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Monday TV

Monday Night Football tonight.

All times are eastern.


San Diego at Kansas City - 8:30 - ESPN


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Video: Lane Kiffin post-game

For those of you that didn't get to watch, last night's Stanford vs. USC game was a great one.

You've probably already seen the highlights; but if not, we've posted a video box at the very bottom of this article. Note that we find it extremely odd that ESPN doesn't offer a single highlight video showing the final play of regulation (the one for which Kiffin expresses his "disappointment" with the refs for the way they handled the call). 

Anyway, truly a great game. USC should have had a chance to win it at the end (the receiver should have gone down and called the timeout rather than trying to make it to the sideline...but that's easy for us to say after the fact). It was tied at the end of regulation. 3 good OT periods; until USC's freshman running back fumbled near the goal line in the 3rd OT and Stanford got the win to remain unbeaten.

Quick note: Stanford still has 4 games (at Oregon State, then 3 home games...Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame). 

First video below is Lane Kiffin post game. Jump to the 1:50 mark to hear Kiffin express his frustration with the how the refs handled the end of regulation.

Then some ESPN highlights from the game.

1st 4 game winning streak...ever

It's hard not to continue to be happy for Willie Taggart's guys at Western Kentucky. 

Yesterday, it took overtime; but WKU got it's 4th straight win (31-28 over Louisiana Monroe) for the first time since the school began playing announced it's intention to play in the FBS. Yes, that's only been since the 2007 season; but still, 4 straight wins for this program is huge. 

This is a program that went 4-32 over the last 3 seasons. They are now 4-4 this season, 4-1 in the Sun Belt. 

"How about this, we'll spot you 7 points and skip the 3rd qtr."

Ole Miss is having a rough season. They are 2-6 overall, 0-5 in the SEC.

Houston Nutt's guys are ranked #103 in scoring offense and #86 in scoring defense. 

The most puzzling thing we've noticed, and Nutt has as well, is that the Rebels are just getting blanked in the 3rd quarter this season.

In their game vs. Georgia neither team scored in the 3rd. However, in their 4 other SEC games, the Rebels have been outscored 70-0 in the 3rd quarter (yes, that 17.5 points per game). 

Ole Miss travels to Kentucky this weekend. 

Manny Diaz has got to like this

Total defense really isn't a stat that we put much stock in.

With that said, we're sure that Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz doesn't mind seeing his squad rise from #30 in that category all the way up to #13 after their performance yesterday against Kansas.

Diaz's guys limited Kansas' offense to 46 total yards (in the game). 46. In the game.

We have no further comment. 

2-6 record; but #8 in the nation in Turnover Margin?

We'll try to dive deeper into this later in the week; but we just noticed an unusual one...

Maryland is having a tough first season under Randy Edsall. Most of us saw that first win against Miami (the debut of the new Unis).

But, since that win, the only other W that Maryland has been able to put on the board was over Towson. The Terps are now 2-6 overall.

They are 85th in scoring offense, 87th in scoring defense. Those might jive with a 2-6 team; but they are #8 in the nation in turnover margin. That's a head scratcher. Every other team in the top 10 in that stat is over .500. Their defense has recovered 11 fumbles and their offense has only lost 1...but their still 2-6.

Tough to figure that one. 

Sunday TV

Some solid pro action tonight.

All times are eastern.


Arizona at Baltimore - 1 - FOX

Minnesota at Carolina - 1 - FOX

Jacksonville at Houston - 1 - CBS

Miami at NY Giants- 1 - CBS

New Orleans at St. Louis - 1 - FOX

Indianapolis at Tennessee - 1 - CBS

Detroit at Denver - 4:05 - FOX

Washington at Buffalo - 4:05 - FOX

Cincinnati at Seattle - 4:15 - CBS

Cleveland at San Francisco - 4:15 - CBS

New England at Pittsburgh - 4:15 - CBS

Dallas at Philadelphia - 8:20 - NBC


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Saturday TV

That's right it's Saturday, and that means college football.

All times are eastern.


No games


Michigan State at Nebraska - 12 - ESPN

Purdue at Michigan - 12 - ESPN2

Missouri at Texas A&M - 12 - FX

NC State at Florida State - 12 - ESPNU

Washington State at Oregon - 3 - FSN

Boston College at Maryland - 3 - FSN

Florida at Georgia - 3:30 - CBS

Baylor at Oklahoma State - 3:30 - ABC / ESPN2

Illinois at Penn State - 3:30 - ABC / ESPN2

Fordham at Army - 3:30 - CBSSN

Missouri at Texas A&M - 3:30 - FX

Wake Forest at North Carolina - 3:30 - ESPNU

SMU at Tulsa - 3:30 - FSN

West Virginia at Rutgers - 3:30 - ABC

Ole Miss at Auburn - 7 - ESPNU

Iowa State at Texas Tech - 7 - FSN

South Carolina at Tennessee - 7:15 - ESPN2

Stanford at USC - 8 - ABC

Wisconsin at Ohio State - 8 - ESPN

Clemson at Georgia Tech - 8 - ABC

Southern Miss at UTEP - 8 - CBSSN

Arizona at Washington - 10:30 - FSN

High School:

No games