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Video: Malzahn runs "no huddle bingo"
Dabo's response to "too religious"
UCLA has a new facility planned

Malzahn goes to a nursing home and runs 'hurry up, no huddle bingo'

This story is proof that Gus Malzahn must do everything at a hurry up, no huddle pace.

While doing some local community service, one of Malzahn's stops was at Oak Park Nursing Home, where he was tabbed with calling out the bingo numbers on game night. Yeah, go ahead and picture that.

According to the Auburn website, Malzahn opened up with a loud "War Eagle" for the crowd before announcing that the night's game night would have a bit of a twist.

“We’re going to do hurry up, no huddle bingo" Malzahn announced, which got a fair share of laughter and cheers from the retirees. A short time after shouting out the initial set of numbers, one of the older players loudly complained that Malzahn was reading the numbers off too fast. Imagine that.

The Auburn head coach's response was classic.

“That sounds like some of our players, or it sounds like some of our opponents.”

No word on if Malzahn slowed down the pace in the name of player/retiree safety following the complaint, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's a safe bet that he kept his foot on the gas pedal.

UPDATE >> Auburn now has video of the event. Malzahn starts nice and slow, but the pace quickly picks up to "Auburn Fast".

How Mike Slive sees the Power Five ruling college athletics

Everyone has their opinions on how the NCAA should do its business, and very few of them matter. Mike Slive's opinion matters.

The SEC commissioner spoke at the University of Massachusetts last week and laid out his plan for how his conference, plus its peers in the Big Ten, ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12, want to change college athletics.

- offering full cost-of-attendance scholarships to student-athletes

- meeting the healthy, safety and nutrition needs of all athletes 

- allowing athletes that have completed their eligibility to finish their undergraduate degree free of charge

- increasing dialogue between players, coaches, agents and advisers

- a further examination at the 20-hour rule

- more assistance for academically at-risk athletes

- giving student-athletes a place at the NCAA governance table

Those keeping up with the Northwestern union case will note that is much of what the union movement is pushing for. It's what NCAA president Mark Emmert tried to go on ESPN Radio and say his organization is moving towards before he blubbered all over himself. 

There's a movement within the NCAA to formally acknowledge the fundamental difference between Kent State and Ohio State, and thus allow the nation's wealthiest schools to govern themselves, so this isn't some pie-in-the-sky talk from Slive. 

Anything can happen in the common sense vortex that the NCAA exists in, but expect much of Slive's list to pass sooner rather than later. 

Your team is off campus...and an emergency happens

As the head coach, you are in charge. You have a script for practice and a script for game day, but what about when something unexpected happens?

Imagine you are off-site and there is an emergency situation... clearly you first address and stabilize the situation at hand; but then how do you move forward, and how do you communicate with those affected? 

I wrote last week about AthletiCloud's mobile messaging platform for quickly and easily pushing group messages out via text or email from your mobile device, but today I'm looking more specifically at communicating with one player's family in the event of an emergency (for example a player suffers a broken leg while practicing off-campus). 


What really impresses me about AthletiCloud's solution is that nearly every coach these days has their phone available to them whenever they are off-site. The solution is one-touch.


Find the player and take action. 


Parents, trainers, doctors, etc...don't always answer a call from a number they don't recognize so I find the initial system driven text to alert them to the call about to come to be a great idea. 


 Then, the coach goes right down the pre-defined list making the necessary calls.


This "Emergency" feature was specifically designed by football coaches along with consultation from athletic trainers and other industry professionals. To me, and to a number of athletic directors and coaches I've heard from, this feature alone makes AthletiCloud a no-brainer. And for just $99 per year, this really is something that every coaching staff should be using. 

Disclosure> AthletiCloud is an advertiser with FootballScoop; but I chose to write this series of articles based on my belief in this new mobile platform after testing it and speaking with coaches who are using it. I encourage you to try the platform yourself. 

Renderings: UCLA's new football facility "is the next step of the Bruin revolution"

"I believe that this facility is the last piece of the puzzle for UCLA to become a national champion, and remain a player in the national championship picture year, after year, after year."

As you can see, UCLA is hyping up their new football facility to be "the next step of the Bruin revolution".

"For us to take the next step as a program, what I think we need to do is put one of the most remarkable football-only facilities on this beautiful campus, in this beatiful setting." Jim Mora states during his pitch to potential donors in the video above.

The new facility, which is being designed by the same company who did Oregon's state of the art building, will feature a brand new training room, strength and conditioning center, equipment and video rooms, coaches offices, and a new spacious team meeting room. Judging from the renderings below, it looks like it's going to be really nice.

"Any facility that we decide to build needs to honor the essence of UCLA, its traditions and needs to be open, and bright, and cutting edge, with clean lines. It has to wow you. It has to pull you in. It has to make people want to gather, and spend time."

"And it has to indicate excellence, because that's what we demand from our players."

Many Pac-12 programs have updated their facilities over the past few years (Oregon, USC, Utah...etc.), and with UCLA doing the same it shows how serious they are about doing whatever is needed to get Jim Mora Jr. and his program back to the top. This will be an outstanding recruiting tool for years to come.

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Video: The process behind Miami's new uniforms and the official players reaction

Excellent look here behind the creative process around the new uniforms at the University of Miami with head equipment manager David Case.

Case walks you through all of the changes, and then the cameras take you inside of the meeting room when the covers were taken off the mannequins to capture the genuine reaction to the new look. Players provide a unique play by play perspective throughout the reveal section as well.

The anticipation builds after each reveal, and pandemonium hits when the last cover comes off. The original uniform article we wrote last week had all these reactions, but here you can see their reaction to each uniform combination.

Calipari walks into a practice full of Stoops brothers and then...

I'm sure that there is a joke somewhere in this picture, I just can't quite put my finger on it.

In my head it starts something like this: "Coach Calipari visited a Kentucky football practice and ran into three Stoops brothers, and then...". Or maybe it's as simple as adding a caption to the picture. You decide.

The best submissions will be added to this article for all to see. Tweet them to @FootballScoop or @CoachSamz to make sure they get noticed.

Video: The marketing of American football in Brazil is crazy and awesome

American football is a massive industry.... in America. The game's greatness is slowly spreading beyond our borders, but I had no idea they were playing American football in Brazil until today. 

The Vitoria All Saints, located in Salvador, Brazil, have been in existence since 2008. The All Saints recently partnered with Vitoria Futbol Club, one of the major soccer clubs on Brazil's Atlantic coast. As a niche sport, football must be marketed to appeal beyond its small but passionate fan base, and we really like what the All Saints did here. 

For what it's worth, the unsuspecting lad here walking the streets of Salvador is wearing the colors of the All Saints' rival club. 

Dabo Swinney issues response to being labeled 'too religious'

 Last week an organization stated their intent to go after Dabo Swinney and the Clemson program for being "too religious".

Our article on it sparked an enormous amount of conversation, and today Dabo released a statement on the controversy.

We believe that Dabo's statement was very appropriate, he is who he is and that comes through very well in this statement.