Inside Lovie Smith's first 100 days as the Bucs' head coach

Lovie Smith's first 100 days as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers included a little bit of everything. Team building, mini-camps, personnel evaluation, setting the course with the media and the fan base, and a little bit of time to soak it all in with the family.

Much like a presidential administration, a head coach's first 100 days set the path on which the rest of his tenure will follow. Bucs' writer Scott Smith was alongside Smith for every step of his first 100 days. And by every step, I mean every single step. His piece on Buccaneers.com, broken into 22 chapters, will consume your entire day. But there's enough hear that breaking into bite-sized chunks will enlighten readers into the life of an NFL head coach. As the story opens, Smith is recalling on one of his days between jobs, serving as grandson Jackson's caregiver for the day. Then, he's in a team meeting, staring at the clock on the wall so he can start his team meeting at preciesly 8:00:00, and because anyone arriving at 8:00:01 is late. And next, he's flying his entire family into Tampa for the introductory press conference, and closing the day by sneaking into his office at 10 p.m. to watch film. 

It's an in-house piece, so lines of self-assured optimism like this are to be expected: "By targeting Smith, however, the Buccaneers did something more than make a change for change’s sake. In one fell swoop – in one inspired hire that was lauded across the national media platform – the Buccaneers harkened back to the success of their past and ensured an atmosphere of stability and trust."

Overall, the Buccaneers have produced a massive library of content for what it's take control of an NFL organization - and all that entails. 

Don't try to read it all in one sitting, again, it would consume your entire day, but bookmark it and read it one chapter at a time

Oh, and the photos are great.

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Lovie practice

Lovie FA

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Video: Dan Mullen does a solid Steve Spurrier impression

While Steve Spurrier entertained the media masses at Day 2 of SEC Media Day, Dan Mullen was asked to do his own impression of the Old Ball Coach on Sirius XM College Sports Nation.

And actually, it's pretty darn good.

All the best tweets from SEC Media Day: Day 2

Our coverage of all the quotes and nuggets worth knowing from SEC Media Day picks up on day two with Steve Spurrier (9am), Dan Mullen (10:30am), Kevin Sumlin (1pm), and Butch Jones (2:30pm). All times are Central Standard Time.

9:00am - South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier

10:30am - Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen


1:00pm - Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin

2:30pm - Tennessee head coach Butch Jones

Penn State is giving the football facility a $2 million facelift

James Franklin has a vision for literally everything that touches his program. Part of that vision includes what he thinks a top notch facility should look like.

"Get on the internet and you do some research on what does Oregon have? What does USC have? What does Oklahoma State have? ... Look around the country and see what people have." he said in a recent PennLive article.

That's the rationale behind Franklin's approved request for a $2 million facelift of the current Penn State football facility, housed in the Mildred and Louis Lasch Football Building on campus. Specific areas that will be completely redone include the team meeting room and lobby, with an emphasis on new paint, carpeting, furniture, and of course, new graphics and overall branding of the program.

Franklin also noted during his caravan tour of Pennsylvania that technology needs to be updated within the program and facility.

"Rather than maybe just reading a picture on the wall, then you're able to go up and it's a touch screen and now you can look at bowl games, you can look at quarterbacks, you can look at whatever you want, it's all there and it's there in a way that a kid growing up in this generation is going to gravitate to and be comfortable and be excited. They're used to being to have all that information at the touch of a finger. And we would like to have our building set up that way as well.''

"Let's be honest: With technology, you're never up to date." Franklin added.  "The minute you get something, it's already out of date (and) the next thing is coming in.''

$2 mllion can go a long way, so it's going to be fun to see the type of changes Penn State makes to their facility to put them in the same conversation as the Oregon's, USC's and Oklahoma's of the college football world.

This video, shot in 2013, should give you a good idea of what the facility currently looks like. 

Video: Boise State's teaser for their opener against Ole Miss is excellent

Ole Miss makes their way up to Boise, Idaho to take on Boise State on August 28th on the most popular playing surface in America. Quality football is just around the corner now.

With the game just over a month away, Boise State has decided to get the college football world started with their hype video for their match up with the Rebels, and what they came up with is pretty good.

This is very well pieced together and you can tell a lot of thought went into it.

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