Lane Kiffin: My wife reminded me...

Lane Kiffin was on the wrong end of a critical officiating blunder near the end of Stanford’s 37-35 win over USC.  Kiffin, more disappointed with his coaching staff and poor execution at times, refused to make any excuses following the game.

Facing a first & goal situation from the 3-yard line with 1:15 remaining, the game clock should have been running as the Trojans broke the huddle.  The officials failed, however, to restart the clock following the instant replay review on the previous play.  The Trojans scored on a 3-yard run, but left over a minute on the clock for Stanford to eventually kick a short field goal to win the game.

When asked about the officiating, Kiffin responded, “My wife reminded me we have a lot of house mortgages, so I'm going to answer this very carefully.”

Kiffin added, “There was never a flag thrown on them that was a judgment call. The only flags were offsides or false start the entire game, so I'm going to have to ask Coach Harbaugh in this off-season how he does such a great job."

The bottom line is the Trojans can’t let Stanford travel 46 yards in 7 plays to setup the game-winning field goal.  Stanford finished with 478 yards, converted 6 of 8 third-downs, and completed 20-24 passes with 0 interceptions.

Regarding his defense, Kiffin simply said, “Just didn’t do it.  I don’t know.  We’ll have to go back and figure it out.”

“I don't think you can have a major overhaul in the middle of the season. I don't think that would ever be successful in any phase of the game because you just don't have the hours to do that. And even if we did, we wouldn't."

He added, “We’re close to being good.  Just a few plays here and there. I’m disappointed in our coaching.  We need to do a better job. We could have played a lot better on offense than we did.”

USC hosts Cal on Saturday. 


Shannon: I'm not going to sugar-coat it. My fault.

Following the 45-17 loss to Florida State, Miami (FL) head coach Randy Shannon was a coach of few words.

During Shannon’s three minute post-game press conference, Shannon explained, “Basically, I’m not going to sugar-coat it.  We just got our butt whipped tonight.  Prime, simple, and easy.  My fault as the coach at the University of Miami.  I’m not going to blame the kids.”

“We didn’t tackle very much. Offensive line and defensive line didn’t do anything tonight.  That was the key to the game.  I’m not going to sugar-coat it.  They just dominated both line of scrimmages.”

Florida State rushed for 298 yards and finished with 471 total yards on 62 snaps. 

Shannon has no doubt his team will be ready to play next week against Duke.  When asked to describe what he would have done differently and how he will make certain his team is ready to play next week, Shannon quickly and bluntly responded, “We’ll be ready to play.”

“It wasn’t a travesty.  It’s one game.  Up front, we got beat.  That is my fault as a coach.”


Bronco admits mistake, Cougars back on track

Following the 24-21 win over San Diego State, BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall admitted he never should never delegated the defensive coordinator role that he assumed for so many years.

A really proud and relieved Mendenall said, "Yes. And it was my mistake. It was a slow process over four years. At the time I made the decision [to not be def. coordinator], I believed it was necessary, and I was overwhelmed as a head coach trying to get more help. And easy success can have you glance over some things that maybe should be addressed earlier. But when you are winning so many games, the urgency or the felt need wasn't the same. And it was no one's fault but my own."

One week ago, Mendenhall took over the responsibility of coordinating the defense, following the dismissal of Cougars’ defensive coordinator Jaime Hill.

On Saturday night, BYU limited San Diego State to 12 first-downs and 273 total yards.  With Mendenhall making the defensive calls, the Cougars allowed just 3 of 10 third-down conversions.  Amazingly, San Diego State possessed the ball for only 15 minutes in the game.

Mendenhall said, “I am not willing to say we've arrived. I am not willing to say that it is exactly as I want it to be, but I think we did see a difference."

When asked to evaluate his own performance, Mendenhall responded, "You know, he's hard to gauge. I think he certainly enjoyed coaching football this week a lot more than he has this season."

BYU travels to TCU this weekend.

