Want to see the change Charlie Strong has brought to Texas? Here it is

Charlie Strong has cancelled the short bus route to and from practice. He's made players move back to campus. He's put the coaching staff in the dorms for fall camp. He's even (temporarily) taken the iconic Longhorn emblem off the helmets. These are the things you've been told about how Strong has changed the culture at Texas.

Allow me to show you.

Below is a video taken of a circle drill conducted last February, Mack Brown's last spring as Texas' head coach.

And here is a video taken Thursday of the same drill involving the same team and, possibly, even some of the same players. 

Except nothing about it is the same.

The difference in intensity is stark, and undeniable. The circle is much tighter, and often becomes an amoeba as each battle wanders from its starting point. Nearly every matchup brings an accompanying wave of spectators who can't pry themselves from the action. Every matchup has a winner and a loser, because each matchup goes to the ground. 

And, finally, there are no Longhorn decals on the helmets. 

The Wisconsin coaching staff dug up some old drill tape of Gary Andersen rocking a mullet

Wisconsin's meetings during fall camp have been filled with coaching legends coming to speak to the team. You've got athletic director Barry Alvarez right there on campus as a great resource, and then Gary Andersen brought former Wisconsin offensive line coach, and Utah head coach Ron McBride on campus to share some words of wisdom.

Both of the speeches were great for the team to hear, and centered on the importance of building team chemistry off the field, but after McBride's speech was over (at about the 3:30 mark), the coaching staff had a little surprise for Andersen.

You see, the staff dug into the film archives and found some drill tape of a young Gary Andersen (mullet, short shorts and all) going through offensive line drills with coach McBride, who recruited him to Utah out of Junior College.

I feel sorry for the guy that cue'd up that clip because the look that Andersen gave him was a killer. Enjoy this one!

Your man cave / film room is incomplete without this furniture

Late last night I was looking through some tweets when I saw this from Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin.

Stricklin decided to take a walk through Davis Wade stadium last night to check on the status of some projects, and that's when he took this picture of the new Gridiron Field Level Club.

Everything looks pretty standard for club level, but that furniture really stood out to me. It looks like something that you dream about putting in your office or man cave.

Moving 22 of these around to diagram plays would definitely burn some calories and count towards your daily workout (both mentally and physically). Very Nice work on the stadium decor Mississippi State.


Video of the Day - Indiana's Kevin Wilson hits the slip and slide

Three and out - A perfect line, an interesting take, and 24 names for your fantasy team

Zach: "Jared Lorenzen and I are in love with the same woman. Her name is Little Debbie," is an absolutely perfect lede. And this line, from Hal Mumme, is perfectly Hal. "I just said, 'Eh, nobody made Babe Ruth train.'" ESPN has a touching read on Jared Lorenzen, something of a cult figure to me and my friends (and perhaps you and yours) but a tragic figure in real life, written by Tommy Tomlinson. Check it out.

Scott: Here's an interesting way to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Doug: Fantasy sports are a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2012, $1.67 billion was spent on fantasy football alone, and in 2013 25.8 million people played fantasy football. Since it is such a staple, I thought this tweet from Buffalo Wild Wings listing 24 clever fantasy names was worth bringing to your attention. 

My personal favorite? Fumble Bees.


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The Wisconsin coaching staff dug up some old...

Your man cave / film room is incomplete without...

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