Kevin Wilson explains plan for Indiana at introductory presser

Kevin Wilson has signed a 7-year contract worth $1.2 million per year as the new head coach at Indiana. Just moments ago, Wilson wrapped up his introductory press conference. 

Here are some of Wilson's quotes:

“Win the day.  That will be one of our themes. We’re going to win on a daily basis.” 

“We are going to be tough.  We’re going to be physical.  You win the Big Ten and win championships by playing great defense.” 

“I think it’s a natural transition for me.  We’re ready to give you guys a program you can have a lot of pride in.” 

“I need to give our team some direction.”

“It will be Coach Stoops’ call on the bowl game.  He’ll make that decision.  Coach Stoops is going to do what’s best for Oklahoma and for those guys to win that bowl game.”

“I’m going to take some time (putting staff together) because we do have time and we have to get it right.  To have a strong person there (defensive coordinator) will be important.”

“To speculate (on assistants)…you can because I don’t have a clue.”

“I’m going round and round on that (play calling).  We’ll see who we have as a guy directing the offense.  I will have a strong vision in that.  No matter who our play caller is, I have a pretty good vision for what we want to do.”

“I don’t have a clue yet as if I will call plays.  I don’t know if I’m comfortable as a play caller from the sideline so we’ll see how that goes.”

“We will win as a group.  If we put together the right staff, I’ll look like I’m doing a good job.”

Post presser remarks with Big Ten Network: “I would start with both (spread and 2-back) because I think there is some element of spread you have to have to throw the ball, but to play great defense you have to go against 2-backs in practice.  To win in the Big Ten, our defense will have to go against 2-back and bring toughness, so we’ll have some of that.”

Maturi shows up for "grill session" from Twin Cities reporter

Minnesota AD Joel Maturi set out with an initial goal of “making a Tubby Smith type hire.”

Following the hiring of Jerry Kill yesterday, Maturi sat down with Pioneer Press reporter Bob Sansevere for a Q&A or “absolute grill session.”  You decide.  Sansevere is not upset at all with the hiring of Jerry Kill, but you can tell he is puzzled by the 51 day process of Maturi's coaching search.

Maturi, who isn’t the most popular person amongst Gopher fans, explained, “What I wanted, obviously, was somebody who had the integrity of a Tubby Smith and the values of a Tubby Smith and hopefully who creates the success of a Tubby Smith. I'm confident Jerry Kill can do that.”

“Well, I guess what I'm trying to tell you is, I knew we weren't going to get a BCS head coach. Now, I'd like to get a splash like that. Let's be honest about it. I'm not trying to downgrade Minnesota. The intention was to get somebody people can accept, people will feel good about, and hopefully will be successful and revered as much as Tubby Smith. It's words that I wish I would have taken back, quite frankly.”

“Again, I'm not trying to discredit us or whatever it is, but how many BCS head coaches would leave there to come here? If you could give me a couple, I'm willing to listen to you, especially successful ones.”

Interestingly, Maturi admits offering the job to Barry Alvarez. 


3 finalists announced for Linebackers Coach of the Year

The finalists for the 2010 FootballScoop Linebackers Coach of the Year award were released this morning.

See the finalists, right here.

The FootballScoop Coaches of the Year awards presented by SpeedTracs are the only set of awards that recognize the most outstanding position coaches in college football.  Finalists are nominated by coaches, athletic directors, and athletic department personnel.   Although fan voting is tallied, the eventual winner is most heavily determined by his peers in the profession and a select committee of coaches.

Previous winners of the Linebackers Coach of the Year award were presented to Bill McGovern (Boston College, 2008) and Bob Fraser (Rutgers, 2009). 

How Dan Mullen helped Chip Kelly land the Oregon job

So according to Phil Knight, it all started with Dan Mullen. 


Yes, Mullen is the guy that helped Oregon identify Chip Kelly.  Here’s Knight’s explanation on how Kelly ended up the Ducks’ head coach.

“Mike Bellotti figured that out. And it's a little bit of a long story. But Bellotti lost to Utah (in 2005). (Then-Utah head coach) Urban Meyer was running the spread (offense) -- one of the early adopters of the spread. In fact, some people credit him with being the inventor. Bellotti, when he saw that system, said, "We could use some of that. Literally, maybe within a year or two later, he decided to put in a spread. ... He sent (offensive coordinator Gary Crowton) down to work with Urban Meyer. So he went down there and the offensive coordinator for Florida was Dan Mullen, who's now the head coach of Mississippi State -- I told you this was a long story. Anyway, (Mullen's) from New Hampshire. And he says, 'The guy who really knows this stuff is Chip Kelly up at the University of New Hampshire.' So Crowton, when he came back he had some rough edges to the spread and he started calling Chip Kelly on Sundays saying, "This came up and I didn't quite know what to do with it." And Chip always had an answer. So, when LSU came and picked up Crowton, Bellotti knew he'd been talking to Chip Kelly, so he went to get Chip Kelly.” 

By the way, apparently Knight has a headset in his suite at Autzen Stadium that allows him to listen to Chip Kelly’s play-calling. 

Knight said, “If it was true I couldn't say, huh?”

Q: Why, is it illegal?

A: “No. I just wouldn't want to talk about it ... if it was true.”

Gundy, Dantonio, Graham, and Meyer talk about assistants

Mike Gundy talks about keeping Holgorsen, compliments his assistants: "I'm pretty comfortable that we'll be able to keep Dana here," Gundy said. "I don't think there's any guarantees. I think anybody that says there are any guarantees is probably guiding you in the wrong direction in this profession. It's changed dramatically over the last three or four or five years, the way things are operated, because of money.

"There's so much money thrown around at these assistant coaches that you just can't guarantee anything, but we would like to try to keep our guys in place for the continuity and it's just the right thing to do."

"Without sounding egotistical or trying to boast, ever since we started winning games around here, people started coming in and trying to hire our coaches. I don't know any other way to put it. That's a good thing because when we were winning four games and the first year we won six, nobody showed up here looking for our coaches."


Mark Dantonio talks about Don Treadwell, compliments his assistants: "He's been a great asset, as well as our other coaches and they're ready for head coaching jobs. If someone has the opportunity to hire Don Treadwell or any of our other assistants, they should take advantage of that. We have an outstanding coaching staff.”

"One of the main reasons we're 11-1 is because of the job our coaching staff has done."


Todd Graham doesn't have other options, so he is committed to Tulsa : “Yes, there are people that have interest and they are going to have interest in our assistants. They have had interest in myself. But I can tell you this. I am committed to being here and my assistants are committed to being here. At the end of the day, they have to do what’s best for their families.”

“Right now, we have a great synergy and family atmosphere. There’s much more to this business other than just money. There is a great commitment that they have now.  We’re going to do everything we can to keep the staff here.”


Urban on Addazio’s return to the staff: "I am expecting that to happen. I'll have further updates as we get closer to the bowl game. Everybody's out recruiting and doing their business.”

"At this time, I can't make any statements because there's so much going on with the profession right now."


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