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Video: Caliendo and Gruden's QB Camp
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UCLA has a new facility planned

Another solid episode of "Relentless"

Another great look inside the Ohio football program in the latest addition to the "Relentless" series.

This week the team heads to the movies, and they take a closer look at the offensive line during practice.

Chow: USC is a program that everyone should try to emulate

Not surprisingly, many of the questions during Norm Chow's press conference centered around his experiences at USC and being back in a familiar environment come Saturday.

One reporter asked Coach Chow if he had taken a look at the new facility that USC just opened and mentioned that Hawaii may be on the opposite end of the college football spectrum, facility wise. Chow explained that USC has outstanding support for athletics from top to bottom, and that's not something that you find everywhere.

"That's typical USC, and that's why I enjoyed being there so much. There was a firm committment from everyone involved from the president to the boosters, to everybody ina the committment to college athletics, and it shows."

"There's no question, it's a program that everyone should try to emulate." Chow noted.


Leach: We've got popcorn and beautiful girls

Mike Leach addressed reporters during a teleconference recently, and had them rolling in their seats.

While only two reporters showed up in person for the teleconference, the rest of them choosing to phone in instead, Leach showed everyone why he's so much fun to cover.

“We have a tremendous crowd here. You’re missing an incredible time." Leach told the reporters who decided call in over showing up in person.

I mean, there’s popcorn and there’s beautiful girls in the background. There’s refreshments, and I think a band is going to play here a little later, so come out here next time so you can join in on all the fun."

“OK, let me see: Who’s out there in the crowd? So many people have their hands up. OK – you, way in the back? Do you have a question?” he joked.

Have we mentioned how great it is to have him back?

Also during the teleconference, Steve Sarkisian made his opening remarks, then opened it up for questions. After a few moments went by and no one had anything to ask, Sark thanked everyone for their time, and hung up.

It's going to be an interesting season in the Pac 12.

Video: See Memphis' renovated field

Back in April, the Memphis City Council approved $9 million in funding to renovate Memorial Stadium for the Tigers. The Tigers Sports Information Department released this video highlighting the new look.

The improvements look nice and include field turf, new lights and fresh paint, concessions areas, a press box, new sound system, and an impressive $2.5 million video board.

The Tigers break in the new look stadium Saturday against Tennessee-Martin at 6pm.

Kevin Cosgrove mic'd up at New Mexico

Good mic'd up session here with inside linebackers coach Kevin Cosgrove.

Cosgrove coaches up everything from proper technique, to coverages and communication with his linebackers, to squaring up to receive a kick with the returners.

Wednesday TV

The last week of the NFL preseason wraps up with games tonight and tomorrow, with college football kicking off tomorrow night!

Eastern time listed.


New England at NY Giants - 7 - NFL Network

Tampa Bay at Washington  - 7

Miami at Dallas - 8:30


No games

High School:

No games

Kiffin describes his best off season move in 3 words

Reporters fired questions at Lane Kiffin after a 6am morning practice today, including one reporter who wanted to know what Lane would classify as the best thing he did this offseason.

After making sure he heard the question right, Kiffin responded with three simple words.

"Signed Silas Redd".

Petersen: "There's so many copycats out there"

Even with the recent success that Boise State has had on the field, and the work ethic that the assistant coaches have shown on the road recruiting, you don't see blue chip prospects lining up to play on the smurf turf.

And that's fine with Chris Petersen. Preseason rankings and recruiting rankings have never been real high on his list.

"Preseason rankings and recruiting rankings, both of those things have never been of any interest to us. If we think a kid is a good player then we'll try to recruit him if he has interest in us."  Petersen said.

"I think there are a lot of good players out there. I don't know what their rankings are but they're good players. And if they're good kids, we think we can develop them, and that's kind of what's happened around here."

What the coaching staff has done a great job of is developing the talent that they do bring in.

But with that, comes challenges as well, as Petersen explains.

"It's funny because it's gotten tougher on us. We'll recruit a kid that's got nobody recruiting him. But if that happens, two weeks later there's a ton of people recruiting him. There's just so many copycats that think you have the answers."

"We don't have the answers. I know this, though, our guys do homework."