Photo: Minnesota has revealed a new alternate helmet

I remember seeing those old glittery Minnesota helmets just a few years ago, as the matte helmet craze started to hit, and thinking to myself "Man, this program could really use some new lids."

A few seasons later they've added the matte maroon look, as well as a nice clean white alernate. Over the weekend they added this gold (or yellow) look with "SKI-U-MAH" down the stripe in the middle.

Traditionalists likely won't be a fan of the addition, but I'm really digging them, and I know recruits will like the variety available on game day as well. They've certainly come a long way from the glitter look.

Good look at NIU's new uniforms

Northern Illinois has won 11 or more games each of the past four seasons. Think about that. How many other teams can say that? 

This season, the Huskies will break out some never before seen uniforms...have your first look below. Pretty good look.

The most amazing "midnight lift" video you will ever see

The first 15 seconds of a video usually let you know if you are on to a winner or a loser...well "ding, ding, ding we've got a winner!"

Prepare your eyes for what you are about to see. This is no ordinary video my friends, welcome to the twilight zone that is a midnight lift at Central Arkansas.

The first 60 seconds were clearly my favorite; but this shot from right about the end was magnificent as well. 


Video: Unrivaled Commitment

This. Is. All. The. Motivation. You. Need.

Great video Penn State. 

Have your first look inside Baylor's new McLane Stadium

What a great addition to campus in Waco. Great job on the design. More to come on this over the next few weeks; but have a first look at the place compliments of Baylor Football.

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