Jerry Kill: Everybody gets a game ball

After their 29-23 win over Miami (OH) on Saturday, Coach Kill went to speak with the team in the locker room.  

The team broke into a "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry..." chant.  Clearly, they wanted to win this one for their coach.  

Kill then checks with someone, who blesses his idea of "buying everyone a damn game ball" and the guys celebrate.  

A good moment for Minnesota football.


AD to fans: Don't overpay for bad seats

On October 1, Towson will play just down the road at Maryland.  

Today, Towson Senior Associate Athletic Director Mike Harris urged Towson fans not to buy the tickets that Maryland had allotted for them, "The allotment of consignment tickets that were presented as part of our game contract were priced at a face value of $38.  These seats were located in a corner of Byrd Stadium."  

"Since we have received this allotment from [Maryland], the secondary ticket market has been flooded with deeply discounted tickets starting as low as $4 per seat...As such, we have returned our consignment tickets to [Maryland] and we are encouraging our fans to seek tickets directly from [Maryland Athletics or via the secondary market.  Tickets on the secondary market are more affordable and they are located in better viewing locations."

Despite the excellent showing for their Monday night opener with Miami, Maryland fans generally do not fill the stadium and we're quite sure that the Towson staff has done their homework on seat availability.  In fact, in their release they note that there is a "high concentration of tickets available".  

Plenty of good seats available at far lower prices (than the visiting team's allotment of full price tickets in a corner).  Seems like a good recommendation from the Towson athletic staff.

Honesty.  We like that.

Great scene on the field after Clemson's win over Auburn

Saturday Clemson ended Auburn's 17 game winning streak with a 38-24 victory.  

On the field, just after visiting with Gene Chizik, Dabo gets interviewed by the sideline guy. Dabo is pumped.  Great scene.

The minute long video shows a great scene as players and fans celebrate the victory; but we noticed around the 20 second mark a massive hand shows up and starts patting Coach Swinney's head. What is that?

26 carries for 27 yards

Florida State could not rush the ball against Oklahoma.  

In total they had 26 carries for 27 yards; and 23 of those yards came from their quarterbacks.  

Their running backs carried the ball 13 times for 4 yards.

Through 3 games (Louisiana Monroe, Charleston Southern and Oklahoma), the Seminoles are yet to have a back go for 100 yards...for the season.  

The Noles play at Clemson (3:30 on ESPN) this week.  Clemson is currently #110 in the nation in rushing defense allowing an average of 224 yards per game on the ground.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the trenches in Death Valley this week.  


Oklahoma and Oklahoma State play with great tempo.  

In two games, Oklahoma is averaging 83 offensive plays and is averaging 35 points per game.

Oklahoma State has played 3 games and is averaging 86 plays and 52 points per game.

Georgia Tech is averaging a huge 59 points per game and is doing it on 65 plays per game.  In fact, on Saturday they put up 768 total yards on only 57 plays.  13.5 yards per play.  Unreal!  Anyone ever seen that before?

One might think that Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Georgia Tech's defenses must be dominating to help their offenses be so effective; but the stats don't show that.  All three are "middle of the pack" in most defensive categories.  

On the other end of the spectrum, UAB and FAU are struggling to find their tempo.  UAB is averaging 49 plays over it's first two games and has only scored 10 total points; and FAU is averaging 45 plays and only only scored 3 points this season (2 games...at Florida and at Michigan St.).  

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