Several coaches take blame for Saturday losses

Joe Paterno says Nittany Lions “stunk” in loss to Illinois: "We stunk. I did a lousy job. I thought we were ready, we just didn't play very well. I could make a million excuses. We didn't stay on our blocks, we didn't have a good day throwing the ball, we didn't go a great job play-calling. We did a lousy job."


Randy Shannon takes blame for loss to FSU: "My fault. I'm not going to blame the kids. ... We weren't ready."


Larry Porter takes blame for Memphis 56-0 loss at Louisville: "I burden this loss. We have to get it out of our football program. It's here one week, it's here the next, and that doesn't sit well with me at all. That's when you have to strongly assess what's going on, and it starts with me. There's just no room for guys giving up or feeling sorry for yourself, and I won't allow it to happen.”


Mike Locksley on if this is the low point for New Mexico football: “I only know Lobo football for the two years that I’ve been here. Obviously, it’s a definite low point for me and the program under my regime.”


Derek Dooley says Vols just aren’t very good: “Our growing pains reared their ugly head today. [Georgia] started drives on our side of the field, and we didn’t handle that well. We are just not stopping anybody right now. I’m not sure if that’s just growing pains. I just think we are not very good right now.”


Interesting quote from Baylor head coach Art Briles following loss to Texas Tech: “I’m not into playing exciting games, and neither are our players. We’re into winning football games. We didn’t win. We came to win. We prepared to win. It didn’t happen.”


Lane Kiffin disappointed after 37-35 loss at Stanford: "This is the second week in a row that we lost like this. I thought we could have pulled it out, so that was disappointing."


Al Groh humbled by post-game affection from Virginia players: "There were so many players immediately coming up to me after the game that I was just happy to thank each and every one of them,"

"One of the things that, besides the competition and winning games, one thing that we think we are able to do (as coaches) is touch lives and do something to make (players') lives better. For them to come over, it was very confirming that I have the opportunity to keep them in my life and that they want to keep me in their lives. ... Those rings and watches, you can put away, but those relationships, they never tarnish."

This weekend, don't miss...

Here at FootballScoop Headquarters, we're looking forward to another great weekend of college football.  Our four suggestions:


Don’t miss Gary Danielson’s in-game analysis of Jim McElwain vs. Ellis Johnson

Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain and South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson are undoubtedly two of the most intelligent coordinators in the game.  As well as any coaches in the country, both veteran coaches give their teams the best chance to win a championship by the way the build their units.

McElwain previously served on staffs at Fresno State, Oakland Raiders, Michigan State, Louisville, Montana State, and Eastern Washington. 

Ellis Johnson previously served on staffs at Mississippi State, The Citadel (head coach), Alabama, Clemson, Southern Miss, Appalachian State, and Gardner-Webb (head coach).   


Don’t miss watching the overall plan from Tennessee’s staff vs. Georgia’s staff.

Both coaching staffs have a number of coaches that have been a part of championship teams.  Mark Richt turned up the intensity with some physical practices early in the week.  Which team will make the fewest mistakes?  Which team can most consistently execute their plan? How will Tennessee defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox try to limit AJ Green's effectiveness? 


Don’t miss Illinois offensive coordinator Paul Petrino’s plan to move the ball at Penn State.

First-year Illinois offensive coordinator Paul Petrino has a tough task with a talented, but young quarterback (Nathan Scheelhaase) going up against Tom Bradley’s defense.  Penn State, on the other side, starts a true freshman quarterback against Vic Koenning’s defense.  It’s hard to win on the road, let alone with a first-year starting quarterback.  Petrino is innovative.  He'll probably have a few schemes the Nittany Lions haven't seen just yet, so we’re interested in seeing his plan to move the ball against Tom Bradley’s defense.


Don’t miss Lane Kiffin’s plan to make USC vs. Stanford a late fourth-quarter game.

Not a lot of people thought Kiffin would keep it close at Florida or at Alabama last year.  At Florida, he run the heck out of the ball and kept the clock running.   He’ll probably try to do some of the same to keep Andrew Luck off the field.  Wonder if the Trojan’s will try a surprise onsides kick at some point?  Tennessee used a surprise onsides last year against Memphis after a first quarter touchdown. 

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