened."


Bo Pelini absolutely tired of helmet-to-helmet questions and talk: “I was sick of it three weeks ago. Obviously, nobody wants anybody to get hurt. I think (the media) just blew it up so much. It seems like the NFL dictates so many things now. I'm a little bit tired of that.”


Derek Dooley says Bobby Bowden was at practice: "He called me Darrell. The players loved that."


Spurrier says Marcus Lattimore is the difference: “He the difference between 6-2 and 4-4, I think.  He gives us a chance to beat about anybody.” 

(on why Garcia finally has come around) “He’s got some good players around him and the ability to run the ball.  He made a better commitment to playing quarterback this year.” 


According to CoachSark.com , Sark was the scout team QB at practice on Tuesday: With Jake Locker out this week, and Keith Price getting the starting call, it leaves the quarterbacks a little thin for practices. In order to rectify this problem Coach Sark called his own number for Tuesday’s practice as the service team quarterback. The 35 year old West Torrance High School quarterback ran the offense against the first string defense. Coach Sark ran all the opposition plays for the 30 minute service team period. “It was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time,”Coach Sark said at the conclusion of practice.


Utah State head coach Gary Anderson happy about his quarterback: “I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again.  We have a great quarterback when he has people around him to make plays.  He is a good quarterback when he doesn’t have a supporting cast.”


Western Michigan head coach Bill Cubit's weekley press conference:


PART 2: WMU Broncos Football Press Conference 11.2.10

Chizik compliments assistant coach, talks Friday night routine

Gene Chizik talks about the most improved part of this Auburn team:  “The physicality and the play of our offensive line.  They have been a huge part of us being able to run the football.  Not that the perimeter blocking hasn’t been a big part of that, but I think goes back to our offensive line.”

“The other thing is our special teams has given us a chance to compete each week.  I think Coach Boulware has done a great job with our young guys,  getting them into the special teams way of life and getting them to understand that’s their role on our team.  Last year, we struggled with the same exact schemes with different people.”

“Friday nights are a deal where we really just try to find a place of refuge.  You’re trying to find a place where you can be with your team, relax and have some fun.  We’ve put in a lot of hard week during the week.  We try to do some things that really are just about our 70 guys we bring with us and the coaches.  We’re always looking for ways to treat our guys first class, because that’s what we expect them to do when they represent Auburn.”


Mark Richt on Todd Grantham’s choking signal to Florida kicker: “I’m aware of it, and I would just say that emotions run high. People do things they probably wish they didn’t do. I think that was what was being communicated. I don’t think he’s necessarily proud of it. We’re just going to learn from it and move on.”


Quoting David Cutcliffe pleased with quarterback Sean Renfree’s 28 of 30 game against Navy: “If you are accurate with you layoff throws, you are going to gain 3 or 4 more yards after the catch. We once had Tee Martin go 25 of 27 and I think Eli started 18 of 19 in his first game.” 


Bo Pelini on the talk of legit vs. helmet-to-helmet hits: "I was sick of it three weeks ago."


Joe Paterno on Northwestern QB Dan Persa: "We probably should have been a little more aggressive in our approach to [recruiting] him."

Quoting Bronco Mendenhall : "Each (season) has come with its own set of trials; I can't say it's been more trying."

Kirk Ferentz talks about the return of Norm Parker: "I'm not sure it's a Win One For The Gipper Story, but it's great to have Norm back."

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