LSU is 8-0 under John Chavis when scoring a defensive touchdown

If history is any indicator, as long as LSU scores a defensive touchdown on Saturday against South Carolina they'll end the game as winners. We know...easier said than done.

Last week we noted that 100 yards rushing was the magic number under Les Miles, where the Tigers are 47-0 when rushing for over 100 yards and holding opponents to under 100 yards on the ground. In their loss to Florida last weekend, they ran for just 42 yards, and allowed 176 yards rushing. So while that streak may still be alive, it's not exactly the way that they'd want to keep it intact.

This morning we noticed that LSU is 8-0 under defensive coordinator John Chavis when scoring a defensive touchdown. The Tigers are 12-1 under Les Miles in that same category dating back to 2005. Add to that the fact that LSU has won 23 straight games when winning the turnover battle (a streak that dates back to 2008) and you've got to feel pretty confident when the Tigers score or win the turnover battle.

So far this season, South Carolina has lost 8 fumbles and thrown 2 interceptions.

In the overall series, LSU holds an impressive 16-2-1 edge over South Carolina (with the Gamecocks last win back in 1994, an 18-17 win) , but Steve Spurrier is 11-3 (and 5-2 in Baton Rouge) all time against the Tigers. His offenses have averaged 32 points per contest, while his defenses have given up just over 14 points per game against the Tigers.

The Gamecocks are riding a 10 game winning streak coming into Saturday's game, dating back to last season. That streak is the longest in the nation, with Alabama, Oregon and West Virginia just behind them with 9 consectutive wins.

With kickoff scheduled for 8pm ET, the Gamecocks win streak is on line. Les Miles is 57-5 in night games, including an impressive 35-2 mark in Tiger Stadium.

Wednesday TV - No games tonight but three FBS games tomorrow

No games on tonight, but we will get three FBS games tomorrow night including Arizona State at Colorado and Western Kentucky at Troy.

All times eastern.


No games


No games

High School:

No games 

Dooley has hip surgery - a legend in the making?

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley had hip surgery today and plans to coach Saturday upstairs in the box at Mississippi State. 

According to reports, Dooley began to notice the injury several weeks ago but believed it was muscular. Friday he went in for an MRI and received the results (fracture in his hip) yesterday. Surgeons inserted a pin into his left hip. There is word that his only other option was a full hip replacement

We're pretty sure typical "doctor's orders" don't include flying three days after hip surgery or subjecting yourself to the stress of coaching four days after this surgery. Strong move by Dooley. Now, if they are down ten heading into the 4th quarter and Dooley limps onto the field Willis Reed style and the Vols pull one out...

Knight Commission report has interesting data on job security

A study published by the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics in September ascertains that the turnover rate among FBS head coaches has increased from 16 percent to 19 percent since 2006 (concurrent with the advent of the BCS). At the same time, the turnover rate for FBS athletics directors has dropped from 15 percent to 12 percent.

There are many reasons for this, but the clearest is this: money. While always controversial, the BCS created a rising tide of cash flow across the entire FBS and especially within BCS automatic qualifying conferences. For coaches, more money means more expectations. The higher the expectations placed on a coach, the shorter the leash when the results fall short of what is expected. Our expectation is that this trend will continue when the new playoff system is implemented in 2014.

Money is also the reason FBS athletic directors find themselves enjoying increased job security. Increased bowl payouts and larger television contracts make an athletic directors’ primary job, balancing the budget, easier.

-In real numbers, there were 19 new hires across FBS in 1992. This number grew to 21 in 1999 and then dropped to 17 four years later, only to climb to 23 hires in 2007 and 25 in both 2010 and 2011.

-Meanwhile, the number of FBS ADs changing jobs peaked at 21 in 1995 and steadily declined since. In 2011, only five FBS schools hired new athletic directors. In fact, in 2011 there were nine more changes in head coaching positions  (25) than ADs (five) and university presidents (11) combined.

-The study also details that head football coaches experience a lower term expectancy than their bosses on campus. In 2007, an FBS head coach could expect to stay on the job for an average of 6.59 years, close to a year less than the athletic director (7.98) and president (7.49).

-Interestingly enough, head coaches and athletic directors enjoyed more job expectancy at the AQ level than non-AQ. In 2011 an AQ athletic director had been on the job an average of 9.46 years, compared to 6.13 at non-AQ schools. Similarly, AQ head coaches averaged 7.09 years on the job versus a 6.11 average at non-AQ programs.

Off-the-Field Personnel

The Knight Commission study also chronicled the rise in “off-the-field personnel.” The amount of titled football operations directors and video coordinators has exploded over the last 20 years, rising sharply with the advent of the BCS.

-In 1991 there were zero video coordinators in major college football and only two football operations directors. Four years later tha number of video coordinators exploded to 59, while football operations directors remained rare (15). Fast forward to 2007 each position had become an essential member of staffs across the country, as schools employed 124 football operations directors and 117 video coordinators.

-As DFOs have become more commonplace across college football their standing within the athletic department has slowly risen. For instance of the 91 football operations directors in college football in 2003, 76 held director of operations titles while a mere 15 carried titles including associate/assistant athletic director. That number has nearly doubled in the near decade since, growing to 29 in 2011, but still stood at less than a quarter of all DFO personnel in FBS. 

The entire study can be viewed seen here. Every "ops guy" should download a copy and take a look. Plenty of good information in here. 

Jim Mora: Be careful not to over-coach your guys

After a 3-0 start, UCLA (4-2) has dropped two out of their last three (week 5 win at Colorado is sandwiched by losses to Oregon State and Cal).

In each of their wins (against Rice, Nebraska, Houston and Colorado), UCLA has scored at least 36 points. In their two losses the Bruins have failed to reach the 21 point mark.

We also noticed that in each of their four wins this season, the Bruins have rushed for over 210 yards. In both of their losses they have struggled to get the run game going, failing to reach the 130 yard mark both times. This weekend they will face an experienced Utah defensive line that has allowed only one team to run for more than 100 net yards (Northern Colorado in week 1 had 193 net yards rushing).

Mora noted during his press conference after practice today that their run game scheme going into each week is simple, and couldn't get much more basic. He reminded his coaches this week that it's important to not over-coach their young and inexperienced guys up front.

Other than focusing on the guy across the line of scrimmage, Mora explained that they'll continue to put a renewed focus on their fundamentals in the run game. Mora said that offensive line coach Adrian Klemm has returned to stressing the fundamental footwork, and the correct hand and eye position that will lead back to the run game success that they saw the first three weeks of the season.

"What you try to do is not make it too big for them. I think sometimes you can over-coach in terms of emphasis on the other guy instead of emphasis on yourself. I think Adrian does a really good job of bringing it back to our fundamentals and our technique, our calls, playing the way that we're supposed to play and not making it so much about them." Mora explained.



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