Patterson warns players of spring break temptation

With spring break just around the corner, Gary Patterson understands the temptations out there for his players, and reminded them to be smart and enjoy their break after yesterdays practice. 

"People do stupid things like playing beach volleyball and turning their ankle, breaking their leg jumping in three-foot pools." he said.

Patterson added that many of his players are just heading home to enjoy their break with family and friends, as opposed to the normal spring break hot spots.

"A lot of our kids can’t afford to go to one of those places, so they’ll go home, get a chance to see their buddies. They need a break. They’ve been going hard since January. We’ve been pushing them pretty hard."

TCU will resume their spring practice on March 27.

Holgo's offense starting to run itself

For the first time in three seasons, Dana Holgorsen's offense is returning a starting quarterback and a good percentage of the supporting class.

When asked about the new found familiarity, Holgo said it was a welcomed change of pace.

"It felt good. I probably did less coaching [at Sunday's opening spring practice] than I've done the last three springs, it was like it was with Case Keenum coming back at Houston. After you've coached him for a year, you didn't have to tell him a whole bunch."


Video: Winter workouts at Notre Dame

We came across a very impressive winter workout video from Notre Dame yesterday that we felt needed to be shared.

The video starts with a great opening talk from Brian Kelly, followed by some good outdoor workout footage in the snow, and then some weight room footage, before it's all wrapped up with an unexpected feel good moment at the end.

Very well put together video, you can tell it was edited with a purpose in mind.

Todd Graham encouraged by progress so far

Todd Graham has a few spring practices under his belt at Arizona State, and is encouraged by the progress made from practice one to practice two.

"We had a good first day, but a great second day. I was really encouraged, markedly different. We want to make sure we don't make the same mistakes every day. They're nowhere near being comfortable going as fast as we're going, but they're getting there." Graham commented.

Graham was encouraged with the way they've been able to tighten things up early on, hit some big plays, as well as their ability to take care of the ball much better.

In an effort to make the end of the play clearer when they review film, Graham says that he has a few guys waving flags to go along with the whistle so that players can visualize the type of effort they're looking for whistle to whistle.

Video: Plenty of good material from Chad Morris

Clemson's Chad Morris met with reporters yesterday, after their fifth spring practice, to talk about their focus and the progress that they've made, as well as plenty of great classic southern analogies.

Morris spends some time talking about his visit with the Nevada staff, and how he plans to use some of their run game approach to cure some of their short yardage woes of last season.

At one point (about the 3:45 mark), Morris compares one of their star players to a Fourth of July sparkler...and a few others sprinkled in that you'll have to hear for yourself. 

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