Sark: My wife wants me to decide, so she doesn't have to keep asking

Third-year head coach Steve Sarkisian wrapped up spring practice this weekend at Washington without naming a starting quarterback.

Redshirt freshman Nick Montana and redshirt sophomore Keith Price both performed well and protected the football during the last fifteen practices.

It appears Sark will make a decision in the next few weeks.  He wants the starting quarterback to “fit the personality” of the team and offense.

Sarkisian said, “My wife wants me to decide, so she doesn’t have to keep asking about it.”

“It’s a great battle. I’ve been able to watch these guys continually compete – not necessarily with one another, but with themselves. Not just their own playing at the moment, but some of the adversity that can come with it."

“Maybe they struggle for a day, and the other guy has a good day. Maybe they have a couple of drops. Maybe it’s the weather. But they both improved to a high level. To think we have a redshirt freshman and a redshirt sophomore competing for this job and play the way they are is pretty encouraging.”

Overall, Sarkisian was really pleased how the Huskies improved as a “team.”  The Huskies named team captains earlier than usual in order to help bring the team together during summer voluntary workouts.

UW will open with Eastern Washington.  A week later the Huskies will host Hawaii, then travel to Nebraska.

Richt tested by frustrated Georgia fan, snaps back

A frustrated Georgia fan tested Mark Richt last night in front of 250 people during the Macon Bulldog Club.

Upset with the running game and play-calling, some clown wanted answers.

Richt wasn’t in the mood and responded, “I’ll tell you this, and you’re certainly close to an expert in football, I’m sure you are.”

“I see your frustration, I understand your frustration. I wasn’t born yesterday, I’ve coached football for 25 years, so I know what the hell I’m doing, OK?”

Lightening the mood, Richt then joked, “Excuse me for saying ‘h-e-double heck,’ I know there’s a media member here. Can you just say that I know what the heck I’m doing? Just so my Sunday school class doesn’t give me grief?”

According to Michael Lough, Richt later explained, “The bottom line is we don’t have a tailback right now who deserves to start, in my opinion. We don’t have a guy that’s proven that he can do all the things we’re going to ask that guy to do. There’s nobody that will stand up and say, ‘This is my job, I’m taking it and I’m keeping it.’ ”

After the speaking engagement, Richt met the clown outside in the parking lot and proceeded to apply a vicious anaconda choke hold on the man. **

The Dogs opens with Boise State in the Georgia Dome.  One week laster, the Bulldogs will host South Carolina.

** We are just kidding about the choke hold.

Monte Kiffin: Gruden will be back on sidelines soon

Monte Kiffin says Jon Gruden will be back on the sidelines in the near future.

Kiffin, who served as Gruden’s defensive coordinator at Tampa Bay, spoke about Gruden on the Petros & Money Show.

He said, “He’s kind of a natural.  He was always that way, great with the team. He loves talking ball.  He’s loves talking ball, talking quarterbacks and all those things, analyzing the draft.”

“All of those owners are watching real close.  And he’s probably going to get some offers in another year or so.  And I think he has a son that’s a junior and maybe he wants to see him finish high school, but I think he’ll be back in it before too long.”

Kiffin also praised Tyron Smith, who was the highest drafted offensive lineman from USC since Tony Boselli.

“When he went to the combine, he knocked their socks off.  Just when he went through the tests and stuff.  Here’s the thing, he loves football.  He doesn’t like it, he loves it.  You gotta love it.  He loves it and that’s what Lane told everybody.”

Kiffin, interestingly said that he stays at the Radisson on-campus a lot of nights during the season, but makes the traffic filled drive home on most nights during this time of year.

The Trojans begin the 2011 season by hosting Minnesota.

Attention: Do not ask Chip Kelly how position battles are going this spring

Oregon will play their spring game on Saturday.  Chip Kelly says it’s a full game, kick-offs and everything.

Following Wednesday’s practice, a reporter asked Kelly, “Of all the position battles in the spring, which has been the most fun for you to watch?”

Kelly, as he often says the unexpected, responded, “There aren’t position battles in the spring.  We don’t have a depth chart.  We don’t play a game until September 3rd.  If I tell somebody you’re a starter today, that means absolutely nothing.”

“That has no bearing on the game we play in September, so there aren’t any position battles right now.  Our goal every day in our program is for every player to get better every day.”

“Nobody has a position right now.  Every day is a competition at every position.”

"(How you played the last time out) means nothing.  It's means absolutely nothing.  It's how you play the next play, the next snap, the next opportunity you have.  You can't dwell on (the last play).  I can't let the last mistake make my next mistake."

You can watch the Ducks’ spring game at 4 pm EST on ESPN 2.  Not surprisingly, Nike has some new uniforms for the Ducks.  

Interesting study: Average team recruiting ranking vs. NFL draft picks

CollegeFootballMatrix.com has put together a unique study that you may enjoy reading.

The site has researched from 2002-2008, the average team recruiting ranking vs. the number of NFL draft picks per school.  The purpose of the study is to show viewers the level of accuracy of the final recruiting rankings, presumably from Scout or Rivals.

Of course, the number of total draft choices should not solely indicate the actual strength of a recruiting class.

Here’s an example in the study:

From 2002-2008, the average team recruiting ranking for Utah is 64th nationally.  Utah, however, has produced the 34th most NFL draft choices since 2002.  Therefore, Utah is awarded a +30 total.

From 2002-2008, the average team recruiting ranking for Clemson is 19th nationally.  Clemson, however, has produced the 26th most NFL draft choices since 2002.  Therefore, Clemson is awarded a -7 total.

From 2002-2008, the average team recruiting ranking for USC is 1st nationally.  USC has produced the #1 most NFL draft choices since 2002.  Therefore, USC is awarded a 0 total.

The site is pointing out that Utah’s recruiting classes are undervalued, Clemson’s classes are overvalued, and USC is pretty much dead accurate.

According to the study, the top 10 most undervalued recruiting classes belong to Utah, Cincinnati, Iowa, Wisconsin, Stanford, Louisville, Purdue, Oregon State, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech.

The top 10 most overvalued recruiting classes (starting with the absolute most grossly overvalued class) belong to Baylor, Duke, Michigan, Clemson, Missouri, Illinois, Auburn, South Carolina, Texas Tech, and Arizona.

The study seems to indicate that of the teams that average a Top 25 recruiting ranking, it's Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss that consistently have the most overvalued recruiting classes.  Okie State’s average team recruiting ranking from 2002-2008 is 25th nationally, but the Cowboys have produced just the 53rd most NFL draft choices.  They score a -28.

Texas A&M’s average team recruiting ranking from 2002-2008 is 14th nationally, but the Aggies have produced the 39th most NFL draft choices.  They score a -25.

Ole Miss’ average team recruiting ranking from 2002-2008 is tied with Oklahoma State for 25th nationally.  The Rebels have produced the 42nd most NFL draft choices during that period.  They score a -17.

Check out the entire study.  It’s interesting.  Draw your own conclusions.

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